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The Wanderful Me is a unique travel blog that combines inspirational travel with a vegan and plant-based lifestyle. It focuses on intertwining compassion for the world while going off the beaten path, carving out a new trail for like-minded travelers.

The Wanderful Me aims to show vegan travelers that going to new destinations and experiencing new cultures can be done on a plant-based diet, all while having the journey of a lifetime.

Why work with The Wanderful Me to expose your brand?

  • Experience

    • Sophie at The Wanderful Me has a degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of North Dakota; she has the knowledge and experience to expose your product and services to your desired target audience, optimizing the reach and exposure of your brand.
  • Influence

    • Like-minded travelers look to experienced travel bloggers for reviews on brands, products, and destinations. By working with Sophie, and providing a quality brand, product, or destination, she can deliver a trustworthy recommendation to her audience.
  • Strategy

    • In addition to marketing on social media for The Wanderful Me brand, Sophie has professional experience marketing and managing social media accounts for brands and clients around the world.
  • Quality Content Creation

    • By having experience with traveling to different countries and studying abroad, Sophie can deliver quality articles and reviews — focused on bringing your brand into a new light with a fresh perspective for future travelers.
    • Being a part of Generation Y, Sophie has a growth background with social platforms and technology; she can effectively and efficiently reach your target audience through the power of social media.


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