The beautiful city of Duluth is settled on the banks of Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world, and has an abundance of vegan eats that are delicious and cruelty-free.

Looking for some vegan eats in Duluth? You’re in the right place!

During the summers of 2015 and 2016, I lived and interned in Duluth, Minnesota. I spent my time working at a marketing firm and wandering through the city. Exploring the parks, seeking out waterfalls, driving along the North Shore, and soaking up the Minnesota summer sun.

That’s not all though… I had all summer to eat my way around the area and seek out mouth-watering vegan options!

The beautiful city of Duluth, which is settled on the banks of Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world, has an abundance of restaurants offering up meals that are delicious and cruelty-free.

Here’s my list of restaurants that offer vegan and vegetarian options in Duluth, Minnesota:

Pizza Luce

Pizza Luce is probably my favorite place to get vegan eats in Duluth. They offer a fantastic selection and will modify a lot menu options to make them vegan.

Some vegan menu options include a variety of pizza flavors, vegan sandwiches with mock meat, salads, pasta, and more.

Here’s their website where you can check out the menu:

Duluth Grill

With a menu that changes with the seasons and a wide variety of vegan options, the Duluth Grill is a great place to get some delish vegan eats.

Some of their tasty options include smoothies (made vegan by omitting the yogurt and/or honey), the huevos rancheros skillet (vegan version), porridge, vegan omelette, Thai-ghetti, vegan bowl, and the buddha bowl.

And they’re all awesome.

My favorite dish to get here is the vegan omelette or the vegan bowl.

You can find their menu here:

At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe

At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe is a small, charming cafe that boasts one mission: to provide quality and creative cuisine with a conscience.

No doubt, they do just that.

At this cafe, you’ll find an abundance of vegan options on their menu; from flavorful Thai curry to a hearty Buddha bowl to a comforting veggie burger.

My favorite menu items are the Thai curry or the Buddha bowl. Super yummy.

Additionally, visitors in search of tasty food will also find comfort in knowing the food they’re eating at Sara’s Table is likely sourced from a local farm or shop.

You can find the cafe’s menus here:

Tavern on the Hill

Vegan Eats in Duluth, Minnesota - Tavern on the Hill

There are limited vegan options at Tavern on the Hill but my favorite is their Vegan Pesto-Veggie Pasta bowl (pictured above). Make sure to request the vegan pesto though!

Other vegan options they have are their vegan crispy creamy fried avocados and their vegan fried avocado salad. Both are great options.

They also have fries! Cheers for fried potatoes.

Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe

This casual and cozy cafe offers coffee, freshly baked bread, tasty sandwiches and more.

If you order a coffee, you can opt to have it made with plant-based milk (that is, if they’re not out; last time I visited, they were all out of almond milk).

The maple-orange tempeh, veggie nut sandwich, or a vegan soup (if it’s being offered) are also available to order.

Additionally, they sometimes have a homemade vegan granola-chocolate bar available. It’s one of my favorite treats there!

Here’s their website where you can view their website and menus:

Fitger’s Brewhouse

Fitger’s Brewhouse is the perfect place for someone who wants to drink some fantastic beer and eat some tasty food.

Fitger’s doesn’t offer strictly vegan options but they have a vegetarian section on their menu; many of the vegetarian options can be modified vegan by either requesting no cheese and/or no sour cream.

For example, one of their vegetarian options that can be made vegan is the big black bean burrito; order it without the cheddar cheese and sour cream.

I also recommend ordering one of their home-brewed beers with your meal, they’re all fantastic!

Here’s their website where you can view their menu and take a look at the selection of beers they offer:

OMC Smokehouse

I swear I was planning on taking a picture of my food… but, alas, I forgot because I inhaled it at an abnormally fast rate. Whoops.

I know, I know. You may be thinking, “omg… wtf. She’s sending me to a smokehouse? She must be crazy.” BUT, I assure you, they do have a vegan option.

And it was seriously one of the best vegan eats in Duluth I’ve ever had.

Vegans and carnivores can rejoice together at this amazing restaurant! Praise be.

Vegans: order the vegetarian sloppy joe – just make sure to get it without the mustard sauce (there’s buttah in there) and swap out the bun for the white bread. Good to go!

Here’s their website if you’d like to view more items:

All in all, there are some great places to get some awesome vegan eats in Duluth!

Also, I’m sure there are more places where one can get a vegan meal or modify something to make it vegan but these are my favorite places!

Happy eating,

Sophie xx

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