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Heading to the majestic and beautiful island of Bali soon? In addition to a plethora of swimsuits and a beach bumming attitude, make sure to remember these 10 essential things to pack for Bali, Indonesia!

Because there’s absolutely nothing worse than getting to the island and realizing you’ve forgotten that one item that’ll change your entire experience! Like a towel. Or protective sunscreen to keep away those nasty sunburns!

So instead of stressing out, chill out and read up on this list of essential things to pack for Bali:

1. $35 US in Cash

US dollars go a long way in Bali, especially if you’re planning to buy a 30-day extendable visa when you arrive. Unlike the free 30-day visa, which is not extendable whatsoever (meaning you are required to leave after 30 days), the $35 visa can be extended by another 30 days.

Additionally, having some US dollars on you can be a means of backup in some situations. For example, sometimes businesses will prefer to be paid in US dollars (even though they’re not legally allowed to). Overall, having some crisp and clean US dollars on you is handy in Bali!

Check out the current exchange for USD to IDR here

2. Outlet Adapter

There’s nothing worse than landing on the beautiful island of Bali, getting to your hotel or hostel with an almost dead phone, taking out your phone charger, and realizing you can’t plug it into the outlet because it’s the wrong size. 

So, instead of having a little heart attack after coming to the conclusion that you can’t charge any of your electronics, do yourself a big favor and bring along an adapter! You won’t regret it.

Get a fantastic, all-in-one worldwide outlet adapter here (with 2 USB ports and a safety switch design!). 

Bali Temple • 10 Essential Things to Pack for Bali, Indonesia | The Wanderful Me

3. Light Cardigan or Shawl

There are hundreds of temples to visit on the island, so in addition to all the other essential things to pack for Bali, make sure you pack along a light cardigan or shawl to cover your shoulders!

If you’re a woman and you don’t have either a t-shirt or shawl to cover your shoulders, you most likely won’t be let into the temple, as it is offensive to the Balinese culture. So instead of being turned away from seeing a beautiful temple, carry along something that’ll cover you up!

Check out this cute kimono to cover your shoulders (coming in a variety of colors!). 

4. Protective Sunscreen

Before you arrive in Bali, make sure to purchase some protective sunscreen. Throughout Bali (and Indonesia – but especially Bali), the locals know tourists need sunscreen for the strong sun rays, so sunscreen is extremely expensive. 

Additionally, to protect the ocean and what lies within it, make sure to buy chemical-free sunscreen. In many places around the world, sunscreen with oxybenzone is banned.

Take a look at this chemical-free sunscreen that doesn’t harm the marine life! Perfect for you and perfect for the beautiful oceans many animals and lifeforms call home.
Canggu Rice Field • 10 Essential Things to Pack for Bali, Indonesia | The Wanderful Me

5. Comfortable (and Cute!) Sandals

Whilst walking around the island of Bali, exploring the beautiful temples of Ubud and strolling along the relaxing beaches of Seminyak, you’re going to want some sandals that are both cute and comfortable. Not only can a few nasty blisters ruin your holiday but they can also mess up your feet! Not fun.

6. Azithromycin (or Imodium)

Whilst eating your way through Bali, you’re likely going to get a few stomach or digestion issues. With all the questionable things that may touch your food, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

With Azithromycin, which is widely available purchase around the island, or Imodium, you can make sure you’re ready with whatever life throws at you! This is definitely one of my essential things I always pack for Bali! Cause having the shitty squirts is never fun.

Vegan burger and coffee with coconut milk from Rojo’s Breakfast Berawa in Canggu.

7. Hand Sanitizer

Bali is packed with hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and you can bet that they spread a lot of bacteria, which could definitely include some deadly diseases and infections.

The island is also filled with beautiful wildlife and off the beaten track adventures, so coming across an infection isn’t uncommon. Even though hand-washing is best, carrying around a small container of hand sanitizer could be quick fix to kill some bacteria. 

8. Protective Sunglasses

With the crazy strong sun rays and the sparkling ocean waters, you’re going to need something to protect your precious eyes! Sunglasses should definitely be on your list of essential things to pack for Bali.

Protective sunglasses can also double up as a fashionable accessory to any outfit!

9. Lightweight Towel

For all the beach bumming and ocean swimming you’re going to be doing while in Bali, you’re definitely going to need a towel! Especially if you’re planning to stay at various hostels around the island like I did. They don’t provide complementary towels like most fancy hotels do and no one wants to be carrying around a heavy weight in their bag, aka a cotton towel. So, before you go, find a lightweight, quick-drying towel you can take around with you!

Bali Beach • 10 Essential Things to Pack for Bali, Indonesia | The Wanderful Me

10. Tiger Balm

I’ve talked about Tiger Balm before in my 10 odd essentials I’ll never travel without and I’ll talk about it here again because it’s just such an amazing item to carry along! Tiger Balm is literally my go-to item for any body issue.

Headache? Rub some Tiger Balm on the temples. Itchy bug bite? Slather on some cooling Tiger Balm to take away the annoying itch. Sore muscles? Massage some on to relieve the pain.

But that’s not all it’s good for. One of my absolute favorite ways to use it is by putting it all over to keep prevent mosquitoes from biting me! And it works like a charm. The menthol in the Tiger Balm dissuades them from bothering me. It’s fantastic.

Tiger Balm is widely available throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, but if you’d like to get it before you leave, check it out here. Nonetheless, it should definitely be one of the essential things you pack for Bali!

So, there you have it. My list of 10 essential things to pack for Bali, Indonesia! 

Have you ever traveled to Bali? What were some essential items you packed? Have anything I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Traveling to the beautiful island of #Bali soon and don't know what to pack? Check out this list of 10 essential things to pack for #Bali, #Indonesia! | #travel #packinglist #thingstopack     Traveling to the beautiful island of #Bali soon and don't know what to pack? Check out this list of 10 essential things to pack for #Bali, #Indonesia! | #travel #packinglist #thingstopack