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Planning an adventure to the beautiful city of Wrocław? You’re going to love this magical city! Here’s how to spend 24 hours in Wrocław, Poland; the ultimate guide on what to do, where to eat as a vegan, and where to stay.

24 Hours in Wrocław, Poland: The Ultimate Guide on What to Do, Where to Eat, and Where to Stay

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As Dan and I hopped on the bus to make our way from Kraków to Wrocław, I had no idea what to expect.

After spending four glorious days in the spectacular city of Kraków, I didn’t believe any other city in Poland would surpass it on my love list.

Little did I know, my heart would soon be snatched up by the magical city of Wrocław.

As our bus pulled into the city’s bus station and Dan and I walked out into the main part of the train station, my mind was filled with awe.

The train station was not only the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen, it looked like a magical castle! The color of mustard, adorned with spiraling towers and a beautiful architectural design; it was simply breathtaking.

Even though my spirits were high after seeing the train station, they were quickly extinguished.

As we walked from the train station to our hostel, my high expectations for Wrocław — which formed after admiring the train station — we’re slowly spiraling down.

If you’ve ever walked from the train station to the old town of Wrocław, you know exactly what I mean…

It’s not the most beautiful or attractive part of the city. Heck, I’ll even say it — it’s kinda ugly!

Though, once we arrived at our hostel (which was superb by the way — more on that to come!) and explored the old town of Wrocław, this little gem of a city completely won me over! While we only spent a short time in Wrocław (I was very depressed leaving), this place will no doubt have a piece of my heart forever.

So, if you’re visiting the city, here’s how to spend 24 hours in Wrocław, Poland, including the best things to do in Wrocław, where to stay, and where to eat as a vegan.


Explore Wrocław’s main square.

As the second biggest square in Poland (the first is in Kraków), Wrocław’s main square has a lot to offer!

As a medieval square, it’s the pedestrian heart of the city. From tasty restaurants to fun-filled pubs to local shops selling unique souvenirs, you’ll find everything here!

Whether you just want to admire the beautiful clock tower and fountains or just simply people watching, you shouldn’t miss this wonderful site in Wrocław.

Wroclaw's Main Square • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw's Main Square Clock Tour • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Go gnome hunting.

Throughout Wrocław, you’ll find hundreds of tiny gnomesover 400 to be exact! You might find this seems a bit boring but I assure it’s not!

As every gnome is different, portraying various life things like washing clothes or drinking a beer, it’s a fun task to find them around the city. No doubt, the gnomes are one of the best attractions in Wrocław!

Gnome Hunting Around Wroclaw • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland
Finding gnomes around Wroclaw • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Visit the Museum of the History of Wrocław.

If it’s raining out or you just want to spend some time inside (like me when it’s blazing hot out), definitely check out the Museum of the History of Wrocław. The city has some cool history — like its Cathedral Island — which is worth learning about.

Main square, Wroclaw • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Have a drink at the oldest tavern in Europe.

Which happens to be located right in the city center of Wrocław! Cool, right?

Supposedly, Piwnica Świdnicka is the oldest tavern/restaurant in Europe — opening its doors in the 1200s! While it shut its doors a few times since then (it was also shut when we visited due to renovation), the pub is still chugging along.

So, if you’re looking to have a drink in a cool, new (old?) place, hit up this tavern and sip some beer where many did in the 13th century.

Visit the Wrocław’s Lock’s of Love bridge.

Like many other cities around Europe, Wrocław has its very own loving lock bridge. Although, not too long ago the city wanted to remove all the locks off the bridge to alleviate some of the weight. Make sense, as that much metal adds tons of thousands of pounds…

Yet, the university students protested the removal and instead made it their mission to count the locks. All in all, the bridge has over 14,000 locks on it!

Love Lock Bridge • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Check out St. Elizabeth’s Church and Tower.

One of the oldest churches in Wrocław and the tallest buildings in the Old Town, Elizabeth Church is unmissable and definitely worth a quick stop.

While the outside of the church isn’t necessarily super magnificent like others in Europe, the inside is absolutely beautiful. You’ll find an impressive Gothic and Renaissance style, though the church really shines when it comes to the tower — which you can go up in! The view from the top is more than worth the small amount you pay to go up (from what I’ve heard, sadly it was closed when we were there!).

Admire the University of Wrocław.

Founded in 1702, the University of Wrocław is the second oldest university in Poland (the first is in Kraków).

Throughout three centuries, this university has produced 9 different Nobel Prize winners, such as Theodor Mommsen, Philipp Lenard, Eduard Buchner, Paul Ehrlich, Fritz Haber, Friedrich Bergius, Erwin Schrödinger, Otto Stern, and Max Born.

Though the university has a bright history, what really stands out about this place is the Aula Leopoldina, the grand Baroque ceremonial hall, and the Mathematical Tower.

The Aula Leopoldina is a spectacular hall with a true Baroque style and Mathematical Tower allows breathtaking views of the Old Town and Odra River.

Wroclaw University • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Relax in the Monastery Garden Ossolineum.

Free to enter and free to roam, the Monastery garden Ossolineum is a charming little getaway which feels like another fairytale world. When you need a break from exploring the streets of Wrocław, definitely take one here.

Admire the towering trees and relax in one of the many benches; just breath in that fresh air and do one of my favorite things: people watch.

Garden • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland
Beautiful library garden in Wroclaw • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Explore Cathedral Island.

One of the oldest parts of Wrocław, dating back to the 11th century, Cathedral Island — also known as Ostrów Tumski — has 4 different cathedrals scattered across the island, which isn’t large by any means.

In fact, you can usually walk around the island, exploring the hidden corners and tiny streets, within a couple hours!

Surrounded by the river Oder, you’ll find the island is filled with breathtaking architecture, adorable streets, pleasant views of the surrounding city, and stunning cathedrals — hence the name!

Definitely one of the best attractions in Wrocław and shouldn’t be missed on a trip to the city.

Cathedral Island from afar • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw's Cathedral Island • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Visit Salt Square.

Situated right next to the main square, Salt Square is quite unique. Made popular back in the day as an area to trade — yep, you guessed it — salt!

But that’s not why it’s on the list.

As you admire the buildings surrounding the square, you’ll notice a multitude of stands selling flowers. In all of Wrocław, and maybe Poland (or the world…?), this is the only place where you can find stands selling flowers 24/7!

So, if you find a new love at the pub in the middle of the night, you can buy him or her some flowers in Salt Square — even at 4 in the morning!

Salt Square • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland

Spend the day (or night) in prison.

Smack dab in the middle of Wrocław you’ll find one of its former prison. Built in the second half of the 14th century, it could hold about 100 prisoners in its prime (although, it doesn’t look that big!). While its prison days are long over, it’s now been turned into a tavern, courtyard, and a place to lodge!

So, if you’re looking to stay the night in a unique place, check in to Wrocław’s former prison. Or, if you’re just looking to grab a drink, you can get one here — at a good price!

A gnome in prison • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland



Part of a vegan burger chain around Poland, this place is fantastic! Their vegan burgers are super tasty and they have so many different flavors! Definitely recommend the chickpea one.

And don’t forget to order a side of their roasted potatoes! So good.

They also have other menu items like wraps, smoothies, and treats.

View their main menu here.

A delicious vegan burger packed with a chickpea patty, fresh greens, avocado, and juicy tomatoes! A must-eat thing when in Wroclaw, Poland.


The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Poland, established in 1987, this restaurant became fully vegan in 2013. It serves up international cuisine like falafel, wraps, soups, burgers, and more.

I can assure you, there’s nothing you won’t find delicious here, as the menu is extremely extensive and you can mix and match!

I was very happy with my falafel, roasted potatoes, and salad! Dan ordered scrambled tofu, toast, and veggies, which was very tasty. When I spend another 24 hours in Wrocław, I’ll most definitely eat here again.

Vega restaurant, Wroclaw • 24 Hours in Wroclaw, Poland


City Central Hostel ŁACIARSKA

Whilst in Wrocław, we stayed at the City Central Hostel ŁACIARSKA and it was awesome!

Situated in the middle of Wrocław’s Old Town, it’s in the perfect location to explore all that Wrocław has to offer. No matter what you have your sights set on, whether it’s Cathedral Island or the Main Square, by staying at the City Central Hostel ŁACIARSKA, you can reach it within minutes.

But that wasn’t even the best part — we had our own room, a sparkling clean apartment, a full kitchen (minus a stove but that’s no biggie), courteous roommates, a smooth check-in, and easy access.

It was the perfect accommodations for a couple nights in Wrocław!

Check out the City Central Hostel ŁACIARSKA or view other accommodations in Wrocław.

Without a doubt, Wrocław, Poland is absolutely worth any visit! It’s a fairytale city with secret passageways, mysterious gnomes, beautiful cathedrals, and lovely architecture. 

Whether you have 24 hours in Wrocław or a week, there’s much to see and do that you’ll no doubt remember forever.

Sophie xx

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Planning a trip to the fairytale city of Wrocław, Poland? Here's the ultimate guide on how to spend 24 hours in Wroclaw; what to do, where to eat as a vegan, and where to stay. | #wroclaw #poland #polandtravel #itinerary #wroclawitinerary #travel #wroclawtravel #vegantravel #vegan
Planning a trip to the fairytale city of Wrocław, Poland? Be ready to fall in love! Here's the ultimate guide on how to spend 24 hours in Wroclaw, Poland; what to do, where to eat as a vegan, and where to stay. | #wroclaw #poland #polandtravel #itinerary #wroclawitinerary #travel #wroclawtravel #vegantravel #vegan

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