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Who else loves packing a bag and heading out on a wild adventure? While an RV might not be on your “adventure list”, there’s nothing cooler than having the freedom to roam damn near anywhere… but that’s not the only thing RVs are awesome for. Here are 5 reasons you need to rent an RV for your next adventure!

5 Reasons You Need to Rent an RV for Your Next Adventure • The Wanderful Me

Psst. This post is sponsored by RVshare and contains affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own (and I don’t promote any BS). Read our disclosure.

One of my fondest memories of the past few years is when Dan and I packed up my soccer mom van with a full-size mattress, a coffin-sized cooler, and headed out on a month-long road trip around the USA west coast.

It wasn’t just the incredible exploring we did that made it memorable, but also having the freedom to pack up our things and move out of a location if we didn’t like it, the feeling of having a sort of “home” on the road, and opting for the experience of camping but in an accommodation with four walls!

Seriously, there’s nothing better than venturing out in RV (or van if you’re like us!)… but hands down, an RV is way better for road tripping.

I mean, you get more space, sometimes a full kitchen to play with, and a complete home on wheels. Nothing compares!

Although, while those reasons should be enough to rent an RV ASAP, if you need a few more, I’ve got 5 for ya!



It Can Be Part of Sustainable Travel

An RV drives down the road through a lush forest filled with the colors of orange, yellow, and gorgeous greens!

One great thing about choosing an RV vacation is having the ability to go greener!

In fact, according a study done by PKF Consulting, which compared total carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), showed that RV vacas are more eco-friendly than vacations involving flying, driving and hotel stays.

Even cooler, to make things even more sustainable, when RV-ing you can:

  • Opt for cooking your own meals (which can be sustainable if you choose the right ingredients!).
  • Cut down on plastic by using reusable utensils and cookware.
  • Utilize refillable water bottles (or this awesome filtering one, in case you’re heading into the wilderness).
  • Cut down on your CO2 emissions by not flying.
  • Bath in rivers and lakes to save water (with chemical-free soap and shampoo, of course!). Or you could just get a water-saving shower in your home on wheels!
  • Buy some flower seeds and planting them in different locations (I love this one! You’re not only helping the bees, you’re kinda leaving your mark on a place, but in an earth-friendly way 🙂.)
  • Stay close to water sources (like lakes and rivers) so you can not only bath, but also wash your items, such as cooking utensils and cookware (saves water, too!).

Psst, use this guide on how to find FREE camping sites to make your RV adventure easier!

You Can Support Locals

A wide open road, just waiting for you to rent an RV for your next trip so you can venture down it!

With RVshare, you can support locals by renting RVs right from them! It’s like Airbnb but for awesome RVs. How cool is that?!

Long gone are the days of only having the option to support large corporations and feed into the world of damaging capitalism. With companies like RVshare, you can directly support local communities and local families — which I, for one, am so psyched about!

Not to mention, when you choose to rent an RV for your next vacation, you have more opportunities to stop at small shops, farmers markets, and local stores for things like groceries, souvenirs, and more. Awesome!

Freedom to Stop (and Go) When You Please

Standing in the middle of a red rock landscape, shining a flashlight up at the glittering stars.
You don’t get this type of view when staying in a hotel in the middle of a city!

This is probably my all-time favorite reason why road tripping in an RV is the best way to have the ultimate adventure!

The freedom you get from an RV is unparalleled; stopping when you please and making a move when you want. There’s nothing more liberating!

For example, when Dan and I road tripped around the west coast, we were somewhere around Grand Canyon National Park when we had the bright idea to stop in Las Vegas for the night to experience its infamous strip!

If we would have been traveling more traditionally by staying in hotels and whatnot, we would have likely had prior arrangements in place and wouldn’t have had the freedom to change our plans on a whim.

With an RV, independence is yours for the taking!

Don’t like a place? You have the option to move onto your next destination. Love a place more than you thought? Stay for an extra day or two!

Ready to make your next adventure an RV vacation? Click here to book with RVshare!

Make it Your Own

A packed RV sits on the side of a road with a gorgeous view of the surrounding Mars-like mountains.

Who else would be wandering the world if they could put some wheels on their home and drive off into the sunset?

Raise a hand! 🙋🏼‍♀️ ‘Cause I sure as heck would!

Having the ability to stay in an RV and make it your own is priceless. Instead of hotels, which can feel cold, unwelcoming, and even sometimes uninhabitable, the ample space in an RV allows you to turn it into a home on wheels.

Even cooler, if you meet up with friends or family, you can have a little party in your awesome RV accommodation!

Because who can say no to a roaring campfire, (vegan 😉) s’mores, and a good time with good people?

Can Be More Cost-Effective

Sophie cooks lunch on the side of a road with a portable grill and a fully-loaded cooler!
With the right RV, you can take advantage of a full kitchen! (Unlike me here 😅 But hey, it worked!)

Unlike buying expensive airfare, renting car, and booking a pricy hotel, opting for an RV can actually be cost-effective.

Not only will you be saving money by bundling your accommodation and vehicle (if you go for an RV with wheels), you’ll also save money because when RV-ing you typically buy food at a supermarket or grocery store and cook at the campsite.

Homemade meals and saving money? Win-win!

With those 5 reasons in mind, you should be jumping on an RV renting website ASAP to make your next adventure one for the books!

As a frequent traveler who seeks out unique experiences, there’s nothing cooler than heading out on the wide open road in a homey RV.

If you’re ready to book one for your next vacation, please visit RVshare to not only support some locals but rent RVs that are totally different!

Have you ever rented an RV before? Or are you looking to spice up your next adventure by heading out in an RV? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Ready to make your next adventure one for the books? Renting an RV is not only super fun but also a unique kind of vacation! Here's why you should make your next trip an RV vacation. | #sponsored #rv #travel #sponsored #roadtrip #tips
There's nothing more freeing than venturing out in an RV! A crazy fun type of trip, RV travel is also unique and can make any adventure memorable. Here's 5 reasons you should rent an RV next time you take a trip. | #sponsored #rv #travel #trip #roadtrip #usa #unitedstates

As mentioned above, this post is sponsored by RVshare and contains affiliate links to their website. I am being provided compensation for this blog post and promotion of their services. All thoughts and feelings are my own (and I don’t promote any BS — I genuinely think renting RVs from locals is SO cool!).

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