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Jetting off to a new destination soon and need some help preparing yourself for the mayhem of airport travel? Or just looking for some helpful travel tips? As a frequent flyer, I know the ins and outs of airports like the back of my hand! Here are my 10 tips all flyers should know (so that you don’t get stuck being that guy!).

10 best airport travel tips all flyers should know before heading out on an adventure!

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I’m going to be real honest with you right now… I f*cking hate flying. Seriously.

Now, don’t get me wrong — having the means and ability to travel is a gift I’ll never not be grateful for but my, oh my, dealing with airports, crowds, and flying is something I’ve come to loathe over the years.

But with that said, I’ve also come to learn some very valuable airport tips that’ll change the way you move through this bustling place!

Ready to revolutionize the way you fly? Let’s do dis.


1. Don’t wear lace-up shoes or boots.

If I had a dollar for everytime I waited in the security line (with my stuff already on the conveyor belt) because someone forgot to take off their extremely well-tied sneakers or boots, I’d be a bajillionaire.

Don’t be that guy — opt for easy slip-on shoes that’ll make passing through security a breeze.

Or, if you do end up wearing lace-up shoes, make sure it’s a breeze to take them on and off.

For example, I will wear my tennis shoes when flying because they’re too bulky for my bag but oh boy, I can have these things off and then tied back on in 2 seconds flat.

Otherwise, if I’m heading to a warm destination, I’ll opt for wearing my slip-on vegan Birkenstocks or Toms.

2. Keep your liquids easily accessible.

…and in a small, ziplock bag!

I don’t know how many times I have stood waiting in the security line for longer than necessary because someone had to rummage through their carry-on bag for their liquids.

Or because they didn’t stick all the right ones in a ziplock bag! Or heck, because they didn’t follow the 3.4oz/100ml rule.

Here’s a quick and dirty list of the main “liquids” that need to be put in a plastic bag:

  • Any sort of gel or cream that’s spread or rubbed on (such as zero waste deodorant in a jar, gel deodorant, or face cream).
  • Aerosols (i.e. small bottle of hairspray).
  • Shampoo/conditioners.
  • Toothpaste.

My best liquid tip? Get yourself a reusable TSA-approved liquid bag so you can reduce your single-use plastic usage! Not to mention, the ones I use totally allow more bottles and liquids than regular plastic bags! I use these.

Did you know it’s essential to get travel insurance when flying? I recommend either World Nomads or SafetyWing!

3. Wifi is everywhere.

But really — there’s absolutely no need to worry about whether or not you’re going to have service at the airport.

Typically, popular airports nowadays have ample wifi. If not, one of the restaurants will have it. In which, you can go sit right next to it and take advantage of it!

4. Check-in online.

Nowadays, most airlines have simple, efficient apps you can download to your phone that’ll streamline the check-in process and make your airport adventure that much easier.

My favorite way to fly through the airport (pun intended, hehe) is to check-in via app — or online — and download my boarding pass to my phone to make sure I never lose it.

This is super great if you’re only traveling with a carry-on! As you can completely bypass the check-in desk and head straight to security. Cool, right?

(Psst, this is also a great way to be a bit more sustainable, too, as you’re saving paper. Win!)

Do you have the right luggage? Find my handy dandy list of the BEST vegan duffel bags, backpacks, totes, and more HERE!

5. Know what you CAN and CAN’T stick in your checked-bag.

Quick q: did you know you can’t put lithium ion batteries in your checked bag?

You’ll find these types of batteries in things like cameras, laptops, power banks, vapers, cell phones, or even sometimes a rechargeable toothbrushes!

Make sure you’re not leaving anything in your check-in bag that might cause a ruckus!

Speaking of power banks…

6. Bring a power bank with you.

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery at the airport! Don’t let that happen by packing along a high-quality power bank in your carry-on.

Personally, I always end up using Dan’s because I’m that guy who never seems to remember one for myself! If you’re looking for a really awesome power bank, Dan (who is a tech guru) highly recommends the Anker brand.

To check out Anker power banks on Amazon, click here.

7. Keep your flying essentials close at hand.

This would be things like your boarding pass (or phone, if you’ve downloaded it), passport, ID, etc.

Believe me when I say this’ll save you from having to be that lousy traveler who is holding up the line because they need to dig through their bag to find their passport!

Ever thought about traveling with probiotics? Read why their essential for staying healthy HERE!

8. Bring an empty water bottle.

Contrary to what many believe, you CAN bring a bottle of water with you — the bottle just needs to be empty when you go through security!

Once through you can fill it up at one of the many water stations around an airport.

Staying hydrated is one of my top flying tips and instead of buying an unnecessary plastic water bottle from one of the many overpriced airport kiosks, grab yourself a handy reusable water bottle before your trip.

My personal favorite water bottle is the GRAYL (which I take everywhere with me!).

It not only doubles as a reusable bottle but also as a filtering station so I can have clean, purified water wherever I am in the world. Perfect for destinations like Southeast Asia or Mexico!

9. Don’t sit at your gate to wait.

Instead of waiting at the gate with the hundreds of others on your flight, scout out an empty gate nearby!

You’ll not only have more space and room to relax, but if you need to charge your stuff, there’s a better opportunity you’ll find and claim a power outlet.

10. Take advantage of the free samples.

You know those weird, luxury shops dotted all throughout an airport? Heck yeah baby, take advantage of them!

While you are under no obligation to buy anything, you can certainly take a few (or more) samples.

For example, everytime I pass through an airport, I make sure to spritz myself with some perfume! (Don’t judge, but I tend to get some yucky B.O. while traveling!)

Or heck, since flying is so drying to one’s skin, grab yourself a nice hefty squirt of that unbelievably expensive face cream! You’ll thank me later.

With these crazy good airport travel tips and hacks, you’ll be flying through the airport like a freakin’ pro (even if you’re very much a beginner!).

Have you used any of these tips before while traveling through an airport? Or are you heading off on your first flying experience? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Are you heading out on a new adventure soon and need to travel through an airport to do so? As a frequent flyer, here are my BEST 10 airport travel tips all flyers should know before jetting off. #airport #travel #tips
Heading to a bustling airport soon? As an expert traveler, I've learned the BEST way to navigate a busy airport! If you're traveling soon via plane, here are my best 10 airport tips you need to know! #airport #travel #tips

As mentioned above, this post contains affiliate links. Which means if you make a purchase through the links, this site receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read our full disclosure here.

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