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Let’s face it: we all have digestive issues when traveling. Changes in timezones, questionable food, not to mention stress and anxiety, get the best of your bowels, making hard to go or — even worse — hold it in! But with the right probiotics, you can stay regular (and definitely more comfortable!) on the road. Here are the best travel probiotics to wander the world with!

The Best Travel Probiotics to Stay Happy and Healthy While Traveling the World • The Wanderful Me

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I’m going to be straight up with you here — when it comes to digestive issues when traveling, I’ve experienced the worst of it!

From one end of the spectrum to the other, there’s been cooped up constipation to debilitating diarrhea (and let’s not even talk about that one time I got food poisoning).

Safe to say, I’ve had my fair share of bowel problems!

With that said, probiotics have changed the game and have seriously helped me stay regular (and happier) when traveling around the world!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the best brand of travel probiotics, let’s talk about the benefits of traveling with powerful probiotics!

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Holding the Trust Your Gut probiotics bottle in front of the Chester Cathedral in England.
The Holy Grail of Travel Probiotics

What are the Benefits of Travel Probiotics?

Imma be honest with you… when I first heard about traveling with probiotics, I was like, “Huh, okay. So they’ll just help me poo better when on the road, right?”

No, no, to the hell no! Oh how I knew so little.

Since then, I’ve learned firsthand of the miraculous benefits good probiotics provide — and it’s so much more than just helping one stay on the daily digestive train!

Sophie holding Ora Organic Trust Your Gut bottle up in front of the camera, covering her face with it.
Sophie holding the Trust Your Gut and smiling because these awesome travel probiotics help her stay regular while on the road.

Why take probiotics? 5 major benefits:

1. Stronger Immune System

As you might already know, airports, hotels, trains, planes, buses, etc. are all filled to the brim with nasty bacteria, pathogens, and germs! And what in your body fights off those nasty things?

Your immune system!

But what you might not know is that powerful probiotics can help take your immune system from good to f*cking fantastic!


Well, it’s estimated that over 70% of your immune system takes place in the gut, which means the bacteria in your gut largely affects your overall health. And in order to stay in tip top shape, those bacteria have to stay strong!

This is where probiotics come in. Not only do they arm up your good bacteria with extra firepower, but also help increase the variety of microbiome in your gut — which is like additional reinforcements to fight off anything weird!

Cool, right?

2. Banish the Bloat

Who else would love to say goodbye to uncomfortable bloating? Me, me, me!

Thankfully, I think I’ve found the solution! This is something I’ve noticed a huge difference in — I no longer get super duper bloated when regularly taking probiotics!

I’m not sure of the exact science behind this but after doing some research it looks like it’s because probiotics help reduce gas production by bacteria in the intestines (due to probiotics benefiting the bacteria environment).

3. Goodbye Gas

Expanding on the topic of intestinal gas, I’ve also noticed I expel less of it. In other words, I fart less! Woohoo.

Now I know this might be TMI, but holy moly, I cannot get over this benefit of taking travel probiotics. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to toot less, amirite?

Again, I think this is due to probiotics helping the bacteria environment in your gut, resulting in less gut gas production!

4. Lower Risk of Traveler’s Diarrhea

Be real: no one enjoys getting travelers diarrhea while wandering the world, right? So what if you could take something that would help prevent it?

In a study published by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, they found taking probiotics could reduce the risk of travelers diarrhea by 8%. They also lowered the risk of diarrhea from other causes by 57% in children and 26% in adults! Heck yes.

5. Stay Happy & Healthy

Weirdly enough, many studies done in the past few years have found a remarkable connection between gut health and mental health. Meaning a good probiotics supplement can help you stay happy and healthy!

With relevance to traveling, taking a daily probiotics could help prevent the travel blues or even help with culture shock (and the negative moods that might come along with it).

Holding up the Ora Organic Trust Your Gut in front of the camera with Sophie smiling in the background.
The Trust Your Gut travel probiotics bottle resting on Sophie's backpack with a pair of headphones in the background.

What to Look for in a Travel Probiotic?

When searching for the best travel probiotics for your next trip, there are a few things to look out for! Here’s my must-haves in a probiotics supplement.

Organic – Personally, I always like to buy organic. Especially when it comes to supplements. I’m all about saying no to harmful pesticides, nasty toxins, and cancer-promoting chemicals.

Vegan – As a vegan traveler who focuses heavily on sustainability and eco-friendliness, it’s no surprise that I opt for vegan probiotic supplements to travel with. (If I haven’t told you yet, these organic, vegan probiotics are my favorite travel with!)

Freeze-Dried – Contrary to some probiotic supplements, the Ora Organic Probiotics are freeze-dried and don’t require refrigeration to stay alive and well. This is what makes these perfect for traveling!

Variety of Strains – Key to a healthy digestive system, make sure to choose a travel probiotics supplement that contains a variety of strains. This ensure they have the best positive impact on your body for positive results! (In case you’re wondering, the Ora Organic Probiotics have 6 strains of probiotics. Woohoo!)

Prebiotics – In addition to finding probiotics that are organic and vegan, I also look for a probiotics supplement that contains additional prebiotics.

Why? Because these little guys are like the handy dandy wingmen to probiotics.

Together they create a symbiotic relationship; prebiotics nourish probiotics, and in turn, the probiotics are encouraged to work more effectively and efficiently inside your gut.

The Ora Organic Trust Your Gut probiotics bottle hanging out on top of Sophie's black and white backpack with a pair of blue headphones in the background.

Tips for Using Probiotics When Traveling

Now don’t get me wrong, probiotics are awesome when taken anytime of the day but there are a few tips to keep in mind to optimize your probiotics usage when traveling!

1. Start Early

First things first: if you have the time, start early!

To get your immune system and gut ready to go for any traveling, begin taking your probiotic supplements at least two weeks before you jet off. This allows your gut to create beautiful bacterial colonies prior to any disruptions!

2. Take BEFORE You Eat

While it’s okay to take them in a 30 minute window of when and after you’re eating, the best time to take probiotics to optimize their effectiveness is before a meal because at this time there’s less acid in the stomach.

3. Eat with Fibrous Foods

While the prebiotics help with feeding the good bacteria, supplementing the probiotics with fibrous foods, such as beans or vegetables, further aids them in providing a positive impact.

4. Mix with a Drink

If you’re not a fan of pills, the great thing about the Ora Organic Trust Your Gut Probiotics is that the capsule can be broken apart and sprinkled onto food or dissolved into a drink, such as water, for easy absorption!

Sophie standing in front of a cathedral holding up the bottle of Ora Organic trust your gut probiotics, a top brand for travel probiotics.
The trust your gut travel probiotics front and center (being held up in the air by Sophie's hand).

My Favorite Travel Probiotics

As you might have already guessed from reading above, my favorite brand of travel probiotics are the Ora Organic Probiotics!

Not only are they vegan and organic, they also have 6 strains, 16 billion probiotics, are gluten-free, affordable, effective, and the brand is super sustainable!


But let’s talk about a few more things in detail and why you should choose this brand over others for probiotics to travel with.

Focus on Sustainability

One of the first things I noticed about this brand was their focus on sustainability.

Not only are their products shipped in blue glass containers, which means they’re easily recycled or repurposed, the shipping materials are all made out of paper — down to the cushioning for the fragile bottles!

So cool.

Brand with a Purpose

Furrr real tho, I truly love this brand.

They specifically created this business to not only help the population with some genuine, good products but also did so with one mission in mind: to have a positive impact.

They not only provide organic, vegan probiotics to help with gut health, but also provide a number of other super duper healthy things like vegan collagen (heck yes!), omega-3 spray, clean protein powders, and a number of powerful vitamins.

Made in the US of A

As good little citizen of America, I feel proud that I can support great companies who choose to make their products in the country (and not in a cheaper country where they wholeheartedly accept slave labor).

While they source their ingredients from all around the world (sustainably, of course), the products themselves are made in sunny Southern California!

Worth the Price

Now, don’t get me wrong, compared to other probiotics you’ll find on Amazon or at Target and Walmart, Ora Organics are a bit more than average.

But let’s be real for a second: their totally worth the price when you take into account the fact that their products are organic, vegan, sustainable, and totally awesome!

As a conscious consumer who seeks out the best brands and products, Ora Organics is completely worth every penny. (And once you try any of their products, you’ll come to realize it, too!)

Sophie holding up the Ora Organic trust your gut vegan probiotic and prebiotic supplements in front of the Chester Cathedral.

Buy the Best Travel Probiotics

If you’re ready to try out some awesome travel probiotics for yourself, order yourself a one-month supplies of the Ora Organic Probiotics — believe me, you won’t regret it!

After traveling all around Asia (including Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Sri Lanka, etc.), I can wholeheartedly say these are the best probiotics for travelers’ diarrhea — for both prevention and when you already have it!

They’re also the best shelf stable and long-lasting probiotics, due to being freeze-dried, making them awesome for travel (because who wants to pay for probiotics, only to have them go off when on the road, right?).

Psst, don’t forget to use my discount code “thewanderfulme” at checkout for 10% off! Woohoo!

Click Here to Purchase the Ora Organic Trust Your Gut Probiotics

**I was in no any way shape or form paid or otherwise compensated for this article. I really truly am a massive fan of the Ora Organic Probiotics and they seriously have changed my life!**

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