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Traveling to Puerto Vallarta as a vegan or just need to find some bomb-a** tacos? I’ve got you covered! Last January, I discovered the best vegan tacos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Succulent seitan, bright flavor, and brilliant toppings… you need to try ’em!

Discovering the Best Vegan Tacos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you didn’t know, I’m a taco fanatic. Specifically, a vegan taco fanatic.

Ohhh man, I love me a good mouthwatering, delicious, bomb-a** taco.

You know… the one filled with bright flavor, delicious toppings, and unbelievable fillings which just won’t stay in the taco no matter how hard you try!

My mouth is watering just thinking about one.

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3 Vegan Tacos • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

Discovering the Best Vegan Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to vegan tacos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico… the Veggie Table has everyone covered.

Their different flavored tacos — as well as burritos — hit everything on my taco characteristics checklist:

✓ Full of unbelievable flavor.
✓ Optional spiciness (if you’re me, this means nearly crying from spice!).
✓ Succulent seitan cooked to perfection.
✓ Different taco filling options to switch it up.
✓ SUPER affordable. (So I can eat as many as possible on the cheap!)
✓ Soft and beautiful tortillas — the perfect vehicle for filling flavor.
✓ Nearly bringing me to tears from vegan taco happiness.

A variety of vegan tacos • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

I’m going to be honest with you… eating the vegan tacos from the Veggie Table in Puerto Vallarta was damn near a religious experience.

Incredible. Miraculous. Memorable. Begging for more.

If I needed just one reason to go back to Puerto Vallarta, although I have many (including this incredible boat trip with Ally Cat), having just one more vegan taco from the Veggie Table would be good enough for me!

Although, that’s not all the Veggie Table has to offer!

Eating vegan tacos • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

Eating my weight in vegan tacos.

In vegan taco heaven • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

If you can’t tell, I’m basking in taco heaven.

Veggie Table Vegan Options

Fun fact: this place is not just 100% vegetarian, but 100% vegan! And they offer so much more than just amazing vegan tacos in Puerto Vallarta.

So, if you’re traveling with someone who’s not into tacos (does this type of person even exist?), the Veggie Table is also serving up vegan burritos, burgers, rice bowls, sandwiches, salad bowls, and choripan (a special type of chorizo dish!).

Clearly, this place has options for everyone; vegans and carnivores alike!

Surprisingly, my super carnivorist father even liked one of my vegan tacos! I was ecstatic.

Veggie Table Menu • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

The Phenomenal Vegan Possibilities

In addition to eating my heart’s desire in vegan tacos, I also tried one of their vegan burritos.

My conclusion?

Just as delicious as the tacos! Filled with mouthwatering shredded seitan, perfectly cooked rice, and fresh, flavorful toppings like guacamole, tomatoes, beans, jalapeños, and more! I seriously couldn’t get enough of the food from Veggie Table. All the flavorful vegan possibilities are incredible.

Veggie Table vegan burrito • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

Raving Veggie Table Reviews

All in all, the Veggie Table provides a plethora of delicious vegan eats in Puerto Vallarta, including incredible vegan tacos and vegan burritos.

If you search them on Google and Facebook, you’ll find their customer reviews to be out of this world! Here are some to convince you to visit the Veggie Table…

“I wish I could give this place more than five stars. My partner and I ate here while on vacation. We loved it so much we went to the event (I believe it was called) “waking up the senses” at this amazing jazz club. It was different food than at Veggie Table but still exceptional. We had these wonderful tacos at Veggie Table. My partner and I have a collective 32 years being vegan and have eaten plenty of tacos , hands down the best vegan tacos either of us have ever eaten were at this restaurant.”

Only one vegan taco left • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

“Amazing vegan food!! Sandra’s house-made meat alternatives are incredible, like the chorizo, pastor or jackfruit pulled-pork tacos. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, make sure you don’t leave PV without eating here.”

“Flavourful, satisfying vegan and vegetarian food! We aren’t vegan but appreciated finding a healthier meal with lots of veggies. The al pastor tacos are awesome. Atmosphere is laid back and clean, service is wonderful.”

If that doesn’t convince you to visit, I’m not sure what else will! This place is a gold mine for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. With their flavorful vegan tacos, burritos, and rice bowls, everyone will no doubt find something to love.

Inside of Veggie Table • Veggie Table, Puerto Vallarta, MX

Have you eaten at the Veggie Table before or visited Puerto Vallarta as a vegan? Or have you discovered incredible and memorable vegan food somewhere else in the world? I want to know! Tell me in the comments 🙂

Sophie xx

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