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Let’s get one thing straight: the waterfalls around Ubud are outta this world! But with literally so many to choose from and so little time, how do you pick which Bali waterfall to visit? Well, I’ve done the research for you! Be blown away by visiting these 3 crazy awesome waterfalls near Ubud, Bali.

3 Crazy Awesome Waterfalls Near Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

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If there’s one thing for sure, Bali is known for its wildly fantastic waterfalls. From large ones that cascade off cliff sides to small ones that gracefully fall down the sides of mountains, Bali is filled with them.

And the waterfalls near Ubud are no exception.

Packed with some of the best waterfalls on the island, you could literally spend months visiting them all but I want to help you travel to the ones that are worth your time you have very little of it!

So, with that said, here’s my list of 3 exceptional waterfalls near Ubud that you should visiting when in Bali, Indonesia!

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Sumampan Waterfall

A girl standing under the Sumampan waterfall near Ubud, Bali.
Sophie's friend, Emma, dancing under the waterfall, having the time of her life.

Hands down, this is my favorite waterfall around Ubud. While many choose to head to other, more popular ones, this one is pretty much unknown! You could almost consider if one of the hidden waterfalls near Ubud…

Which is f*cking awesome.

When visiting Bali earlier this year, my travel group visited the Sumampan Waterfall and literally had the entire thing to ourselves (except for one local guy who knew this waterfall like the back of his hand and helped a few of us get across the river to it!).

Emma and a Balinese local climbing about under the Sumampan waterfall, one of the best waterfalls near Ubud, Bali.

This Ubud waterfall is hidden in a cavern and cascades down into one of the most beautiful settings I’ve laid eyes on. It’s framed by hanging vines and dense jungle, giving it the feeling of being totally cut off from the hecticness of Bali.

It’s truly amazing and definitely worth visiting if you’re wondering what to do in Ubud.

About Sumampan Waterfall:

  • Entrance Fee: Free (but they have a donation box — which you should donate, as it’s a spectacular waterfall)
  • Activity Level: Moderate to Hard (there are some steep, small, slippery stairs you need to climb down in order to reach the waterfall)
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime (Since this waterfall is virtually unknown, you won’t find many people here)

Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana waterfall near Ubud cascades down from a cliffside into a small pool of water below.

Though this is one of more popular Bali waterfalls (and becoming increasingly visited), it’s still one of the best around Ubud, as it’s set into a gorgeous part of the Indonesian jungle and is one of the most picturesque waterfalls you’ll likely ever see!

Literally a perfectly shaped waterfall, it falls off the side of a cliff into a little open cavern! It’s SO pretty.

No doubt about it, Tibumana is a top waterfall on any Ubud highlights day trip or Bali waterfall tour. (Hint: those links are both to awesome Get Your Guide tours!)

Also, don’t forget to go for a dip in the water! It’s blessedly cool after walking down the stairs in the Bali heat! Plus, it’s great for photos.

About Tibumana Waterfall:

  • Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR
  • Activity Level: Moderate (There are many stairs to get down to the waterfall)
  • Best Time to Visit: Morning or Early Afternoon

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is a popular Ubud waterfall. It falls from a high cliffside and is surrounded by dense jungle, a small bamboo hut, and a tall jungle swing.

One of the great things to do in Ubud, Tegenungan Waterfall is likely the most popular waterfall near Ubud.

Though it constantly has a stream of visitors, it’s pretty big enough to feel not overcrowded (but this also depends on the time you visit, which I talk about below!). But, with that said, don’t expect this to be a serene place, due to the many visitors.

Although, it’s still worth a visit due to its lush green setting, ability to swim here, and ample space of exploring the area.

Another view of Tegenungan waterfall from far off in the distance.

And if you want to go above and beyond here (literally), have a go at the Tegenungan waterfall swing! (or hey, even this Bali jungle swing!) You’ll get a different perspective of the area with awesome views.

Since this Bali waterfall isn’t too far from the city, only taking about 30 or so minutes to get there by car, it’s great to visit when you only have one day in Ubud.

About Tegenungan Waterfall

  • Entrance Fee: 20,000 IDR
  • Activity Level: Moderate (Just over 100 steps to reach the waterfall)
  • Best Time to Visit: Early early morning or late afternoon

Tips for Visiting the Waterfalls in Ubud

To help you best visit the Ubud waterfalls, here are my top tips. From navigating the area and my top packing tips to the best way of getting to each waterfall and which order you should visit them in.

How to Get to Ubud’s Waterfalls

The best (and easiest) way to get to the waterfalls near Ubud is hiring a private driver for the day.

Personally, from the two separate times I’ve traveled Bali, my travel group has always hired a private driver for a set price and then split the cost to cheaply explore the area around Ubud.

This has always been super duper easy! And you can customize the locations you visit, which is really handy if you want to go off the beaten path.

I personally recommend using this Bali Full-Day Customized Tour. You get unlimited mileage, 10-11 hours to explore, an air-conditioned car, and a private guide! Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

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What to Pack for Your Ubud Waterfall Tour

When packing for your day trip to waterfalls in Ubud, I recommend these essentials:

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Wear Good Shoes

If there’s one thing I learned while traveling Bali, it’s that good shoes are crucial for staying comfortable!

On my first backpacking trip to Bali, I wore my Birkenstocks 24/7 and though I completely ruined them, they were great for walking. On my second trip, I wore Keens and they held up pretty well.

Nowadays, I’d recommend opting for either Chaco or Teva sandals to stay comfy. Both are highly rated and have a huge number of brand loyalists! Not to mention, many — if not all — of their sandals are waterproof and extremely durable. Perfect for the wet, rocky conditions of Bali!

Check out awesome Chaco sandals here and Teva sandals here.

Make Sure You Bring Cash

Now, if you’ve been traveling Bali for a while this is something you already know but if you haven’t, you need to carry cash with you at all times because unless you visit Westernized establishments, you won’t find a card machine in sight.

This is especially true for the waterfalls around Ubud. From my experience, most only accept cash for the entrance fees. So make sure to carry enough to pay to enter, as well as tip your driver!

More Bali Waterfalls to Visit

Here are a few more Bali waterfalls you might want to visit if you have the time. Though, I haven’t been to these personally and aren’t sure what the activity level, entrance fee, or environment of them are.

  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall
  • Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  • Goa Rang Reng Waterfall
  • Sekumpul Waterfall
  • Nungnung Waterfall
  • Leke Leke Waterfall
  • Wisata Air Terjun Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Ubud Waterfalls Map

Need some help figuring out where the waterfalls around Ubud are?

Here’s a handy dandy map to look at! The blue dots on the map below are the waterfalls I’ve discussed above and the green are others you might want to visit.

With this list of the 3 best waterfalls near Ubud (and more), as well as my top tips for visiting them, you can have the ultimate trip to this magical island!

Hands down, Bali is one of my favorite places to visit. I mean, heck, with all its delicious vegan eats, welcoming locals, beautiful waterfalls, captivating historical sites, and mind-blowing things to do, it’s no wonder this Asia destination is highly traveled to!

And no doubt, you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Are you currently traveling Bali and are looking to visit a few Ubud waterfalls? Have any other tips for Bali travelers? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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