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Looking for the best essential oils to travel with? With numerous benefits, like stress relief and even disinfecting, essential oils are one of my key secrets to stay happy and healthy while on the road. Here are my 5 favorite essential oils to travel the world with.

My 5 favorite essential oils to travel with!

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Have you ever used essential oils before? If not, you’ll soon learn that they are literally magic in a bottle.

While I wasn’t one to believe in their miraculous abilities a few years ago (I thought my aunt who regularly used and raved about them was totally crazy), I’ve come to realize people who love them are onto something…

From sleeping soundly with lavender oil and freshening up with peppermint to warding off acne with frankincense and de-stressing with jasmine, essential oils are incredibly useful no matter where one is in the world!

Even better… when you get to a hostel and have a few smelly roommates, essential oils are a literal godsend to your nostrils.

With the hundreds of various benefits essential oils can claim, arm up with these awesome ones when heading out on your next adventure.


Sophie holding up 4 essential oils - rosemary, jasmine, sleep ease, and frankincense.

1. Peppermint

First up on this magnificent list is a major winner… peppermint oil! In my humble opinion, many don’t give this little gem enough attention.

To my own personal surprise, peppermint oil has SO many incredible benefits for traveling!

  • Fresh breath — when you have a bit of a smelly situation going on in your mouth, stick a drop of peppermint oil in there and swish swish swish! It’ll literally smell as if you just brushed your teeth.
  • Disinfecting — with powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, you can disinfect any weird surfaces you come across when traveling!
  • Clear your head — the perfect essential oil for sniffing when you need to clear your head! Peppermint oil’s magical soothing abilities will have you finding focus in no time.
  • Nausea relief — ever find yourself with a woozy stomach when flying or in a car? I sure do. Just a few dabs of peppermint oil on some pressure points, like behind the ears and on the temples, helps to relieve any nasty nausea.

So you see, this underrated, yet awesome, essential oil does more than you might think! And the best part is you can get it in a handy 10ml bottle (great for carry-ons!).

Ready to stock up on peppermint oil for your next trip? Grab my favorite brand HERE.

Sophie holding a peppermint essential oil bottle -- which is perfect for battling nausea, freshening breath, and more!

2. Lavender

Without a doubt, lavender essential oil is likely the most popular essential oil on the market. And with an abundance of fabulous uses, especially for traveling, it’s a must-have in my toiletries bag.

  • Chill the F out — with soothing and relaxing properties, lavender oil is best known for helping people sleep better and calming the human mind.
  • Banish stress — similar to helping people sleep, the relaxing benefits of lavender oil can also help banish unwanted stress and anxiety (especially useful when having a hectic travel day!).
  • Relieve pain — want to hear something crazy? In a 2013 study looking at children who had a tonsillectomy, lavender oil helped to reduce pain experienced after the surgery. Children who inhaled the scent of lavender were able to reduce their daily dose of acetaminophen post-surgery. Thus, if you’re feeling some aches and pains while traveling, go on, have a few sniffs of lavender to ease your burden.

Ready to arm yourself with some lavender oil? Grab a bottle of my favorite lavender essential oil HERE.

Sophie holding a lavender essential oil bottle, which is one of the best essential oils to travel with due to its relaxing properties.

3. Frankincense

A personal favorite of mine, frankincense essential oil is practically a miracle in a bottle and has incredible healing abilities that come in extremely useful no matter where you are in the world.

  • Eliminate acne — for the past year or so I’ve been using frankincense oil directly on my acne and holy moly, it’s had a tremendous effect at eliminating it. With anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic, and astringent properties, it’s a gold mine for natural acne medication.
  • Ground yourself — any spiritual buddies here? With its deep, earthy scent, frankincense is a wonderful grounding essential oil to calm your mind, center your soul, and banish any negative energy.
  • Immune booster — with awesome antibacterial and antiviral properties, this is a great essential oil for staying healthy while traveling. Before you get on that nasty plane, stick a few drops of frankincense on your wrists and temples and inhale deeply to give your immune system a boost.

Want to snag this magical essential oil for yourself? Click HERE to grab a bottle of frankincense essential oil.

Sophie holding her Frankincense essential oil bottle, which is great for acne.

4. Jasmine

This is one of my favorite essential oils to mix with lavender for a dream-worthy smell that’ll help you relax, chill out, and de-stress! Not to mention, it’s delicate smell is absolutely beautiful so it can double as a sort of perfume, too.

  • Mood booster — wouldn’t you agree not all travel days are 100% awesome days? I know I’ve experienced horrendous travel days when on the road. With jasmine essential oil and it’s power to release feel-good chemicals in the body, just a few quick sniffs can dramatically improve my mood and reduce anxiety!
  • Hydrate the skin — if you’ve ever flown before, you know firsthand that airplane air is seriously drying! With miraculous hydrating properties, using jasmine oil in your skincare regime can add some much-needed moisture.
  • Sleep soundly — while jasmine oil has great sedative abilities on its own, pairing it with lavender results in a wondrous sleeping remedy (which is absolutely fantastic for hostel dorms!). In fact, jasmine oil even has a few antidepressant effects on some people.

Interested in trying out jasmine oil on your next trip? Grab a small bottle HERE!

Sophie holding up a bottle of jasmine essential oil.

5. Rosemary

Truth be told, when I initially bought rosemary essential oil, I was really only getting it because its wonderful scent reminded me of mouth-watering rosemary roasted potatoes…

I had no idea of the many powerful benefits this little essential oil possessed until I actually experienced them firsthand!

  • Promotes digestion — rubbing this gem of an essential oil on your stomach and feet can result in better digestion. Weird, right? Rosemary both enhances the quality of gastric acid secretion and the volume of bile produced by the liver for optimal digestion (super handy when you’ve eaten something strange while traveling!).
  • Relieves headaches — I don’t know about you but I get major headaches when on the road so rosemary essential oil is a godsend for relieving them! All it takes is rubbing a few drops between my palms, cupping around my nose and mouth, and inhaling deeply.
  • Reduces tension and fatigue — did you know rosemary works as a stimulant? It can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and circulation (in a good way!) for a nice boost in energy.

Ready to be more energized and have better digestion while traveling? Grab yourself a bottle of rosemary essential oil HERE!

Sophie holding her Rosemary essential oil.

BONUS: Essential Oil Sleep Blend

While lavender and jasmine are great at helping me sleep, this awesome sleep blend is literally 10x more powerful!

With the perfect concoction of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime, and Vanilla, it’s incredible at easing my mind, calming my body, and putting me in a deep state of relaxation where I effortlessly fall asleep.

Want to grab a bottle of this stuff for yourself? Click HERE!

Sophie holding up her "Sleep Ease" essential oil blend.

With these awesome essential oils in your travel bag, you can have a more relaxed, stress-free, and invigorating trip!

Though they may be small, they’re miraculous abilities are big. And without a doubt, essential oils are “essential” for any adventure of mine.

Do you travel with essential oils? Or are you looking for ones to take on your next trip? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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