Kick-A** Copywriter, Blogger, & Freelance Writer for Hire 🖋📝


Let me ask you something…

Have you ever went through the exhaustive process of hiring a freelance writer or blogger, only to find out they’re not a proficient professional, unable to get you the rocking results you’re looking for?

Believe me… I get it. 

Searching for a freelance writer to hire that’s qualified, experienced, and a top notch, results-driven individual can be difficult.

And don’t even get me started on what a waste of precious time and money it is!

Which is why I’m out here changing that.

As a kick-ass freelance copywriter, blogger, and article writer, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve remarkable results through carefully crafted copy that’s destined to help you reach your business goals.

Unlike other freelance bloggers, I’m not going to make it about you or your business.

Now you might be saying, “wait, wait, wait… what?”

But stick with me here…

What I’m saying is that it’s not about you. Not by a long shot.

While I’m going to be focused on helping you reach your business and brand goals — such as increasing web traffic, boosting brand awareness, and ramping up readership — this freelance writer is all about the audience.

Specifically, your target audience.

I’m not going to write for you, per se.

I’m going to craft up strategically-written content for your target market. Content that’ll have a genuine impact so you can start making genuine connections with your prospective customers. 

Although, do keep in mind, when it comes to strategic blogging or article writing, it’s a long-term game. No one and done published blogs here; consistency is key.

Here are just a few of the cool results you can expect with blogging…

Freelance writer for hire typing on a computer with a display showing exceptional results.

Benefits of Consistent Blogging

  • Google Loves It. Did you know brands that blog receive 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links than brands that don’t blog? That’s some big opportunity right there to ramp up your search engine rankings!
  • Increased Readership. When you stick to a consistent blogging schedule (i.e. blogging 1X or 2X per week), this sets you up for success in the readership department. Your target audience will begin to expect a new and exciting blog post from you and will keep coming back week after week to see what new content you’ve published.
  • Boost Brand Awareness. You know what higher rankings in search engines mean? An increased opportunity to boost your brand awareness. And you know what boosted brand awareness means? An increased opportunity to get more sales! Not bad, eh?
  • Lucrative Leads. Hey, did you know that brands that publish 16+ blog posts per month experience 4.5X more leads than brands who only publish 0-4 blog posts…? Need I say more?
  • Wonderful Web Traffic. Even better, if you’re wanting to draw more visitors to your website (who isn’t these days?), brands that blog 10+ times per month compared to brands who only publish 0-4 posts experience 3X the web traffic. Hello, inbound leads!
  • Irresistible ROI. Fun little fact for you… did you know marketers who prioritize blogging see on average a 13X ROI? Whoa, amirite?

Come to think of it… there’s no real downside to strategic blogging for your brand. This affordable and cost-effective marketing strategy only produces excellent results and outcomes!

Freelance blogger at a typewriter machine, getting shit done!

Why Should You Work with this Freelance Content Writer (aka me 😉)?

  • 3+ years working as a freelance article writer and copywriter, helping numerous brands in a variety of industries achieve exceptional results.
  • 4-year marketing degree from the University of North Dakota.
  • 3 years of experience working in a strategic marketing firm (shout out to Giant Voices!).
  • I’m results-driven, meaning I’m not satisfied until you’ve seen the outcomes and results that help you achieve your goals.
  • Some like to call me the deadline sharp shooter, as I always hit ’em on the mark.
  • A rockstar profile on Upwork with raving reviews from past clients.

In fact, here are a few testimonials from past clients…

“Sophia did a wonderful job! The author was very pleased and felt like she nailed the hooks and USPs. We will be using her again if we have this type of project in the future. A+ Copywriter!!” – Julie, Blink Publishing, LLC

“Outstanding work from beginning to end. I’ve used Sophie many times for her creative and exceptional copywriting skills for a few of my projects! She is very good at what she does and would highly recommend!” – Nick, Vigenics

“Sophie has done amazing job creating content for my company’s social media platforms as well as our blog. She has created and scheduled several months worth of content ahead of time for us. We fully plan on continuing to work with Sophie once we need more content in a few months! Highly recommend!” – Kevin, Friender, LLC

(Psst. You can click here to check out my freelancer profile! But since I receive so many inquiries through there, jump to the front of the line by contacting me through the form below 😉)

Cool, right?

Although, raving reviews and extraordinary experience isn’t all that’s great about hiring this freelance blog writer…

The Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

  • Affordability: Did you know it’s significantly cheaper to hire a freelancer, rather than an in-house employee? Not only do you not have to pay for regular employee taxes, paid time-off, vacations, sick days, employee insurance, and more.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically, you only have to pay a freelance writer for the work he/she does. (i.e. If you have me write one blog post, you only pay me for one blog post). There’s absolutely no wasteful downtime.
  • Expertise: I’m an expert in blog writing. Thus, I can deliver excellent results much better than an employee who’s wearing multiple hats and being pulled multiple different directions. (i.e. You shouldn’t have your web developer also be your writer because they wouldn’t get top notch results. eh?)
  • Flexibility: The beauty about hiring a freelance content writer is that it can be a flexible agreement. Want to hire them on a project basis? Go for it. Need someone long-term to deliver long-term results? You got it. When it comes to freelancing, nothing is set in stone.

So, with all that said, are you ready to blast off? If you’re wanting to get in on this blogging game to experience incredible growth, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As a freelance writer for hire, I’m always open to new writing and blogging opportunities!

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