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Planning a trip to Greece and wondering what some fun things to do in Athens are? While this city filled to the brim with historic sites and ancient attractions, sometimes travelers want to do something else other than strolling around ruins. Fortunately, Athens also has tons of exciting and fun things to do that’ll make your trip incredibly memorable! Take a peek at these 5 ridiculously awesome things to do in Athens, Greece.

Heading to Athens, Greece, and wondering what to do in this great, historic city? Take a look at these fun things to do in Athens that'll make your trip memorable. | The Wanderful Me

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Athens is like a playground for history lovers, partygoers, and families alike. Whether you’re into walking through ancient Greek ruins, hitting up the clubs, or visiting exciting museums with the kids, Athens delivers all that and more.

However, if you’re like me, you sometimes get a tad bit bored after seeing your 6th, 7th or bajillionth historic site and ancient ruin, and yearn for an activity or attraction in Athens that’ll spice things up!

Well, don’t worry, fellow traveler! I’ve got the perfect list of fun things you can do in ancient city of Athens that’ll make your trip here magical.

Psst, don’t think I’m hating on the wondrous historic sites of Athens in this post! I feature the more typical tourist attractions and sites to see – like the Acropolis – in this post on 13 remarkable things to do in Athens, Greece!


Visit a Rooftop Bar for a Exceptional View

Did you know Athens, Greece, has several rooftop bars with crazy awesome views of the Parthenon?

While I was visiting Athens with some friends of mine, we went to a couple different rooftop bars in the evening to catch the sunset and admire views of the Parthenon while having a few refreshing drinks! It was such a magical experience and made our trip to Athens that much more amazing.

Considering the Parthenon is lit up in the dark, this is absolutely one of the most fun things to do in Athens at night when you can see it shining on top of the hill in all its glory!

For more info on the best rooftop bars to visit in Athens, take a look at this interesting guide.

View of the Parthenon at night from a rooftop bar in Athens, which is one of my favorite fun things to do in the city.

Take a Ride Up the Lycabettus Funicular

This is a super fun thing to do in Athens with kids! The ride up the railway is exciting but the views are even more spectacular.

Lycabettus is the highest peak in central Athens and it delivers exceptional panoramic views of the city, including the magnificent Parthenon and the deep blue sea beyond it.

Once you’re atop the hill, you’ll also find the Chapel of Saint George, a tiny Cycladic-style chapel built in the 19th century. It’s a beautiful little building to visit but keep in mind you need to be dressed properly to go inside.

My top tip? If you have the opportunity, Lycabettus Hill is a wonderful place in Athens to watch the sunset from!

Heading up to Lycabettus hill via the Lycabettus Funicular is one of the best things to do in Athens, Greece.
That’s Mount Lycabettus in the distance! This is the view of it from the Parthenon.

Want to explore outside Athen’s city limits? Take a day trip to the historical site of Delphi! Explore the hilltop museum and ruins, famous for its amphitheater, and be wowed by the Temple of Apollo. Click here to see the highly-rated Delphi Guided Day Trip Tour!

Watch the Changing of the Guards at the Parliament Building

When visiting Greece, this was one of my favorite experiences my friends and I had in Athens! We actually stumbled upon the Changing of the Guards by accident and thank god we did because wow, it is truly unique.

The Changing of the Guards takes place at the Parliament Building at Syntagma (which is one of the best things to see in Athens itself) and is completely free to watch. Not to mention, it doesn’t take long either, making it a great Athens site to see while on your way to another activity or attraction.

Anyways, so why is this one of the best things to do in Athens?

Because while these guys are highly-trained soldiers, called the Evzones in Greek, they wear pretty ridiculous – as in ridiculously awesome – attire that’ll make you wonder whether or not they’re actually part of a theater program.

However, though they may look a little peculiar, they wear traditional uniforms that are not only handmade by specialist but the shoes weigh 6.6 lbs (3 kg) each!

If your Athens trip falls on a weekend, I highly recommend watching the Changing of the Guards at 11 am on Sunday. Ceremonies on this day are much more impressive and involve many more Evzones, which will surely leave you wowed!

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Stroll through Plaka and Monastiraki

The ancient neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki are exceptional destinations in Athens for discovering gorgeous architecture, delicious restaurants in Athens, quaint little local shops, and quirky attractions.

Personally, I absolutely loved shopping in Plaka and Monastiraki!

The numerous markets, stands, and stores selling one-of-a-kind goods was so cool to see (even if I didn’t actually buy anything). Another favorite thing of mine when strolling through these beautiful neighborhoods was admiring all the cool looking doors. Seriously, they’re all so unique!

Also, keep an eye out for the friendly Greek cats slinking around the neighborhood! There are damn near everywhere.

Want a professional guide to take you around the Acropolis and Athens Old Town? Check out this highly-rated walking tour! You’ll love exploring and admiring the history, architecture, and hidden treasures with a local guide.

Visit the Many Markets of Athens

Athens has tons of vibrant markets you can explore to discover cool treasures and unique shopping opportunities, as well as experience the bustling life that happens only at the local markets.

Some of the coolest markets in Athens include:

  • Athens Central Market (Varvakeios)
  • Monastiraki Flea Market
  • The Meet Market
  • The Antique Market at Avissinias Square

This is one of my favorite fun things to do in Athens, as you get a taste of what locals do in their own city! Plus, when you buy from a market, you’re typically supporting a small, local business. Woohoo!

With this cool list of fun things to do and see in Athens, as well as my other post on the cool touristy things to do in the city, you can see the best of Athens and what this historic city has to offer!

Are you planning a trip to Athens or visiting this remarkable city soon? Or have you already been and want to recommend some additional Athens activities to future travelers? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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