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Have you ever thought about visiting the glorious Glacier National Park in Northern Montana? In my opinion, it’s one of THE best national parks in the United States! If you’re ready to get inspired to take a trip to this magical destination, here are 32 photos of Glacier National Park in the fall that’ll blow your mind.

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Truth be told, I never gave Glacier National Park much thought before my last visit here.

Maybe that’s because it just doesn’t get talked about as much as Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyon but the thought of exploring this off-the-beaten place in Northern Montana just didn’t cross my mind…

And what a bummer that was because holy freakin’ moly, when Dan and I spontaneously decided to visit this wondrous place on our drive back home to Minnesota from Washington State, we had no idea what sort of treat we were in for!

We visited Glacier National Park in the fall and wow, the immeasurable beauty this place delivers still blows my mind.

I’m talking towering mountains and cascading waterfalls; never-ending roads winding through forests filled with vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and red; snow-capped summits just begging you for a climb, and hiking trails leading off into neverland where you’ll come across lively wildlife, such as elk, moose, and deer.

It’s something out of a fairytale.

Dan jumps for joy while on one of the many hiking trails in Glacier National Park.
Safe to say, Dan was in heaven.

I’ll never forget driving along the Going-to-the-Sun Road (seriously — that’s what it is called!) and craning my head, trying to get a glance at the snowy mountain tops peeking out through the thick clouds.

Or Dan and I heading out on a 8-mile hike through the wilderness, only to find ourselves in one of the most beautiful valleys I’ve ever seen — featuring a gorgeous waterfall tumbling into a crystal clear lake surrounded by soaring mountains.

Dan stands along the shores of a lake with a tall mountain and cascading waterfall behind him.

And I thought Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada was fantastic.

(Hint: it is but wow, if you can’t visit Canada, this is the next best option in the United States!)

Anyways, if those 2 fantastic photos or lengthy descriptions of what it’s like visiting Glacier National Park haven’t convinced you to plan a future trip here, maybe these 30 photos will!


Dan chills out at a road viewpoint overlooking a colorful mountain valley.
Cars line the bottom of a far-off mountain that looks like it was cut in a jaged fashion.
Rocks of all colors - like yellow, orange, and red - are found in Lake McDonald.
Sophie poses in a field of reds, yellows, and oranges while mountains are featured behind her.

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Towering mountains lined with evergreen trees and bright yellow shrubbery with clouds shielding the tippy tops.
Shrubbery boasting bright reds, greens, and yellows frames bright blue mountains in the distance.
Teal-blue waters and towering mountains.
A river running through a mountainous valley featuring colors like orange, yellow, and bright green.

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Dan admiring the mountainous views and Swiftcurrent Lake.
Many Glacier Hotel at the base of a mountain and on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake.
Did you know you can stay at this giant hotel? It’s called the Many Glacier Hotel and it is BEAUTIFUL! Check it out here.
More mountains in front of one of the many Glacier National Park lakes.
Mountains and lots of evergreen trees.
One of the many mountain views from the road.
Sophie standing on a rocky bank, overlooking the mountainous scenery.
Many mountains surround a lush valley in Glacier National Park.
A valley in Glacier National Park framed by green and yellow leaves.
One of the many waterfalls in Glacier National Park that's near a road.
A dock jutting out into a blue lake with mountains in the background.
Anyone else itching to dive off this dock into the refreshing water? Might be a little cold though…
A small butterfly sits on a blossoming fall flower.
Even in fall, you’ll find new blooms of beautiful flowers!
Overlooking the many mountains of Glacier National park with vibrant greens and yellow covering the forests.

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Dan standing on a dock looking over Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is one of the top attractions! I mean… obviously — look how beautiful it is!
Dan sitting on a ledge with a mountain valley in the background.
Sophie sitting on a ledge by a lake with a jutting mountain behind her.

A bridge crosses a wide river with a towering mountain in the background.
Dan standing on a hiking trail surrounded by vibrant fall colors and mountains in the background.
The two of us couldn’t stop looking at all the mountains and vibrant colors!
A valley surrounded by mountains and filled with a clear, blue lake and green and yellow trees.
Sophie holding up a bright yellow leaf that's bigger than her head.
Giant leaves the size of your head is just another reason to visit Glacier National Park!
A small waterfall cascades down the mountainside, hidden in the thick trees.
This was a cool waterfall we stumbled upon while hiking our way through the park!
Jutting mountains in the background with bright yellow shrubs in the foreground.
Far off mountains framed by vibrant yellow leaves.


Did someone say “wow”? Because f*cking WOW.

The beauty of this place is unparalleled.

So, what that said… are you going to plan your Glacier National Park adventure ASAP? (I’m already thinking of my next visit!)

Tell me, have you ever thought about visiting Glacier National Park? Or heck, did you know this great national park even existed before now? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Want to see what Glacier National Park is like in the fall and autumn season? Wildly vibrant colors, snow-capped mountains, great hiking trails, and more, here are 32 photos of Glacier National Park in the United States that'll have you planning a visit here ASAP! #glaciernationalpark #glacier #unitedstates #usa #america #nationalpark #travelinspo
Ready to get inspired to visit the wondrous destination that is Glacier National Park? A magical NP in the United States, Glacier National Park boasts towering mountains, waterfalls, beautiful fall colors, great road trip itineraries, and more! Here are 32 photos of the fall season in Glacier NP that'll blow your mind and have you planning a trip here ASAP. #glaciernationalpark #nationalpark #usa #unitedstates

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