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Want to discover a wildly awesome hike in the Lake District National Park in England? While there are literally hundreds of great routes you can take, the Loughrigg Fell Walk is perfect for those who want a moderate, yet rewarding trek with incredible views. Here’s my experience hiking in the Lake District on the Loughrigg Fell Walk!

Hiking Loughrigg Fell Walk in the Lake District National Park - England, UK

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More commonly known as the Loughrigg Fell from Ambleside Walk, this is an incredibly rewarding hike for those who aren’t necessarily the best in-shape (aka me).

Though, while the walk is pretty moderate and easy going, you’re rewarded with absolutely gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains dotted throughout the Lake District National Park.

So, if you’re looking for some Lake District hiking inspiration or want to do the Loughrigg Fell Walk for yourself, here’s my guide on how to do it.

Plus my personal experience (and mind-blowingly beautiful photos to further get you moving!).


Finding Unbelievable Views

To get you super duper excited to get your hike on in the Lake District, here is a collection of photos I gathered from Dan and I’s own Loughrigg Fell Hike!

But be warned… you’ll be itching to strap on your hiking boots and get out there because holy moly, this is hands down one of the BEST hikes out there!

Are you inspired to do the Loughrigg Fell Circular Walk for yourself? (If not… go take a look at those photos again and then get back to me. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. 😉)

Anywho, if you’re ready to embark on this hike ASAP, here’s everything you need to know.

Tips for Hiking the Loughrigg Fell Circular Walk

First things first: what the heck is this hike all about and what do you need? Well, here are some rough facts about the hike and what you can expect from it.

Loughrigg Fell Walk Features

✓ Roughly 7.5 miles, depending on which route you take up Loughrigg Fell Mountain.

✓ It’s a loop route.

✓ This route features a river walk, glistening lake (Rydal Waters), mountain views, and a cool cave (if you choose to visit Rydal Cave).

✓ Most of the route is on a packed trail, which makes it even easier. It’s only when and if you choose to go up the mountain where the trails are a bit more difficult.

✓ Lots and lots of sheep! You walk alongside (or even through if you please) many sheep pastures for an even awesomer experience.

✓ The first half of the hike is great for kids, as it’s not difficult whatsoever. Though, the trail becomes more difficult as you go up the mountain and continue around the circular walk. But overall, it’s definitely great for beginning hikers.

✓ Overall, the hike will take you about 3-5 hours, depending on how fast you go and whether or not you decide to take frequent breaks.

What to Pack for Loughrigg Fell Walk

Definitely pack along some sort of refreshments and maybe even lunch.

If you decide to start the hike in the morning, you’ll for sure want to grab a bite to eat while trekking along. Though it’s not a super demanding hike, it definitely gets you moving and sweating!

Anywho, I wanted to share with you some of my personal essentials I brought with me on this hike.

Essentials for Hiking Loughrigg Fell Walk:

  • Refillable Water Bottle — Personally, I LOVE my Grayl Filtering Water Bottle. It came in so incredibly handy on this hike because I could easily grab a refreshing drink from one of the nearby water sources. (There are loads of little streams all along the Loughrigg Fell Walk.)
  • Rain Jacket — The UK is notoriously known for having finicky weather so make sure you bring along a high-quality rain jacket to protect you from any unexpected rain. I personally use one like this.
  • Bandana Scarf Headband — Wow, say that 10 tens! But actually, bring one of these weird things, which are multifunctional and super handy. They can protect your face from wind, wipe off sweat, keep your head warm in the cold, and even keep hair back away from your face.
  • Hearty Snacks — Since the Loughrigg Fell Walk will easily be a multi-hour hike, bring along some hearty snacks. I personally like to bring a bunch of fresh fruit, like bananas, apples, and some berries (which can all be plastic-free, too!). Additionally, maybe make yourself a sandwich to eat at the top of the mountain!

What to Wear for Hiking in the Lake District

Wearing the right clothing is essential for staying comfortable on any hike! Whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall, make sure you’re ready to go with the right gear.

  • Good Hiking Boots — Preferably ones that are waterproof and have good grip to keep you stable on any wetness, rocks, or ice. I like these hiking boots.
  • Sweat-Wicking Shirt — Depending on the weather, you’ll either want to wear a tank top, t-shirt, or long-sleeve. But overall, make sure it’s sweat-wicking to keep you cool!
  • Breathable Leggings or Hiking Pants — Don’t forget about your bottom half! Make sure to wear some breathable leggings or comfortable hiking pants. (Personally, I did the Loughrigg Fell Hike in the winter and wore Under Armor leggings, which worked great at keeping me warm and comfortable!)
  • Good Hiking Socks — Honestly, while these are easy to forget about, having good hiking socks are key to staying comfortable. I mean, who can enjoy an amazing view when you’re getting a blister or your feet are cold from bad socks? (Psst, I like these socks here.)
  • Headband/Bandana — As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to bring a buff or something similar to wipe off sweat with or keep your face protected.

Loughrigg Fell Circular Walk Map

I’ve gone ahead and laid out the entire walk for you! From the starting point (aka the best place to park for the Loughrigg Fell walk) to the end point, you’ll find it all below.

Tip: You can click on each point below to see my personal description notes.

There you have it! With this information, you’re all set to go for hiking Loughrigg Fell Circular Walk near Ambleside and Rydal. (Or, on the flipside, you’re inspired to get out there in the future!)

Have you ever hiked in the Lake District National Park before? Have any other hiking tips for future trekkers and walkers? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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