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Located near the gorgeous Horseshoe Pass in Llangollen, the Moel Morfydd route is a moderately challenging hike featuring incredible views of rolling green hills, lush forests, and the Welsh countryside. Here’s my experience hiking Moel Morfydd from the Ponderosa cafe, plus helpful tips and tricks!

Hiking Moel Morfydd in North Wales, UK

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One of my favorite walks in North Wales, the Moel Morfydd hike from the Ponderosa Cafe will take you up 4 different summits:

✓ Moel Y Faen
✓ Moel Y Gamelin
✓ Moel Y Gaer
✓ and, finally, Moel Morfydd

Not for the faint of heart, this moderately challenging hike is more like a long-lasting interval training workout!

(Psst you know what hike is really not for the faint of heart due to sheer cliff drops and heart-stopping heights? Hiking Blencathra via sharp edge in the Lake District National Park in England!)

A view of the rolling hills in the Welsh countryside.

With 4 different mountain ascents and descents, you’re continuously going up and down and up and down — by the end of the hike I was a sweaty mess!

But with wildly beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and Welsh countryside, it’s incredibly rewarding and totally worth it.

My group for hiking Moel Morfydd standing atop one of the summits.
Here you can see Moel Morfydd in the background!


Quick Stats:

  • Height in Feet: 1,803 feet
  • Height in Metres: 550 meters
  • Hiking Time from Ponderosa Cafe: 1.5 hours to Moel Morfydd Summit (3ish hours roundtrip)
  • Elevation Gain: ~840 feet (256 meters)
  • Total Hiking Distance: around 5.5 miles (8.8 km)
Dan, my boyfriend, and Kaz, our hiking buddy, walking down one of the summits.

Map of Route — Ponderosa Cafe to Moel Morfydd

In the map below, you’ll find the full route, as well as little tidbits of information within each point. Simply click on the blue dot to read my personal advice and information between each summit!

One of the 4 summits on this hike in the background.

Tips for Hiking to Moel Morfydd

Park directly across the road from the Ponderosa Cafe. There’s a sort of makeshift dirt parking lot for those who are hiking in the area. Click HERE to see the parking area in Google Maps.

✓ If you’re hiking in any season other than summer, make sure to bring the right outdoor gear (find my favorite gear below). Believe me when I say it’s very cold on the 4 summits, as there’s no barrier to stop the wind.

Bring plenty of water. (Psst, not packing enough is one of the top reasons why many people SUCK at hiking!)

Look at the weather days before when planning your hike. Though the weather is notoriously finicky in North Wales, you do not want to do this walk when it’s freezing cold or raining.

✓ When you’re done, grab some hot tea or a refreshing beverage at the cafe! It’s super cute in there and they have a really quirky gift shop.

The rest of the group minus me standing on top one of the summits near Moel Morfydd.

My Favorite Hiking Gear

As I said earlier, it’s essential you have good hiking gear for this moderately challenging route. I’ve been ridiculously ill-prepared for a hike before and it’s extremely uncomfortable, not to mention it makes for one severely unhappy hiker!

Don’t be like me. Be prepared.

Here’s exactly what gear I had when venturing out on this walk in North Wales:

Sophie standing in the brush, looking over the countryside surrounding the summit of Moel Morfydd.

Photos from Moel Morfydd Walk

Here’s a collection of my favorite photos from the walk! No doubt, these will inspire you to get out there and do the walk yourself.

Views of the surrounding Welsh countryside one gets when hiking Moel Morfydd.
Dan walking along the hiking path.
Kaz and her two energetic dogs walking along the path.
Rolling hills with touches of green, red, and orange.
A photo of Casper, Callum's dog, with one ear up and a curious look on his wittle face.
The group taking a break on top of the Moel Morfydd summit.
Views of the countryside with patches of lush green, red, and orange.
Casper down on his two front paws, waiting for me to throw a stick.
Dan and Kaz walking down one of the paths, heading towards Moel Morfydd.
Haggis, Kaz's springer spaniel dog, sitting and posing for me with beautiful views of the countryside behind him.

Do you have a favorite hike or walk in North Wales? Or any recommendations for other readers? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Looking for a good walk in North Wales? Check out the Moel Morfydd walk near Llangollen and the Horseshoe Pass! Featuring beautiful views of the Welsh countryside, this moderately challenging hike will put you to the tes! #NorthWales #UK #walk #hiking #moel
Need some hiking inspiration? Check out this super awesome walk in North Wales to get your legs itching! Moel Morfydd is located in a gorgeous part of the region, near the Horseshoe Pass in Llangollen. #NorthWales #Hiking #Walks #UK

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