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Wondering why you’re not ranking in search engines, like Google or Bing? It could be you’re not publishing enough blogs… or it could be your keywords. If you’re ready to start munching on a piece of the search engine traffic pie by looking into keyword search tools, here’s a helpful Keysearch review determining whether or not it’s an affordable keyword analysis tool or a gimmick… Let’s find out.

KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

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Just yearning to have a slice of that search engine traffic pie, huh? But not sure how to really get it?

Believe me, I understand.

After years of blogging, I could not for the life of me understand why my pageviews were only coming in from places like Pinterest and Facebook, with only a few sporadic pageviews from Google.

I’d published blogs on a consistent basis (which I was told is one of the most important things for SEO), used a chosen keyword frequently throughout a post, and even shoved that keyword in places like the meta description, title, image alt description, etc.

And yet… nothing. Crickets.

I happily expected my search engine pageviews to rise and rise and rise… but in reality, the only thing that increased was my annoyance and frustration.

Until I finally made the decision to actually invest in an SEO keyword analysis tool.

And — *as the heavens open up with beams of light radiating down* — my travel blog (and blogging career) was thus forever changed.


That keyword search tool is called Keysearch.

The magnificent tool that has been changing the blogging SEO game since 2016.

But let’s dig into it… After using it for over a year now, I thought I’d go over the features, pros, cons, and details to uncover whether or not it truly is a fantabulous affordable keyword analyzer tool OR just a waste of money. So, here. we. go.


What’s the real deal with this keyword checker? If you’ve read any other blogger website or if you read my post on the 10 things I did wrong when starting a blog, you’ll likely have heard Keysearch.

Many claim its the reason their blogging business is successful in ranking high in search engines.

But let’s talk about it more in-depth, shall we?

In this Keysearch review, we’ll go over:

✓ Key Keysearch features — what’s the hype?
✓ What Keysearch actually is — what is the point?
✓ Keysearch alternatives — who else provides the same thing?
✓ My honest opinion on Keysearch — it is worth it?
✓ Exclusive 20% off coupon for Keysearch — just in case you’d like to give it a try.

But let’s talk competition first. Who else is out there that provides exceptional an keyword difficulty check and analysis tool? 

Keysearch Alternatives

  • Ahrefs ($99/month)
  • SEMrush ($100/month)
  • Moz ($179/month)
  • Ubersuggest (free)
  • Google Keyword Planner (free)
  • And wayyyy more…

So, clearly, there are a lot of SEO and keyword research tool options.

But to be completely honest, a lot of them are super duper expensive (like, $179/month?! Really Moz?) and the free options don’t go as in-depth into keyword search like Keysearch does.

With that said, let’s talk about what Keysearch actually is…

What is Keysearch?

And what’s the freakin’ hype?

Okay, so Keysearch is an all-encompassing SEO tool that helps you:

  • Find keywords.
  • Gives you a SERP analysis (search engine results pages).
  • Helps uncover competitor research.
  • You can check your backlinks.
  • Plan and write content to optimize your ranking potential.
  • Discover what keywords you’re already ranking for (or close to ranking for).
  • Find out if you can rank for YouTube (if you also make sweet vids).
  • Brainstorm which keywords to write for with Twitter trends, Google trends, and Amazon movers.
  • And a ton more.

Essentially, Keysearch helps you track your SEO efforts while uncovering what keywords you could realistically rank, what your competitors are doing with keywords, and helping you find competitors keywords, for which you could use to write a better article.

And this is all for an extremely affordable price.

I’m talking like $17 a month. GUYS — $17/MONTH.

For what you get, that’s a damn cheap keyword tool. And heck, that’s not even including the 20% discount code (which is KSDISC if you’re wondering).

Use the Keysearch 20% Discount Code: KSDISC


Keyword Research Tool

Ever wanted to find out how much search traffic a specific keyword or long-tail keyword gets? Or if you even have a chance to rank for it?

You can do that within Keysearch.

And even better, you can enter in one keyword (like just a single word) and Keysearch will suggest to you niche long-tail keywords that might work even better.

Additionally, with the in-depth keyword research feature, you can uncover what the DAs are of the current ranking websites, helping you uncover if you can surpass them on page 1. Cool, right?

Keyword Research • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?
Keyword research tool. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Competitor Analysis

No doubt, this is one of the best features Keysearch has.

With the handy dandy competitor analysis feature, you can run a backlink checker that adds up how many backlinks your website has, where those backlinks are coming from, what the anchor text is for those backlinks, and if those backlinks are follow/nofollow.

A second sub-feature of the competitor analysis feature is its ability to search organic keywords. This means that you can type in a competitor’s website address and uncover what keywords their ranking high for, how much traffic their getting from those keywords, and what position their in.

Competitor analysis tool/feature. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Additionally, you can also uncover URL metrics.

So within this feature you can enter in multiple URLs (like your competitors or other websites you’re interested in) and analyze metrics like PA, DA, links, Alexa ranking, Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, keywords, and traffic.

Competitor analysis feature on KeySearch. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Furthermore, with the competitor analysis feature, you can analyze specific pages. This is really cool for going deeper into a page’s insights, like your homepage.

For example, you can look at SEO content, links, and keywords; usability, document, mobile analysis, optimization recommendations, and page speed. Cool, right?

Page insights. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Explorer Feature

The explorer feature is fabulous for uncovering your domain strength and what keyword score you can actually, realistically rank for.

For example, since my DA score is relatively low, Keysearch recommends I stick to keyword that score 30 or less, in which competition is easy-moderate.

This feature also shows you organic keywords your website ranks for, top competitors, top DS referring domains, top anchor words, and a backlinks overview.

Explorer feature. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

YouTube Research

Are you a YouTuber?

Then you’re going to LOVE this feature! If you’re pondering what vids to make in the future, hop onto Keysearch, go to the YouTube Research feature, and you can figure out which keywords you have a chance to rank for.

Additionally, in the YouTube Difficulty section, you can type into up to 50 keywords and figure out which ones would work best for your YouTube channel. It’s awesome!

Who woulda thought there’d be a keywords difficulty checker for both bloggers and YouTubers in the same place?

YouTube Research. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Rank Tracking

Last, but not least, we have the rank tracking feature.

This allows you to find out what keywords you’re already ranking for in search engines and track their changes.

For example, I’m tracking “1 month vietnam itinerary” because I have a kick-ass blog post on traveling Vietnam for one month.

Overtime, I can see my position in Google increased by 98 spots since publishing (and now I’m in one of the top spots!).

Another great aspect of this feature is the breakdown of search engine positions.

In a handy dandy little pie chart you can see exactly where you stand with keywords. In my pie chart of chosen organic keywords for The Wanderful Me, I can see 57% of my keywords position is in the top 100, 29% is in the top 10, and 14% is in the top 3.

(Just want to shout out to you again, if this already sounds like something you’d be into, definitely give it a try with my Keysearch coupon code! Click HERE and use KSDISC at checkout for 20% off.)

Rank tracking feature. • KeySearch Review: Affordable Keyword Analysis Tool or Waste of Money?

Content Analysis

One of Keysearch’s newest features, the content analysis is probably my all-time favorite parts of this handy dandy keyword analysis tool.


Because it literally does everything you could possibly want when writing up a post specifically aimed at ranking high in search engines.

So how does it work?

Well, you put all your post copy (i.e. the words) into the content analysis box, stick in your desired keyword or keyword phrase into the keyword search box, and wallah! You can do some in-depth research on what the heck you need to do to climb those search results.

For example, with the content analysis, it’ll give you “must words”, which are words you must have in your article to rank high.

It also gives you:

  • Related keywords and phrases you might want to include
  • Top URL keywords (aka the top traffic getting keywords for the 1st ranked Google result)
  • Research results for posts already ranking high (you can see the exact posts, how many words each post is, the URL, and more)
  • Popular questions relating to your desired keyword
  • And the SERPs analysis (aka the search engine results page)

Pretty cool, eh? I’d say so.

My Honest Opinion on Keysearch

Okay, let’s get into it, shall we?

After using this super duper affordable keyword analysis tool for the past year, how do I truly feel about it?

Dun dun dunnnn…

I freakin’ LOVE it. Seriously, this SEO keyword tool is a flippin’ game changer.

After blogging for over 4 years and not using any sort of tool to help measure and track my SEO impact, it’s crazy cool to see exactly what keywords I should aim for, how my blog does in terms of ranking ability, what my competitors are ranking for, how to check how much volume a keyword is getting, and seeing all the keyword alternatives in one place.

Even better, it’s more than affordable.

I mean, come on. I pay more for my monthly coffees… so handing over $17 a month for Keysearch that helps me grow my blogging business is a no brainer. Especially when I can literally measure and track the actual impact this tool has on my success.

Just take a look at that increase in pageviews just from search engines…

A screenshot of Google Analytics showing the increase in pageviews - a result of finally investing in KeySearch, the ultimate cheap keyword analysis tool.

A nice big jump there, wouldn’t ya say? And that’s pretty much all due to finally taking the time to actually invest in my SEO strategy and dig in deep on how to cash in on the search engine traffic.

So, if you’re ready to hunker down and invest in an SEO tool yourself to get the needle moving on your SEO strategy, I highly recommend Keysearch.

Let’s go over the highlights once more:

✓ Super duper affordable (who doesn’t have an extra $17/month laying around?)
✓ In-depth keyword research.
✓ Comprehensive competitor analysis tools.
✓ Handy dandy content analysis tool to help you plan your articles.
✓ Rank tracking to see what’s working and what’s not.
✓ YouTube keyword research (in case you’re into making sweet vids).
✓ Thorough backlink checker to see where your link juice is coming from.
✓ Niche keyword suggestions to capture your readers through search engines.

If you’re thinking about giving Keysearch a try, don’t forget to use my discount code for 20% OFF!

That brings down the monthly cost to only $13.70/MONTH! Awesome, right? Much better than Moz, where you have to pay $179/month (still can’t get over that).

Click Here to Check Out Keysearch (Use Code “KSDISC” for 20% Off)

What do you think of my Keysearch review? In-depth and thorough enough or needs a bit of work? And have you ever used Keysearch before or are you thinking of using it? Let me know in the comments! I want to hear your thoughts. 

Sophie xx

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