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Are you embracing a more sustainable lifestyle and thinking about switching to a zero waste, plastic-free razor? Take a peek at my Leaf Shave razor review and find out why I think it’s a great option for those who have sensitive skin, want to reduce their environmental impact and like supporting small businesses!

My Thoughts on the Leaf Razor | Leaf Razor Review | The Wanderful Me

With the crazy amount of safety razors out there, ditching your disposable razor and switching to a more sustainable option has never been easier.

However, if you’re anything like me, an abundance of choices and razor options comes far more confusion, concerns and questions.

Which plastic-free razor the right choice for me? Is it sensitive skin-friendly? What’s the company like — do they have meaningful sustainable initiatives? What are the product reviews like?

As a conscious consumer, there are a LOT of factors I consider when making a practical purchase like buying an eco-friendly razor. And oftentimes, I’m disappointed in the product quality, sustainability initiatives and company practices. (Cue the buyer’s regret, amirite?)

That said, I recently took the leap and got my hands on a Leaf razor… and let me tell, you it has changed my life. (No regrets here, fam.)

Sophie holding the Leaf Razor.

This Leaf razor review has been in the works for quite a while, as I’ve been using their triple-blade razor for about six months now. I wanted to use it and see how it held up for quite a long time to ensure I was completely happy and that this review was as authentic and honest as possible.

And truth be told, I couldn’t be happier with making the switch to a Leaf razor. I say this with complete confidence: this razor has truly changed my outlook on shaving with plastic-free, safety razors.

I now enjoy the process of shaving all my bits! From underarms to toes and everywhere in between.

If you’re considering switching to a plastic-free, sustainable razor and are looking for a real Leaf razor review, I’m here to share with you my experience.

A close-up look at the Leaf razor head with its blades.


Below, you’ll find my honest thoughts on how the Leaf triple-blade razor works, why it’s completely unlike any other plastic-free razor on the marketing, if it’s good for people with sensitive skin and why it’s totally worth making the switch to from your classic plastic or hefty, double-edge safety razors.

Vertical shot of the Leaf razor sitting in its weighted stand.
Sophie pulling back the flexible head to showcase how bendy it is.

What is the Leaf Triple-Blade Razor?

While Leaf Shave has a few different razors, including a triple- and single-blade razor and a dermaplaner, I have the triple-blade razor. This zero waste razor most mimics the classic plastic-laden razors you see on shelves.

It features:

  • A pivoting head that adjusts to your natural curves and contours
  • Three removable blades that provide a super close shave (and can be adjusted for sensitive skin)
  • A long handle that offers improved ease and control
GIF of the flexible Leaf razor shaving head.
View of the back of the Leaf razor head, showing where you screw in the top to hold in the refillable blades.
Sophie holding the Leaf razor so you can see the grips and blades.
The Leaf razor sitting on the edge of Sophie's bath.

I think it’s also important to mention that while the Leaf razor works with your standard safety razor blade, they need to be snapped in half to fit in the Leaf razor’s magnetic blade holder. This is super easy though!

Plus, this ensures you can buy safety razor blades from anywhere and still use the Leaf razor, which I love. (I loathe when companies create a product that only allows you to use their refills forevermore.)

GIF showing how the Leaf razor blades are refilled into the flexible head.

My Favorite Leaf Razor Benefits

Close Shave and Good for Sensitive Skin

There are many things I truly love about the Leaf razor. Most notably is its super close shave and that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Before I switched to the Leaf razor, I used the Venus refillable razors and then a few different safety razors. Most of them seriously irritated my skin, particularly around the bikini line. With the Leaf razor, I experience far less razor bumps! Especially when I use a solid shaving soap or balm.

The rose gold Leaf razor sitting in its weighted stand on the edge of Sophie's bathroom sink.

BIG Savings on Blade Refills

I don’t know about you but I have spent hundreds on blade refills! A quick Google search tells me that the current cost of a Venus 4-pack blade refill ranges from $12-20. (This is the razor brand I used before I switched to a plastic-free option!)

If you’re replacing a blade every month (which is on the low end if you’re a frequent shaver), this cost $360-600 over the course of 10 years! Holy moly.

With Leaf Shave, blade refills cost just $.15 per blade if you get the 200 refill pack (which is $30 per pack). If you’re like me and you use 2 blades for shaving, this adds up to just $36 (!!!) over the course of 10 years.

Even if we round that up to $60—because you’d need to buy two 200-blade refill packs—this still works out FAR cheaper than the icky plastic cartridge refills.

That’s not even the best part though. You can actually buy any ol’ pack of safety razors and just snap the blade in half! This could make your shaving routine even cheaper.

For instance, this 100-blade pack from Amazon is just $9, which means each refill for a Leaf razor would cost $0.045 (half of one blade, which is $0.09).

Different perspective of the Leaf razor blades sitting in the magnetic holder.
Close-up of the Leaf razor flexible head.

Easy to Control

Secondly, with its long handle and pivoting head, I find the Leaf razor is really easy to control, which minimizes the risk of nicking the skin and produces a closer, cleaner shave.

This is especially great when I’m shaving the back of my legs, underarms or bikini line!

Sophie holding the Leaf sustainable and plastic-free razor.

Sleek and Stylish

This is just an added benefit and has nothing to with its functionality but I LOVE how the Leaf razor looks in my bathroom. I chose the rose gold color and it’s honestly so beautiful.

Whenever one of my friends or guests use my bathroom, they’ll often see it and ask me about it! It’s fun to talk about and it sparks a conversation around sustainable toiletries.

Sophie's rose gold Leaf plastic-free razor sitting in its weighted stand on the edge of the bath.
Sophie's rose gold Leaf razor sitting on the edge of the bath with the Leaf logo in focus.

Leaf Brand is Actually Sustainable

As a conscious consumer, I try to support small, sustainable brands as much as possible. Not only is the Leaf razor far more sustainable than most razors on the market, the Leaf Shave brand also takes environmental action and implements sustainable initiatives that make a difference.

Leaf has been Certified Carbon Neutral™ since 2019, every Earth Month their team chooses a global non-profit doing work for the environment or Earth’s ecology and donates a portion of their finances, their razor blades are fully recyclable and they do not test their products on animals. Win!

Sophie's rose gold Leaf razor laying on the edge of her bathroom sink.

Shaving with the Leaf Razor — Before and After Photos

Okay, don’t judge me for taking these photos but I really wanted to show you exactly how close and clean of a shave the Leaf Razor can deliver!

Below, you’ll find a close up of my armpit, showing my hair growth before shaving and what it looks like after using the Leaf razor.

(Note that I am a terrible shaver—peep the left-behind hairs—and yet, Leaf still gives great results. Lol.)

Sophie's armpit BEFORE shaving with the sustainable Leaf razor.
Sophie's armpit AFTER shaving with the sustainable, plastic-free Leaf razor.

Leaf Razor FAQs

Still have questions? I’m rounding out this Leaf razor review with my personal answers to questions you might have about how this razor works, its longevity, where you can use the Leaf razor on the body, what the company is like and more.

How does the Leaf razor work?

The Leaf razor uses standard half double-edged razor blades. There’s a little twisty thing underneath the blades that allows the top part to open. This is where the blades lay using small magnets to ensure they don’t go anywhere or fall out.

Once the blades are correctly placed, you just put back the top, screw it in and get your shave on!

Is there a learning curve when using the Leaf razor?

If you’re switching from your classic plastic cartridge razor to a Leaf multi-blade safety razor, there will be a slight learning curve when using your razor for the first time! And to be honest, multiple times after that.

My tips for making your transition as seamless as possible is to go slow at first to find the correct angle and pressure and get used to its pivoting head.

Additionally, use a shaving balm, soap or oil to properly prep your skin! This makes a HUGE difference in how the razor glides over the skin without causing any cuts or scrapes.

How long does the Leaf razor last?

The Leaf Shave razor is made from high-quality stainless steel, zinc alloy and chrome plating. These materials are not only super durable and sturdy, which means the razor will last for several years, they also allow for optimal balance, lending to better functionality and shaving.

It’s also just a really beautiful razor!

Is the Leaf razor good for pubic hair?

Okay, this question and answer may be TMI, but I totally get it. Personally, use the Leaf razor on my bikini line and sensitive bits on a regular basis! I fill the razor with two blades (which is the amount I use everywhere on my body) and just use short, gentle yet firm strokes to remove any pubic hair.

I find that the pivoting head and long handle make it easy to get into any contours and crevices, leaving behind soft, smooth, hair-free skin.

Should you use the Leaf Shave refills?

I’m not going to lie… compared to other blade refills, the Leaf Shave ones can feel kind of cheap.

Though they still give a clean shave when used with a shaving balm or soap, there are higher-quality blade refills out there that will give you an even better result. This is important if you like shaving without any topical cream, balm or oil.

That said, I have the The Leaf Kit, which comes with 60 single-edge blade refills. So while I will use these until they run out, I’ll probably go for different blade refills once I need more.

But that’s the beauty of the Leaf razor! You have the option to use any safety blade refills you can get your hands on.

How much does the Leaf razor cost?

Imma give it to you straight: the Leaf razor is not cheap. At $84 for The Leaf Razor, $113 for The Leaf Kit or $139 for the Leaf Super Bundle, it’s definitely what I would consider an investment.

However, if we’re comparing it to the cost of replacing blades for your typical plastic razor, it can work out far cheaper. Not to mention, it’s much more sustainable and great for people with sensitive skin.

Is the Leaf razor worth it?

In my opinion, YES. The Leaf triple-blade razor is absolutely worth your money and investment. I switched to traditional safety razors six years ago and the Leaf razor is the first one I’ve found that truly makes me want to shave on a regular basis. (No joke, I think I’ve owned four different safety razors.)

The Leaf razor is SO easy to use, produces a great shave, is made of durable materials and looks great in any bathroom. I truly love it.

Curious to see what colors you can get your own Leaf razor in? Shop here!

Photos of the Leaf Razor

In case you wanted to see my rose gold Leaf razor in all its beauty, here are some more photos of it! (Note that this color is pretty popular and goes out of stock often!)

All in all, I hope you find this Leaf review helpful in making your decision to switch to a plastic-free, zero waste and sustainable razor! As mentioned before, this razor has finally made my shaving experience enjoyable and I honestly couldn’t live without it.

If you’re ready to try it, buy it here.

Have more questions or concerns about the Leaf razor? Ask below in the comments!

Sophie xx

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