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A beautiful country filled with captivating history, beautiful architecture, and fantastic things to do, Poland is no doubt one the most underrated Eastern European countries. If you’re wondering how to spend one week in Poland, take a look at this 7 day Poland itinerary featuring the glorious cities of Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław!

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While Poland is typically overshadowed by its neighboring countries of Germany and Czech Republic, as well as Western Europe with France, Spain, and Italy, it has so much to offer in terms of history, sites to see, things to do, and attractions, as well as delicious food.

Although I didn’t really love my first trip to Poland, that dislike was quickly replaced with an irresistible love when Dan and I started our Eastern Europe backpacking trip in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

We traveled by train across the country to three gorgeous Poland cities: Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław. My absolute favorite being the last city on the list!

But the question is… 

What’s the best Poland itinerary? How much time should one take to travel Poland?

Without a doubt, I think one week in Poland is the minimum time needed to see what the best of what it has to offer. Plus, it’s bigger than most people think

Unlike its neighboring countries, like Czechia and Slovakia, which are rather small, Poland is pretty large.

To put it into perspective, a train from Warsaw to Kraków takes more than 2 hours on the fastest train. Which can sometimes be quite expensive — especially during peak travel season.

Alternatively, local Poland trains, which are typically more affordable (great for budget travelers!), can take anywhere from 3 hours to more than 4 hours.

But we’ll get into the Poland transportation later!

Anyhow, you’ll likely fall in love with Poland just as I have and never want to leave!

It’s such a beautiful country that’s ridiculously affordable, packed with history, and just waiting for travelers to discover its underrated attractions.

So, without further rambling, here’s how to spend 1 week in Poland that features some of its best cities and destinations.


This jam-packed, awesome 1 week itinerary for Poland starts off in the capital city of Warsaw and makes its away across the country with stops in Kraków and Wrocław.

Warsaw, Poland — 2 Days

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Warsaw, as it’s pretty city-like, it does have character and some mind-blowing historical sites.

Not to mention, Warsaw’s Old Town (which is technically younger than its New Town, as it was rebuilt after being destroyed in World War II) is unbelievably beautiful!

Walking around the pastel-colored buildings, gorgeous architecture, quaint restaurants and cafes, cobblestone streets, and more feels like a dream.

Best Things to Do in Warsaw, Poland

  • Explore Warsaw’s Old Town (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • Visit Sigismund’s Column and Castle Square.
  • Check out the Palace of Culture and Science. (It’s the tallest building in Warsaw and offers great views of the city!)
  • Learn some cool things at Warsaw museums (Chopin Museum, POLIN Museum, and the Warsaw Uprising Museum are a few good ones).
  • Eat your way around the city (I have a great list of vegan eats in Poland that features yummy dishes like vegan pierogies and ramen!).
  • Visit Wilanow Palace and Palace on the Isle (Lazienki Palace).
  • Stop at the Warsaw Barbican, which is one of the few remaining fortifications of the city.
  • Go on a walking tour to learn about the city.

Where to Stay in Warsaw, Poland

Budget: Tatamka Hostel or Bello ApartHostel
Mid-Range: Leonardo Royal Hotel Warsaw or Hotel Reytan
Luxury: Hotel Bellotto or InterContinental Warszawa

How to Get from Warsaw to Kraków

Kraków is where you’ll be heading to next! There are several transportation options that make getting from Warsaw to Kraków a simple process. Below I cover the quickest option and the cheapest option.

Warsaw to Kraków by Train

This is the fastest way to get from Warsaw to Kraków is by train. Though not the cheapest at around 80-180 PLN ($22-50), the distance from Warsaw to Kraków is about 292 km and takes approximately 2 and a half hours, making this a quick and reliable option!

I recommend using the Polrail Service site for booking train tickets, as it’ll give you the cheapest option. However, it can sometimes be a pain to use! If you get confused, just try the Trainline instead.

Warsaw to Kraków by Bus

This is hands down the cheapest and most affordable transportation option! Using one of two bus companies — Flixbus or Ecolines — you can get from Warsaw to Kraków for as little as €5.

To learn more about getting between the two cities, check out this article.

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Kraków, Poland — 3 Days

Next up on the itinerary is Kraków! Otherwise known as the party city of Poland, but there’s more to this city than rowdy crowds and drunk Brits.

Kraków also features gorgeous architecture, an array of exciting things to do, captivating historical sites, and a variety unique attractions, like mind-blowing salt mines and the somber concentration camp of Auschwitz.

Since there’s quite a bit to do around Kraków, including day trips to surrounding destinations and attractions, I recommend spending a few days here.

Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camp – a great day trip from Kraków!

Personally, when Dan and I visited Kraków we spent 4 days here and it was the perfect amount of time.

We spent loads of time walking the city, exploring the Wieliczka Salt Mine, did a day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps, and so much more.

To get some ideas on how to spend your time here, check out this list of things to do in Kraków.

Best Things to Do in Kraków, Poland

  • Explore Kraków’s Main Market Square.
  • Visit the many museums of Kraków (a few favorites of mine include Oskar Schindler’s Factory, The Museum of Aviation, and The Museum of Contemporary Art).
  • Eat your way through Kraków (I recommend checking out my vegan Kraków guide for all the best plant-based eats!).
  • Step inside Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral.
  • Do a day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. This will take up most of the day (around 7 hours) but it’s easy peasy if you do it with a guided tour. I recommend this one.
  • Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Psst, you can do a combined tour of Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine to make this simple.)
  • Take a stroll at the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University.
  • Walk through the most enchanting district in Kraków, the Jewish Kazimierz.
Wieliczka Salt Mine

Where to Stay in Kraków, Poland

Budget: Mohito Hostel or Atlantis Hostel
Mid-Range: Hotel Maximum or PURO Kraków Stare Miasto
Luxury: Hotel Unicus Palace or H15 Palace Hotel

How to Get from Kraków to Wrocław

After Kraków, it’s time to head to Wrocław! Similar to getting from Warsaw to Kraków, the best transportation options are either a bus or train.

However, while both take around the same amount of time, the bus is definitely more affordable! And can sometimes be even quicker than the train.

Kraków to Wrocław by Train

The best way to get a train from Kraków to Wrocław is to book with Polrail or The Trainline, as these typically offer the best prices and route options. This route usually takes around 3 hour and 15 minutes, and costs between $17-30 one-way.

Kraków to Wrocław by Bus

Buses are no doubt my favorite way to get across Poland! They’re often comfortable, cheap, and pretty fast. The bus from Kraków to Wrocław usually takes around 3.5 hours and costs between $10-25 one-way.

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Wrocław, Poland — 2 Days

This is one of my favorite cities in all of Poland!

Wrocław looks like something out of a fairytale with its cotton rainbow-colored buildings, intricate, almost storybook-like architecture; whimsical atmosphere, and loads of quirky things to do in the city.

Fortunately for those who are only in Poland for a short time, Wrocław is small enough that you can see all the best sites and attractions in a day or so!

In fact, I have a whole other blog post on spending 24 hours in Wrocław you should most definitely check out after reading this one!

To give you a little snippet of what you’ll find in that post, here are some of the best things to do in Wrocław.

Best Things to Do in Wrocław

  • Stroll around the Old Town and admire the beautiful architecture.
  • Go gnome-hunting (you’ll find cute little gnomes dotted all over the Old Town).
  • Visit “Cathedral Island.” Also known as Ostrow Tumski.
  • Explore Wrocław’s Market Hall (the flowers here are gorgeous!).
  • Check out Wrocław’s old prison (or stay overnight in it!).
  • Visit the Royal Palace.
  • Check out the Wrocław Cathedral, which is located on Cathedral Island.
  • Stroll around Wrocław University and take a break in one of its lovely gardens.
  • Eat at one of the many adorable cafes.

Where to Stay in Wrocław, Poland

Budget: Hostel Bemma or hostelswidnicka24
Mid-Range: Kamienica Pod Aniołami or Art Hotel
Luxury: Hotel Monopol or The Bridge Wroclaw

How to Get from Wrocław to Kraków or Warsaw

So the next choice is whether to fly out of Wrocław, Warsaw, or Kraków — whichever is easiest for you. Personally, I find Warsaw to be the easiest and most affordable! Especially for international travelers such as I.

However, if you’re simply flying to a closer country in Europe, there are many flights going out of Wrocław and Kraków, which are closer than Warsaw.

In any case, there are trains and buses that go from Wrocław to both cities — Krakow is a bit closer at around 3 hours away, while Warsaw is about a 4.5-5ish hour train ride.

Ready to visit Poland with this one-week itinerary?

While there are no doubt many other amazing places you could visit in the country, such as Gdańsk, Zakopane, or Poznań, this one-week Poland itinerary helps you see the classic cities of Warsaw and Kraków, while weaving in the more underrated city of Wrocław!

Are you planning a trip to Poland? Or have you already visited this gorgeous country? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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A beautiful country filled with captivating history, beautiful architecture, and fantastic things to do, Poland is no doubt one the most underrated Eastern European countries. If you're wondering how to spend one week in Poland, take a look at this 7-day Poland itinerary featuring the glorious cities of Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław!
A beautiful country filled with captivating history, beautiful architecture, and fantastic things to do, Poland is no doubt one the most underrated Eastern European countries. If you're wondering how to spend one week in Poland, take a look at this 7 day Poland itinerary featuring the glorious cities of Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław!

As mentioned above, this post contains affiliate links. Which means if you make a purchase through the links, this site receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read our full disclosure here.

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