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Are you on the lookout for the perfect carry-on travel bag that is vegan, minimalistic, and sustainable? The Pakt One is hands down the best bag for travelers who care about the earth, explore with just a carry-on, and love to support brands that create sustainable, high-quality, durable travel gear. Check out my in-depth Pakt One review to find out more about why you should choose it for your future adventures!

Sophie's Pakt One review is in-depth and showcases why this is the ultimate vegan, minimalistic, and sustainable travel bag for adventurers.

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If you’ve been following me for a while or have kept up with my travels through my blog (or even if you’ve personally traveled with me), you know I’ve been strictly using one bag for the past couple years…


Because it’s been a real friggin’ struggle to find a bag that ticks all my boxes.

✓ Vegan (no animals were harmed in the making of this bag – WIN!)
✓ Durable
✓ Comfortable
✓ Carry-on Size (because that minimalist lifestyle, y’all)
✓ Logical Design
✓ Padded Laptop Compartment
✓ And a few more…

Well folks, I can happily say with a big, fat smile on my face as I type this that times have changed!

While I’ve been hesitant to get any sort of new bag, as I’m typically disappointed with either the sustainability, design, size, how it feels for my short and petite body, the durability, or all of the above, my hope that there are brands out there who actually want to change someone’s life with their product has been thoroughly restored!

Introducing the Pakt One Bag

So, this past weekend I ventured to the magnificent Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales for a little weekend getaway and took along my new Pakt One bag to give it try.

Right from the get-go I knew I had come across something spectacular…

As I packed the bag with my beloved packing cubes — which aren’t even necessary for the Pakt One, as it’s already crafted with what seem to be a built-in packing cube design — I couldn’t help but notice how much space this bag boasts, even though it’s specifically designed to be the ultimate carry-on size.

Seriously! With its clamshell opening design — meaning it opens from the middle with two separate halves designed into two different packing areas — I could fit so much more than I thought possible.

The Pakt One bag has a logical, yet simple clamshell design for a more economical packing layout. • Pakt One Review: Is this the Best Vegan, Minimalist Carry-on Bag?

Even better?

The number of pockets the Pakt One duffel bag has. Holy freakin’ moly!

You gotta pocket for your laptop (which is smartly padded), passport, phone, notebooks, cords, e-reader (like a Kindle), and everything and anything else you might want to stick in.

While the smart size, clamshell design, and endless pockets initially caught my attention when packing, I also noticed the impeccable quality the Pakt One bag features.

Over the past couple years, I’ve found it extremely difficult to uncover the material and products used in making various bags… which, in turn, has make it tough to figure out if a bag is vegan or not.

Though, unlike other brands and companies, the Pakt brand is very transparent about what and how they build their beautiful Pakt One bags.

Here’s a snippet from their website about their materials:

We only use modern, durable, technical materials that are animal-friendly and have the lowest possible environmental impact. We are also working to constantly improve our supply chain and products by looking for lower impact replacements for every step and every material.

Pretty cool, eh?

It’s safe to say I’m really psyched to be supporting a conscious company that not only makes it their mission to provide quality, minimalist travel bags, but also focuses on making their products out of eco-friendly, high-quality materials and reducing their environmental footprint throughout all steps of their supply chain.

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Pakt One Bag & Brand Benefits

While I already talked about some of the benefits above, I wanted to go through each and every one of them with you in this thorough Pakt One review. Let’s start with one of my favorite bag features (even higher up than all the pockets 😉 ).

Plastic-Free Packaging

Yeah, that’s right, y’all! Plastic-free friggin’ packaging.

How many companies do you know or purchase from that are going above and beyond to provide 100% plastic-free packaging? My guess is not many.

This is one of the reasons the Pakt brand really stands out from the crowd. In addition to not only providing sustainable, vegan bags, they go one step further in helping the environment by not using any plastic in the packaging.

So freakin’ cool! I cannot tell you how much I love this (since you know ya girl be all about that plastic-free life).

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Vegan Materials

I know, I know.

I already mentioned this above, but I really want to stress on the fact that the Pakt One bag is 100% vegan to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

As a vegan traveler, it’s my mission to show others that wandering the world on a more compassionate and conscious path isn’t as hard as one might believe. And that includes all aspects — from the food to the experiences to the travel products brought with.

Here are a few materials the Pakt One bag is made of (the three different colors — black, grey, and navy — utilize different materials):

  • Water-resistant coated polyester canvas
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Premium YKK zippers
  • 150D polyester interior
  • Sustainable cotton

Fair-Trade Working Conditions

How beautiful does that sound?

Each of the Pakt One bags are made with workers that are fairly-paid and excellently treated. The bags are also made in a factory that’s safe, legal, and boasts humane working conditions.

Cool, right? Lemme ask you something… can you say that about all your clothes and products?

SeaHive + Pakt

How wild is this — the Pakt brand is so committed to keeping our oceans healthy they they created an entirely separate brand, SeaHive, that is exclusively dedicated to fighting environmentally harmful plastic pollution?

This exceptional brand works by partnering with other brands to reduce (or completely eliminate) their plastic packaging, creates in-depth educational content to make others aware of the world’s single-use plastic problem, and teams up with ambassadors to further amplify their voice and awareness.

Clearly, these two brands are ALL about making a difference — which is what I’m all about, too!

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Pakt One Bag Specs

Here’s a handy dandy list I sourced from the Pakt site about the Grey Pakt One bag (which is the one featured in my photos and in my life):

  • Length 20″ (50.8cm) x Width 10″ (25.4cm) x Height 11″ (27.9cm)
  • Empty weight of 3.25 lbs
  • 35 liter capacity
  • Coated canvas exterior
  • Premium YKK zippers
  • Durable pewter hardware
  • Grey 150D polyester interior
  • No external labels

What’s the Pakt One Price Tag?

Currently, the Pakt One has a price tag of $275.

While I know the bag isn’t in the budget for many travelers, I wholeheartedly believe this bag is priced for what it delivers.

Most of the time — I’d go as far as saying 95% of the time — people buy products that’ll last them one, maybe two, years (and that’s if it’s above average quality).

The Pakt brand wants to change that.

They want to provide a bag that’ll last a lifetime (in fact, they even have a lifetime warranty!).

All of the Pakt bags are made only of high quality materials that are simultaneously environmentally responsible and source or design hardware that will stand up to years and years of wandering the world.

Also, it’s worth considering that since the Pakt One travel bag is an all-around awesome carry-on size, so you’ll never have to check your luggage again… which saves you both time and money at the airport. Win-win!

Furthermore, with a higher price tag they can pay their employees and workers fairer prices. No one should be paid less than anything adequate. The Pakt brand is continually fighting fast fashion, which should be highly supported.

(Not sure what fast fashion is? You can read about it here OR watch “The True Cost” documentary on Netflix.)

So… is this the Best Vegan, Minimalist Carry-On Bag?

In conclusion, I would go as far to say the Pakt One bag is the BEST vegan, minimalist carry-on bag on the market.

Boasting a clean design with durable — vegan — materials that fits with every airline carry-on dimensions, it’s pretty damn good.

Even better, the Pakt brand is doing more for the environment than most companies. I sure as hell want to support a name like that! Wouldn’t you?


Tip: Follow the Pakt brand on social media! Their handle is @paktbags and if you try one of their bags and post it, use the hashtag #KeepTravelSimple.

Would you consider getting the Pakt One bag? Or are you looking to upgrade to a new, vegan travel bag that’ll do more than just carry around your stuff? Let me know in the comments!

Sophie xx

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Pakt One review: is this the best vegan, sustainable and minimalist travel bag? Find out here.
Pakt One review - is this the best minimalist, vegan and sustainable carry-on travel bag?

Many thanks to Pakt for providing me with the Pakt One bag. As always, I’m keeping it real. All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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