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Are you in need of some travel inspo? Take a peek at these 35 exquisite photos of Paris, France, that’ll inspire you to visit this dazzling city! From the iconic Eiffel Tower and history-packed Louvre Museum to the picturesque streets of Montmartre and opulent Palace of Versailles, these Paris photos will captivate you and have you booking a flight here ASAP.

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Paris is a destination that really surprised me. Massively popular and one of the top cities to visit in Europe, Paris seems to be a place that people either love… or hate.

How did I find it? Well, I seem to be somewhere in the middle.

I didn’t totally love Paris but I definitely didn’t hate it.

But man, oh man, lemme just say… while Paris didn’t blow me away, it sure is a gorgeous city with tons and tons of incredible sites, attractions, and things to do that keep a visitor occupied!

Paris boasts a beautiful blend of architectural styles, like Gothic, French Renaissance, and Art Nouveau style; extensive museums with historic pieces and works of art that date back thousands of years; picture-perfect neighborhoods with quaint streets and walkways; and ample amounts of delicious food and drink options that’ll tantalize your taste buds (psst, did someone say wine?).

If you’re on the fence about visiting Paris or would like to get some visual inspiration, take a peek at the 35 photos of Paris below and uncover this dazzling city for yourself.


The gardens at the Palace of Versailles are some of the most extensive and extravagant in the world. Covering over 800 hectares of land, you could walk for hours around these meticulously landscaped gardens!

Has anyone seen Emily in Paris? This is the famous road, which was dubbed “the most beautiful street in Paris” on the show!

In my opinion? It’s definitely cute… but underwhelming. However, it is worth a visit nonetheless!

How cute is this little covered walkway?

In addition to the iconic Eiffel Tower, extensive museums, and beautiful architecture, Paris is also known for its quaint covered walkways. I found them to be absolutely adorable and certainly unique!

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The River Seine weaves its way through the city and lends a helping hand in delivering exceptional photos of Paris!

The Musée d’Orsay is one of the best museums to visit in Paris!

It’s housed in an old railway station and features an extensive collection of beautiful paintings and works of art that span centuries. Not to mention, the building itself is a work of art!

Can you guess whose room this is in the Palace of Versailles? Well, it’s the famous Marie Antoinette’s, of course!

Elaborately decorated with delicate gold detailing, soft pink flowers, sky high ceilings, and a rather uncomfortable looking bed, this room is seriously something to behold.

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Another iconic site to see in Paris is the Sacré-Cœur. Perched high up on what seems like the one hill in Paris, Sacré-Cœur glistens pearly white in the sunlight and delivers a beautiful view overlooking the city.

Not only is the Palace of Versailles incredibly opulent and extravagant on the inside, its exterior also features ostentatious gold detailings and a lavish style that draws in tourists and travelers.

This is the iconic Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Its opulence and grandeur is unparalleled, and was one of my favorite places to visit and photograph while traveling about Paris!

No matter where you go in Paris, the Eiffel Tower stands tall in the distance!

Fun fact about the Eiffel Tower: it has 5 elevators and visitors can go all the way to the top to get an expansive view of the city below!

One of the most underrated Paris attractions I visited? Palais Garnier, which is pictured in the two photos above.

An Italian-style opera house, Palais Garnier is seriously stunning and features gorgeous painted ceilings, lavish stairways, jaw-droppingly beautiful architectural detailings, and rich gold touches throughout each room.

The Palace of Versailles gardens were filled with blooming flowers, elaborate fountains, and meticulously manicured hedges, trees, and grassy lawns. It was one of my favorite places to relax and stroll around!

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In addition to all the walking around and visiting the top Paris attractions, my best friend and I also loved to simply sit out at Parisian cafes and drink a refreshing Aperol Spritz!

As mentioned above, one of the most underrated and under-visited Paris attractions is the Palais Garnier. This is one of its embellished staircases that took my breath away!

How stunning are those photos of Paris?! While I’m not its biggest fan, there is no doubt that this popular European city holds a wild amount of beauty!

Tell me, is Paris, France, on your bucket list? Or have you ever visited this magnificent city? Share in the comment section below!

Sophie xx

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