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Sri Lanka… a magical land filled with a beautiful blend of quaint villages, welcoming locals, mouth-watering food, towering mountains, enchanting temples, and drool-worthy beaches. Need more proof of why you should to travel to Sri Lanka? I’ll give you 21 photos that’ll inspire you to visit ASAP.

21 photos that'll inspire you to visit Sri Lanka ASAP!

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If good food and good views don’t entice you enough to visit Sri Lanka, I’ve got just the list of photos for you.

Featuring wildly awesome destinations around Sri Lanka, including Galle, Ella, Udawalawe National Park, and even a cute little seaside town with amazing beaches called Trincomalee, these photos will have you yearning to travel to Sri Lanka ASAP!

Dan looking out the train window while venturing from Ella to Kandy in Sri Lanka.
Let’s start off with a goodie — traveling the notorious train from Ella to Kandy!
Sophie sitting on the edge of a rock on Little Adam's peak in Ella, Sri Lanka.
Need a good hike with some even better views? Head to Little Adam’s Peak in Ella.
A blue training rumbling through lush tea plantations in Sri Lanka.
Did you know Sri Lanka is the largest exporter of Orthodox tea? You’ll see endless rolling tea plantations while traveling through this magical country.
Three water buffalos hanging out in a muddy puddle in Udawalawe National Park.
Get up close and personal (ethically, of course) with wildlife on a jeep safari in Udawalawe National Park.
A remote Sri Lanka village with a foggy haze.
Village views.
Delicious buffet of Sri Lanka food (all vegan, of course!).
A delicious vegan Sri Lanka buffet, anyone?
The beautiful Nine Arch Bridge located near Ella, Sri Lanka.
One of the most popular destinations in Sri Lanka — the beautiful Nine Arch Bridge near Ella.
Ravana Waterfall, near Ella, Sri Lanka.
Who else is a waterfall chaser? If that’s you… head to Sri Lanka as fast as you can!

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A Sri Lanka sunset from Pidurangala Rock.
Not to mention… the sunsets here are unreal.
Mountain views while hiking in Sri Lanka.
Mountain lovers unite! Don’t fret, Sri Lanka has these for you, too.
Sigiriya Rock in the distance.
A marvel to behold — the wondrous Sigiriya.
Sri Lanka views featuring rolling green tea fields, villages, mountains, and more.
More train views to admire. (LOOK HOW GREEN IT IS!)
A giant buddha carved into the mountainside.
OKAY. How crazy cool is this Buddha statue? Which, yes, is totally carved into the side of a mountain.
Ella train station with a train rolling into the station stop.
The cutest, most remote train station I ever did see.
Dan overlooking the gorgeous view from Pidurangala Rock in Sri Lanka.
How cute is Dan though admiring the views from Pidurangala Rock?
The colonial town of Galle with its lighthouse and colonial architecture.
Did you know there’s a cute little Dutch colonial town called Galle just a short train ride away from Colombo? (Hint: it’s adorable!)
A lonely wild elephant eating in the lush brush of Udawalawe National Park.
Want to see some wild elephants? Venture to Udawalawe.

Need help planning your visit to Udawalawe? Take a look at my full-on guide HERE!

A blue train going through the lush jungle of Sri Lanka.
How much would you like to be riding that train right now?
A buffet of awesome traditional vegan Sri Lanka food.
Massive plates of Sri Lanka food are standard here. (Yes, I did gain like 10 pounds while traveling here. Whoops!)
The packed, bustling streets of Colombo.
The bustling city of Colombo!
A wild peacock walking through the greenery in Udawalawe National Park.
Ever seen a wild peacock before? You will if you travel to Sri Lanka. They’re freakin’ everywhere in Udawalawe National Park.

Ready to make your way to Sri Lanka?

If those photos have convinced you enough (which is CRAZY!), you’ll find some awesome stories and inspiration in these posts: 10-Day Sri Lanka Itinerary, Udawalawe Jeep Safari Guide, and my unfortunate, yet hilarious, story on trying to get to the airport!

Have you ever considered traveling around Sri Lanka? Or are you planning a trip there? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Need some travel inspiration? How about these awesome, wanderlust-inducing photos of Sri Lanka? From mountains and beaches to food and trains, these photos feature the best of what traveling in Sri Lanka has to offer. #SriLanka #Travel
Ready to see some stunning photos of the magical country of Sri Lanka? (Hint: They'll have you booking a flight to this place ASAP!) From towering mountains and beautiful beaches to picturesque colonial towns and mouthwatering food, this is the ultimate photo diary of Sri Lanka! #Travel #Photos #SriLanka

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