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Have you ever thought about visiting Poland? Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite countries! It’s incredibly cheap, the food is delicious, the history is captivating, and its diverse landscape offers a plethora of exciting activities to suit any traveler. To inspire you to visit Poland, check out these 27 mesmerizing photos of this beautiful country!

Let’s get one thing straight… Poland and I did NOT get along the first time we met.

In the crisp fall of 2017, Dan and I flew from Liverpool to the small town of Szczecin, Poland, and I freakin’ hated it.

My first impression of Szczecin (and, thus, the whole of Poland) was that this place is cold, desolate, and uninviting.

Oh, how wrong I was.

While Szczecin didn’t blow me away, when Dan and I visited Poland again on an Eastern Europe backpacking trip in spring of 2018, this magical country thoroughly encapsulated my heart and now I want to visit again and again and again.

There are SO many incredible things Poland has to offer…

✓ Ridiculously cheap beer and food.
✓ Super affordable traveling (we stayed in a hostel for a whopping $4/night!).
✓ Historical sites that’ll blow your mind (the museums here are crazy good).
✓ Insta-worthy city squares and architecture.
✓ Easy peasy transportation between cities.
✓ Diverse landscapes — everything from cities and picturesque villages to mountains and rolling hill countrysides.
✓ Awesome party scenes for those who like to get their jiggy on.

Poland really ticks every box for every type of traveler!

If you’re ready to get inspired to add Poland to your bucket list, check out these 27 photos below that’ll have you booking a flight here ASAP.


Warsaw, Poland’s main town square is really something to behold! The pastel buildings, breathtaking architecture, and really (REALLY) cheap beer. More on that below!

Who else loves to eat their way through a city? These vegan pierogies were absolutely delicious!

For more inspo on vegan food, check out this post on my favorite vegan-friendly destination throughout Eastern Europe!

The quaint garden in Wrocław’s University district was so cute! If I had more time here, no doubt I would have sat here all afternoon reading a good book and admiring lush greenery.

The Palace of Culture and Science, aka the tallest building in Poland! It offers exceptional views of Warsaw.
When traveling throughout Poland, don’t forget to check out the wonderful churches and cathedrals!

Personally, one of my favorite things about Eastern Europe, and especially Poland, are the ridiculously cute paintings adorning the old buildings!

While Poland features awe-inspiring architecture, mood-elevating cheap beer, and great party scenes, there’s also a darker side to this great country… mainly the horrific history of the holocaust.

Pictured above is Auschwitz, a must-visit place in Poland.

While it’ll surely fill your heart with sorrow and sadness, it’s an important place to memorialize and give thought to those who lost their lives.

When you’re visiting Poland, don’t forget to veer off the main roads and explore the quaint side streets to discover something new!

What the heck is that pictured above, you may be asking?

Well, I introduce to you one of the coolest things to do in Krakow — the amazing and historic salt mines! They go on for MILES. And they will no doubt blow your mind.

For more info on Krakow, check out my vegan Krakow guide! (Warning: your mouth will definitely start watering.)

The Palace of Culture and Science is a must do when in Warsaw! Not only is it the tallest building in Warsaw, but also Poland.

How beautiful is this flower market in Wrocław? This little gem was fabulous to walk around.

This beer was literally $3… for an ENTIRE LITER. Safe to say, Poland is amazing.
Cathedral Island in Wrocław, also known as the Ostrów Tumski district, is a must when visiting this adorable city.

If these photos of Poland haven’t thoroughly inspired you to visit this underrated and affordable country… WTF? Poland is pretty darn magical and 10000% worth your time.

Make sure to add this great destination to your bucket list! In fact… Poland would make an awesome trip in 2021.

Have you ever thought about visiting Poland? And is this place on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Ever thought about visiting Poland? These beautiful photos of Poland will have you adding this crazy awesome country to your bucket list ASAP. #PolandPhotos #PhotoDiary #Poland #VisitPoland #EasternEurope
Check out these 27 beautiful photos of Poland tha'tll inspire you to visit! #VisitPoland #PolandPhotos #PhotoDiary #Poland #Europe #EasternEurope

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