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If you’re on the hunt for some delicious vegan food in Pai, Thailand, boy have I got the ultimate list for you! Hands down one of the best vegan towns/cities in Thailand, here are my favorite, unbelievably delicious spots to eat vegan in Pai.

Delicious Places to Eat Vegan in Pai, Thailand • The Wanderful Me

One of my favorite destinations to visit in Thailand, the small town of Pai is filled with irresistible hippie vibes, incredibly beautiful mountain views, amazing attractions, a brilliant night market, and — my personal favorite — mouthwatering vegan eats.

In fact, this teeny tiny town in Northern Thailand is so irresistible, a new saying has popped up about it in the past few years… that when backpackers and travelers visit, they fall into the “Pai-hole.”

Aka instead of just staying two or three nights, they end up staying over a week or so because this place is just so damn awesome!

And hey, I get it. I mean, if I would have had more time in Thailand, I would have definitely fallen into the Pai trap (mainly because of the food).

Seriously, the vegan eats in Pai are outta this world! Who knew such a little place has so much to offer to plant-based travelers?

Anyways, if you’re searching for the best places to eat vegan in Pai, keep reading for my personal recommendations!

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To help you navigate this list, I’ve broken it down into three categories: 100% vegan, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly places. This way, you can decide to eat based on who your with — solo vegan traveler? Choose a vegan cafe. With omnivores? Head to a vegan-friendly place.

Top Vegan Restaurants, Cafes, & Eateries in Pai

Chew Xin Jai

A packed Khao Soi soup, a traditional Northern Thailand food and a top vegan eat in Pai that you can't miss out on!

This is an awesome little local Thai place that’s 100% vegan and 100% delicious! Serving up incredible plant-based eats like Khao Soi (a must-have in Northern Thailand!), mock meats, noodles, rice, and more.

My tip is instead of ordering off the menu, go for the buffet. You’ll have the opportunity to try many different dishes and it usually works out cheaper.

Bom Bowls

Bom Bowls is one of the best vegan restaurants in Pai serving up delicious, creamy smoothie bowls!

Yearning for a cool, refreshing, and healthy vegan smoothie bowl? Head to Bom Bowls!

Whether you’re in the mood for an energizing green bowl, a sweet treat like the snickers bowl, an immune-boosting acai bowl, or even some pancakes, you can get all of that at Bom Bowls!

Although, this place also serves up other delicious vegan eats in Pai! Like kombucha (SO good!), brownies (on special days), detoxifying juices, matcha pancakes, and more.

Click here to check out their Facebook or Instagram.

Queen Falafel Food Cart

Falafel Queen is a vegan food stand in Pai that is hot with backpackers! Don't miss out on the perfectly fried falafels wrapped in a warm pita, topped with fresh veggies and hummus!

Falafels in Thailand? Heck yes!

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge falafel addict. I can’t get enough of these fried, flavorful chickpea balls! And after eating falafel around the world (literally), I can wholeheartedly say this incredible queen is truly serving up some awesome falafel wraps.

Don’t miss out on this vegan food cart if you’re visiting the Pai night market (which you also shouldn’t miss out on!).

Click here to visit Queen Falafel’s Facebook.

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Top Vegetarian Restaurants, Cafes, & Eateries in Pai

Ganita Cafe

The mediterranean falafel salad at Ganita Cafe, a cool vegan cafe in Pai, is packed with fried falafels, fresh lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and topped with a creamy dressing!

An awesome little vegetarian cafe in Pai that’s run by a lovely Belgium guy, the Ganita Cafe serves up salads (highly recommend the Mediterranean falafel bowl!), wraps, curries, mezze plates, and burgers.

You can also end on a sweet note with their homemade cookies, pies, raw cakes, and pancakes.

Also, don’t forget to pick up some nooch (aka nutritional yeast) here! I was SO happy to find it.

Click here to visit Ganita Cafe’s Facebook.

Blossom Cafe

Need to feed your soul with some fresh, healthy food that’ll fuel your body? Visit the Blossom Cafe where you can fill up on leafy green salads; superfood burgers, healthy waffles, bountiful bowls, and other goodness.

While some dishes contain egg or honey, most of the options at the vegetarian Blossom Cafe are vegan (or can be made vegan).

I recommend having one of the smoothies (you can customize it by adding in things, such as chia seeds, cacao powder, etc.), rainbow goddess salad, or the tempe burger!

Click here to check out Blossom Cafe’s Facebook and Instagram.

Friendship Concept

The vegan massaman curry at Friendship Concept is a winner with any vegan traveler in Pai!

Strange name for a vegetarian cafe but wowza, this place offers some delicious vegan options in Pai! The Friendship Concept mainly serves up Thai food with a twist, like curries, soups, tempura, and more.

Dan and I came here for dinner and we had the fried “chicken” tempura, massaman curry, and green curry. All of the dishes were absolutely delicious!

Click here to visit Friendship Concept’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants, Cafes, & Eateries

Om Garden Cafe

A top cafe throughout Pai, the Om Garden Cafe has an abundance of vegan options like veg Indian curry, salads, buddha bowls, mezze plate (which can be made vegan), raw cakes, and fresh shakes and juices.

Additionally, if you need a caffeine pick me up, this cafe offers numerous coffee drinks, which can be made with soy or coconut milk.

Click here to visit the Om Garden Cafe’s Facebook.

Enjoy Chocolate – Night Market Food Cart

The chocolate balls at Enjoy Chocolate, a small stand in the Pai night market, has numerous vegan chocolate balls to fall in love with!

This adorable little stand at the night market is handing out chocolate-y filled dessert balls and OMG, I had at least two every single night I was in Pai.

They are SO GOOD! (I’m sure the guy managing it thought I was crazy!)

Keep in mind, at least one of them has milk products (but most are vegan). I recommend the peanut one or the cashew chocolate ball!

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Pai Night Market

At the Pai night market vegan travelers will find loads of food stalls and carts dishing out delicious vegan and plant-based meals.
This particular night market cart sold loaded baked potatoes! Whaaaaat.

All throughout the year there are different food stalls and carts popping up that serve vegan options in the Pai night market!

Whether you’re in the mood for spring rolls, falafel wraps, curry, pad thai, papaya salad, Indian food, or whatever else, you can likely find it at the night market!

With those delicious, mouthwatering places in mind, you can see it’s totally easy to eat vegan in Pai!

Hands down, this is one of the best places to eat plant-based in all of Thailand (which is already easy, as it’s a very veggie-focused country!).

Have you visited any of the places above? Or are you planning to visit Pai as a vegan? Let me know in the comments!

Sophie xx

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Heading to Pai and looking for some plant-based eats? Here's my list of the top spots to eat vegan in Pai, Thailand! | #vegan #thailand #pai #foodie #travel
Are you a vegan traveling in Thailand and heading to Pai? Though the town may be small, the vegan food is at large! Here's my list of top places to eat vegan in Pai, Thailand. | #vegan #pai #thailand #southeastasia #foodie #travel

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