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Ever heard of Polperro? A teeny little village in Cornwall, England, Polperro is one of a kind with its unique smuggling history, stunning seaside views, quaint cottages, and — my personal favorite — bustling little pubs serving up local Cornwall cider. Sound like your kinda place? I thought so! Here’s my 6 reasons you need to visit ASAP, plus handy Polperro travel tips.

6 reasons to visit the beautiful seaside village of Polperro in Cornwall, England • The Wanderful Me

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If there’s one thing I have to say about Polperro…

It’s that this hidden little village nestled along the jagged Cornwall coast totally exceeded all my expectations… and I completely and irrevocably fell in love with it!

Strolling along the cobblestone streets, Polperro boasts jaw-dropping views of the surrounding seaside, quaint colorful cottages hugging the steep cliffs, and a small harbor filled with rickety fishing boats bobbing up and down in the tide, where the laugh of seagulls float along in the salty breeze.

A view of the Polperro harbor, which is filled with both small and large fishing boats, as well as a view of the Polperro hillside, where cottages and homes hug the sides.

And when you need a break from walking around the charming fishing village, there are countless pubs bustling with smiling locals where you can chill out and sip on a cold pint of crisp Cornwall cider.

What if you’re not much of a pub-goer?

Well, you could spend your time scouting out the cute little Polperro shops selling everything from handcrafted jewelry to homemade sweets!

When visiting Polperro, I found the most wonderful little art shop where I scored a beautiful jade stone ring made by the owner, Gina!

Don’t you just feel amazing when supporting local places with your money? I know I do!

But anyways, those are just a few of the reasons you need to visit Polperro in Cornwall! Here are 6 more to have you booking a trip here ASAP.

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1. Stunning Harbor

As mentioned above, the harbor is incredible picturesque with rickety local fishing boats bobbing up and down in the gentle waves and beautiful views of the white and blue cottages nestled in the steep, jagged cliffs.

A lonely sailboat floats in the Polperro harbor with beautiful blue and white buildings in the background.

Always teeming with life, whether it be the local fisherman getting ready to head out on their boats or swooping seagulls just waiting to steal a piece of food from unguarded tourists, the harbor is located in the heart of Polperro and is the lifeblood of the ancient 14th-century Cornwall fishing village.

A seagull flying above the harbor with small fishing boats bobbing up and down in the gentle waves.
Blue and white Polperro cottages, homes, and fishing buildings hugging the steep hillside.

2. Fascinating History

One of the coolest things about Polperro is its captivating smuggling history. Yes, smuggling!

Polperro became smuggling central in the later half of the 18th century, due to its secluded coves along the coast and isolated location.

Dan walking along one of the harbor walkways with a blue sky and white building behind him.
A small road twisting amongst the blue and white Polperro buildings.

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Polperro was a top place to smuggle in contraband from places like America and France.

A lucrative business to get into, seafarers hopped on the smuggling bandwagon to take part in the action, bringing everything in from brandy and tobacco to gin and even basic commodities, like salt!

When visiting Polperro, you can learn all about this and more at the Polperro Harbour Heritage Museum! Highly recommend checking that place out.

Peeking out behind some greenery at the Polperro cottages and homes.

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3. Quaint Pubs

With their medieval roofs swaying in the salty breeze and swooping under the weight of time, the pubs of Polperro are where you’ll find smiling locals chatting amongst themselves, sitting in the cozy pub atmosphere, and having a delectable pint of crisp Cornwall cider.

When in Polperro, Dan and I got caught out in a surprising rain shower (as one does in the UK!).

So, as thick clouds threatened more never-ending wetness and droplets further soaked our heads, we slipped into The Three Pilchards pub to sit down, have a refreshing pint, and wait out the weather.

Dan and Sophie having a pint of crisp Cornwall cider and beer.

Honestly… it was the BEST cider I’ve had!

Incredibly crisp and unbelievably dry with a slight hint of sweetness. Heaven!

(Safe to say, I’d go back to Cornwall and Polperro just for the local cider alone!)

If you’re yearning to explore some traditional English pubs and have a taste of strong, dry Cornwall cider, Polperro will deliver all that and more.

The Blue Peter Inn and pub in Polperro, Cornwall (England).

4. Gorgeous Seaside Views

One of the main draws about Polperro is its gorgeous views of the surrounding seaside!

As this little fishing village is snuggled inside a concealed cove, the fierce ocean waves crash up the jagged cliffs and spray salty water along the carefully-crafted tide wall, where you can walk and admire both the seaside and harbor views.

Overlooking the view from the Polperro harbor, which is of an abandoned building on the jagged rocks.

5. Unique Local Shops

Personally, one of my favorite things to do when visiting a new place is seek out quaint little local shops and find myself a unique treasure to remember the destination by.

In Polperro, I discovered Gina’s Art shop. And found an incredibly beautiful, handcrafted jade stone ring that’ll help me remember our time in the cute village!

A main road in Polperro, lined with local shops.

But there’s more than just art shops in Polperro — you’ll find an abundance of interesting local places to find a cool treasure for yourself.

You can find everything from:
✓ Traditional Cornish trinkets
✓ Gorgeous pottery and paintings
✓ Tantalizing sweets (perfect for kiddos!)
✓ Beautiful clothing pieces (like handwoven scarves and hats)
✓ Or even a cheeky mix of local ciders from nearby breweries!

A pink and green building in Polperro.
One of the many little roads in the cute village of Polperro.
Looking up a road in Polperro.

6. Captivating Coastal Walks

Since Polperro is situated on the Cornwall coast, you’ll find a number of mind-blowing coastal walks surrounding the little fishing village.

Even better, many hikes and walks near Polperro hug the coastline, so you get wildly gorgeous views of the ocean and jagged coast filled with secluded coves and secret beaches!

The blustery ocean crashes against the jagged Cornwall coast.

Here are a few walks to consider when visiting Polperro:

  • Polperro to Hafen — Relatively easy and around 2.85 miles.
  • Talland Coastline — Moderately hard and around 8.35 miles.
  • Gribbin Head Loop — Rated as difficult and around 12.1 miles.
  • Talland Coastline – Looe Loop — Difficult and around 11.7 miles.
Gorgeous sunset view overlooking a small town on the Cornwall Coast in England.

So… have I convinced you to visit this cute little Cornwall village yet?!

Polperro is unbelievably adorable and I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with just as I have.

Tell me, are you considering a trip here? Or have you ever visited the areas of Cornwall and Devon in Southern England? Share in the comments!

Sophie xx

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Ever heard of the quaint seaside village of Polperro in Cornwall, England? With its picturesque harbor, beautiful walks, and great pubs (like the Blue Peter Inn!), Polperro is a must visit if you're in South England or on a Cornwall holiday! Here are 6 reasons you need to visit this historic fishing village ASAP. #polperro #cornwall #england #holiday
Are you heading out on an England trip or Cornwall holiday? Don't forget to check out the historic little fishing village of Polperro! Hands down, this is one of the cutest places on the Cornwall coast, Polperro features a beautiful harbor, gorgeous views, wonderful pubs, and access to great Cornwall walks. Here are 6 reasons you need to add Polperro to your itinerary ASAP. #polperro #england #cornwall #holiday #cornwallitinerary

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