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Are you planning your next getaway or travel adventure after this whole COVID-19 / coronavirus mayhem? I know I am! But instead of planning any trips that involve flying or train travel, I’m sticking to the road with some good old road tripping… which I think will become THE new trendy way to safely travel + social distance. Keep reading to find out why your future adventures should be via road trip or RV.

Cover photo with text overlay reading, "Road trips and RVs -- the new way to travel and social distance?"

If you’ve been reading the wanderful blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of road trips.

Throughout the years, I’ve been embarking on a number of wildly awesome road trips to anywhere and everywhere.

Whether it’s exploring the USA West Coast and various national parks with Dan (aka the wanderful boyfriend) in my trusty — and somewhat rusty — Chrysler Town & Country van or heading out with the family to Montana for a memorable skiing adventure…

I love it all. You could say I’m a bit of a road trip fanatic.

I mean, hello, there’s absolutely nothing that compares to the freedom of road tripping — especially when your vehicle is both your accommodation and transportation mode!

When you’re on a road trip, spontaneous stops in the middle of nowhere and pulling off onto weird-looking side roads that lead into the wilderness become the norm…

Discovering strange little towns and unbelievably beautiful landscapes should be expected…

And staying far enough away from people that you don’t get overwhelmed by crowds or experience the dreaded “overtourism” is standard.

(Heck, on our 1-month USA road trip, Dan and I stayed in Death Valley overnight and didn’t see another single camper! It was fabulous.)

Without a doubt, as flying becomes less popular due to questionable safety (not to mention, it’ll become more expensive too), more and more travelers are going to turn to road trips and RV-ing to satisfy their wanderlust needs.

And I’m all for it.

When you opt for road tripping and RV travel, you have the incredible opportunity to discover the immense freedom and infinite benefits that come along with this type of adventure.

Take a look at all the reasons below of why road trips and RV-ing will be the new way to both travel and social distance at the same time…


Easy Breezy Self-Containment

One big fat reason why traveling in an RV or some sort of campervan is going to become more popular in the future is because they offer a unique way to both travel and stay completely self-contained.

Think about it… with an RV/campervan, if you bring everything you could ever need, you can easily stay away from most of civilization for essentially however long you want!

Pretty cool, eh?

By booking an RV or campervan, it’s ridiculously easy to social distance while still having a good time!

Sophie laying in the back of the Town and Country road trip van, looking out at the marvelous Death Valley landscape. Not another person in site! Which is why RV-ing and road tripping is a great way to social distance and travel.
Our camping spot in Death Valley! We were the ONLY ones here… except for a cute little fox slinking around looking for its next meal!

Sustainable Travel

As a raving fan of sustainable travel, this is hands down one of the best parts of opting for a road trip adventure.

Did you know, according a study done by PKF Consulting, which compared total carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), showed that RV vacas are more eco-friendly than vacations involving flying, driving and hotel stays?

Going green is easy with an RV or campervan!

I cover loads of good tips on how to stay sustainable while RV-ing in my post on 5 reasons you need to rent an RV for your next adventure. So definitely check that out next!

Already convinced your next adventure is an RV road trip? Check out RVshare — a super cool site where you can rent RVs directly from locals!

Discover the Great Outdoors

There’s no doubt about it — more and more people will seek to discover the great outdoors after this horrific pandemic!

Escaping the crowds, avoided heavily visited destinations, and opting for more nature-focused vacations will be the new trend.

Not to mention, after being cooped up for so long indoors, you’re probably itching to stretch your legs and breath in the crisp, fresh air!

With the untethered freedom that comes along with road tripping and RV-ing, you can visit numerous national parks, nature reserves, national forest, and maybe a few untouched natural havens just outside your own front door!

Death Valley National Park

Affordability is Key

After the loss of many jobs during the pandemic and unfortunate COVID-19 situation, turning to more affordable trips and vacations is more important than ever.

With an RV vacation and road trip adventure, saving money and sticking with affordability is easy!

Think about it — with an RV or campervan, you roll everything into one: method of travel, where you sleep, where you eat, and even where you cook. (If you get a fully-kitted out RV, that is.)

That means there are endless opportunities to save some cold hard $$$.

Unlike vacations where you have to book a flight, train, or boat; hotel, airbnb, or resort; and grab your meals at restaurants, cafes, or accommodation, an RV can provide all that in one handy bundle!

I don’t know about you but when I’m on vacation or on a trip, I spend a LOT of money on food. I just love to eat, okay?

Well, when on road trips, I tend to stick to more affordable, easy-to-cook meals. Like rice, beans, canned soup, and pre-packaged dinners — cheap, easy, and delicious!

And when it comes to finding a place to hunker down for the night, Dan and I usually opt for free or super cheap campsites. Again, SO affordable!

Even better, with RVshare, since it’s an RV-sharing economy, you book RVs and campervans directly with owners. This cuts out the middlemen to help you save more money!

(Another plus is you’re also supporting locals who use their RVs as a source of income! Win.)

Ready to book an RV or camper for an upcoming trip or social distancing-friendly vacation? Check out RVshare here!

Somewhere in Nebraska, where we spent pennies on fuel!

Perfectly Pet-Friendly

This likely goes without saying but one of the biggest draws of swapping out plane and train travel for an RV, campervan, or road trip adventure is it’s 100% pet-friendly!

As someone who misses her dog dearly when venturing overseas, I can’t WAIT to jump in the van with my golden retriever, Bennett, stick on some banging tunes, and discover the great outdoors with my furry, four-legged best friend.

Sophie standing in front of a sign that says, "Welcome to Oklahoma, Native America." The road tripping van in is the background!
Bennett would have loved these wide, open spaces!

Have I convinced you that road trippin’ and RV-ing are the new way to travel in 2020?

Because damn, I’ve nearly convinced myself…

I’m itching to jump in the Town & Country, throw in my mattress and a few blankets, grab the cooler, and head out to discover somewhere new in the United States!

Without a doubt, road trips and RV travel is the ideal way to not only avoid large groups and effortlessly social distance, but a way to escape into nature and spend time outdoors.

Whether it’s hiking your favorite trails, reading a book next to the lake, or cozying up around a campfire, choose to explore your next destination via RV or car to stay safe, happy, and healthy.

Have you ever considered renting an RV or campervan for a vacation? Or are you already a fan of road tripping? Share all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Are road trips and RV-ing the new way to safely travel and social distance? I think so! Here are my 5 fantastic reasons why you should consider a road trip or RV adventure for your next trip to both have a good time AND social distance to stay safe. #socialdistancing #rv #roadtrip #travel
Have you ever considered going on a road trip or renting an RV or campervan for your next trip? A great way to safely travel and social distance, here are my 5 reasons why you should make this your next adventure. #rv #roadtrip #travel #socialdistancing

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