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When life gets a little too chaotic, it’s time to book a cheeky getaway… which is exactly what Dan and I did when we were itching to escape the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives in Chester! So, we packed up the car and found ourselves at the cutest Shepherd’s Hut in Devon, England. Keep reading and get inspired to book this quaint Airbnb for yourself!

Your guide to escaping to the cutest Airbnb in South Devon, England.

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It’s no secret that Devon — otherwise known as the county of Devonshire in Southern England — is a picturesque destination for exploring beautiful national parks, strolling through quaint seaside villages, hiking breathtaking moors, and otherwise soaking up the fresh outdoor air.

Dan standing on a rock in Dartmoor National Park with water, rocks, and grass all around him.

After doing some research, Dan and I knew it was the perfect place for a little getaway when we needed to escape our busy lives in Chester.

And once I came across the quaint Shepherd’s Hut near the little town of Ivybridge in South Devon, I knew it was a done freakin’ deal.

(Especially when I saw this place came with a log burning stove!)

Sophie posing on the Shepherd's Hut deck.
A roaring fire in the Airbnb's log burning stove.
A photo of the fire in the log burning stove and the sink / kitchen space behind it.

Without hesitation, I booked 3 nights at the place, pretty much forced Dan to take off a day of work, and prepared for the most wonderful weekend away!

But I have to tell you…

It wasn’t just the log burning stove or Instagrammable-ness of the hut that drew me in.

It was also that the Shepherd’s Hut had zero wifi (that’s right — nada!) AND it was miles away from any town or city.

View of the fields surrounding the Shepherd's Hut in Devon.

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Dan sitting on the hut's deck with the doors wide open, admiring the view.

Safe to say…

I craved not only a little digital detox but also a must-needed people detox.

Can you relate?

My goal for the two of us was to unwind, breath in our biome (aka spend time outdoors breathing in the fresh, clean air), and simply escape to Devon, where time and daily life seems to slow down.

Dan walking through Hound Tor Deserted Medieval Village.
Waves crashing on Thurlestone Beach and Thurlestone Rock in the distance.

Without a doubt, that goal was met.

And booking the Shepherd’s Hut was the cherry on top.

Situated in the glorious Devon countryside, every morning we woke to only the sound of birds and every night we went to sleep to the sound of absolutely nothing.

(Except for one night, where we fell asleep to the pitter-patter of rain on the tin roof — it was nothing short of magical!)

Sophie grinning ear to ear and posing with her arm up on the Shepherd's Hut Airbnb deck.

To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than waking up to a view of the rolling countryside, sitting out on the deck, breathing in the crisp morning air, and sipping my steaming cup of fresh coffee while watching the birds fly by and hearing the nearby sheep “baaaaa” to no end.

Holding up a cup of coffee in front of the window where you can see trees off in the distance.

As someone who savors those fleeting moments of being left alone with her thoughts, I felt more carefree and content than I had in a long time at Jan and David’s secluded Airbnb.

Built by the two themselves, the second you walk up to the Shepherd’s Hut (which is a little trek away from the main home and stables), you can feel the genuine love and care that has been put into this place.

Sophie sitting on the steps of the Shepherd's Hut deck.

That love and care shows in the:

✓ Beautiful color coordination of reds and greens throughout the hut.
✓ Perfectly chopped wood pieces next to the log burning stove.
✓ Fresh milk in the fridge (which we unfortunately couldn’t have).
✓ And the guidebook laying on the bed that’s filled with tips and tricks on how to make your Devon trip memorable.

A view of the fireplace and kitchen area in the hut.
The hut's bed, bedside table and lamp. All looking rather cozy.
A view of the Shepherd's Hut bed and window.

Not to mention, the hut has everything you could ever need for short escape from real life — like a portable induction burner, coffee + tea, a small fridge, cooking utensils, plenty of cozy blankets, and even recycling bins.

Backpacks are strewn across the Shepherd's Hut deck and you can see the recycling bins in the background.

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A toaster and kettle are situated in one of the hut's corners.
Pink towels situated on a small shelf are for guests in the bathroom, as well as a mirror on the wall.
Pots, glasses, and a little red teacup are situated on shelves in the kitchen area. There's also the small sink and cutting board on the countertop.
Looking through the bathroom door one can see the clean shower and a small purple hand soap bottle on the tiny sink.

But WAIT, I haven’t even mentioned the best part…

(Aside from that ridiculously cozy wood burning stove, of course.)

Though this magical place feels eons away from any human activity, you’ll find many attractions — such as Dartmoor National Park, Exeter, Plymouth, the gorgeous South Devon coast, and the cutest seaside villages you’ll ever see — are just a short drive away!

The small seaside village of Polperro and its marina, laden with bobbing fishing boats and small seaside cottages in the background.
This is Polperro — a historic fishing village in Cornwall! Just an hour away from the Shepherd’s Hut.
A view of the coastline at sunset.

It’s literally the perfect base for exploring everything South Devon has to offer.

So, as you can see, Jan and David’s Shepherd’s Hut is the best of both worlds.

If you’re itching for a blissfully secluded getaway with minimal human interaction and heaps of relaxation, reading, and restoration, this is the place for you.

But… if you need all that AND still want a good list of places to visit and explore, it’s situated close to everything you could every want and more.

The best and coziest Airbnb in South Devon, England.

Whether you’re a hiker, beach goer, seaside village stroller, pub crawler, or a do-it-all kinda traveler, booking a getaway to the Shepherd’s Hut won’t let you down.

If you do experience this crazy cozy Airbnb for yourself, you’ll soon find it’s the kind of place you never want to leave.

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So tell me, are you the kind of person who regularly needs a digital- and people-detox? Or have any recommendations for similar places you frequently escape to? Share in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Want to have a cheeky little getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Book an escape to the cutest Airbnb in South Devon! Located in the perfect spot to explore (and away from all the people), this Shepherd's Hut features a log burning stove, all your cooking necessities, and the loveliest owners! Check it out to plan your Devon, England trip. #england #devon #southdevon #uk #travel #inspiration #tips

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