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Singles Guide to Valentine's Day While Traveling | The Wanderful Me

So you’re single and traveling on Valentine’s Day? Don’t look so gloomy – this isn’t a bad thing! It’s an opportunity to make the most out of this dreaded day.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is unavoidable and us singles need to stick together and build each other up while all those lovey-dovey couples are giving each other chocolates and bunches of roses. Not that there’s anything wrong with being lovey-dovey but sometimes it can be revolting.

Whether you’re alone by choice or by chance, check out this single’s guide to Valentine’s Day while traveling.

1. Treat yo-self

It’s time to treat yo-self. Just like Donna and Tom do on Parks and Rec. Go get a massage or go to a fancy restaurant and get a nice-a** dinner. There’s nothing like spending some time and moolah on yourself. And if you don’t want to spend anything, just go for a relaxing walk on the beach or read a book you love.

2. Do something you’ve never done before

Venture out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. Like skydiving. Or scuba diving. Or just going out to eat by yourself. This is all just about you doing you and accepting that you’re alone on Valentine’s Day (which, once again, is OKAY).

3. Get involved with the community



While you may not be receiving any gifts like roses, jewelry, or a fancy dinner from someone special, you could be dedicating your time to giving something back to the community. Volunteer at a local school or just donate some dollars to a cause or charity you support.

4. Throw a singles picnic

Wherever you are traveling, have a bunch of other singles in the hostel or area get together, go to the market or grocery store, grab a bunch of random food items, and have a picnic. You’ll all be having such a good time together that the thought of Valentine’s Day will be forgotten.

5. Build up your relationship with Netflix

Don’t be ashamed if you’ve watched one too many episodes of a season in a night (or an entire season, no judgement here). And there’s a no better day out of the year to really invest into your relationship with Netflix. Valentine’s Day is all about giving love to the one you cherish – like yourself! And if you’re traveling, you could even get a bunch of people together, find a comfortable spot with WiFi and watch a few movies together.

6. Throw a cocktail (or beer/wine) party

Drinking a Cocktail

Nothing a good party can’t fix! Call or hit up a bunch a traveling pals and throw back a few drinks. Celebrate the fact that you all can spend this dreaded holiday(?) together! Even though you may be alone, you don’t actually have to be alone. Amirite?

7. Treat your travel pal

If you’re traveling with a buddy, treat ’em as if they were your significant other! It doesn’t have to be weird… just give him or her a little gift or take one another out to lunch! Lunch isn’t romantic like dinner would be so make a good time out of it.

8. Just live it up like usual & ignore this day

Pop some bottles. Go to a club and dance your a** off. Get a little tipsy. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow! Forget that it’s Valentine’s Day and honestly, just have some fun and do you.

There you go! The single’s guide to Valentine’s Day while traveling. Let me know what you think in the comments, or if you have any other ideas!

Sophie xx

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