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Thinking of visiting the picturesque seaside village of Polperro in Cornwall, England? A ridiculously cute place to visit and one of the most popular Cornwall fishing villages, here’s my helpful tips for visiting Polperro! From when to visit and how to get there to vegan food information and more, these tips will help you plan the ultimate Polperro trip.

Essential tips for visiting the quaint seaside village of Polperro in Cornwall, England.

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Without a doubt, Polperro is one of THE cutest villages I think I’ve ever visited.

It’s stark white and deep blue cottages lining the jagged coastline; gentle waves rolling in the small harbor, where colorful fishing bobbing up and down; and a fascinating history filled with tales of smuggling captivated me to no ends.

(And those are just a few of the incredible reasons you should plan a trip to Polperro ASAP!)

But anyways, as someone who just visited Polperro earlier this year, here are my top tips for visiting this magnificent little seaside village in south east Cornwall to help you plan your own trip!

Tips for Visiting Polperro in Cornwall, England

Local fishing boats bobbing in the Polperro harbor.

Visit During Shoulder Season

Be warned — Polperro is PACKED with tourists when in the height of its busy season.

Thus, I highly recommend visiting during shoulder season!

And while you might have expected me to say visit during off-peak season, most places aren’t open during this time, resulting in a somewhat boring Polperro trip!

When Dan and I visited, it was early March and though the pubs and some local shops were open, most of Polperro was shut until the tourist season resumed.

So, when is the best time to visit this cute little fishing village? I recommend checking it out sometime in the months of April, early May, September, or early October to have the best experience.

An empty street in Polperro, a quaint seaside village in Cornwall, England, because it's off-season.
Polperro is SO much nicer when you visit outside of the tourist season! It was void of travelers when we visited.

How to Get to Polperro

The easiest way to get to Polperro is to drive there. Though there are public regional buses and tour buses to take to Polperro, this is a far more difficult trip to plan!

Thus, I recommend either taking your own vehicle there or renting a car.

If you’re flying into England, there are numerous rental car companies to get a dependable car from. The closest and biggest airports near Polperro are Plymouth, Exeter, or Bristol.

Alternatively, London is an option. But keep in mind it takes around 4.5 hours to drive from London to Polperro!

Though, this can work in your favor, as this drive gives you the opportunity to stop at some incredible sites and attractions. Such as Stonehenge, the Jurassic Coast, Dartmoor National Park, loads of cool English castles, and more.

Personally, I love booking my rental cars through Kayak. They show loads of great options and I always seem to find the most affordable price using this site.

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White cottages clinging to the steep Polperro cliffsides.

Parking in Polperro

When visiting Polperro, you’ll find the main car park lot is quite a ways away from the center of the village. That’s because Polperro is completely closed off to traffic, excluding local residents.

But, if you need a little help getting to the village center, there’s a small trolley that goes back and forth between the giant parking lot and Polperro center.

Anyways, when driving up to Polperro, it’s difficult to miss the ginormous parking lot on the right side of the road, specifically created for the hoards of visitors and tour buses! Though, if you’re visiting during shoulder season, the parking lot should have lots of open spaces.

At the moment, I believe it cost somewhere around £5-8 per day to park (depending on what time of year you visit).

Dan, the wanderful boyfriend, standing in front of a street sign in Polperro that reads "Landaviddy Lane".

Where to Stay in Polperro

Personally, I recommend staying outside of Polperro and visiting on a day trip from wherever you are.

Polperro is notoriously expensive, due to its massive popularity amongst tourists. Going outside of the village for accommodation will not only help you see more of Cornwall, but will also save you money.

As mentioned above, Dan and I stayed in a wonderful Shepherd’s Hut in South Devon that was about an hour away from Polperro.

It was the perfect base for exploring Dartmoor National Park, the Devon and Cornwall coasts, and more! Check that out here.

Otherwise, the nearby towns of Looe, Fowey, or Saltash are great places to find a place to stay. Or even the bigger cities of Plymouth and St. Austell are great for a base.

Click here to find a great place to stay for a trip to Polperro.

The gorgeous blue and white Polperro cottages hugging the steep hillside.
A Polperro road leading off into nowhere, zig-zagging into the distance.

Vegan Eating in Polperro

As vegan travelers, sometimes Dan and I have some trouble finding great places to get food in small places like Polperro. But, to our surprise, Polperro actually has some pretty good options!

  • The Plantation Restaurant & Tea Rooms — Hands down, this is the best place for vegan food in Polperro. You can fill up on vegan soup, salad, sandwiches, stuffed jacket potatoes (baked potato), and even a vegan Cornish pasty! Sometimes they have vegan cake available, too. Perfect for a sweet treat!
  • The Three Pilchards — Vegan chili, vegan curry, vegan falafal – oh my! This is the pub Dan and I waited out the rain in and though we didn’t have any food, the vegan menu is impressive! Not to mention, their local Cornwall beers and ciders on tap are delicious.
  • The Blue Peter Inn — Another very popular pub in Polperro, there’s an abundance of delicious vegan options here! Such as vegan stew, a vegan burger, and even a vegan pie. Plus, the super central location of The Blue Peter Inn is fantastic if you just want a quick bite to eat while exploring!
The Blue Peter Inn is a great pub to eat some delicious vegan food at when you're visiting Polperro!

Best Things to Do in Polperro, Cornwall

In addition to the helpful, must-know Polperro travel tips mentioned above, here’s a handy dandy list of the best things to do when visiting this quaint seaside village.

  • Visit the Polperro Heritage Museum
  • Check out Polperro Model Village (one of the best things to do in Polperro for kids!)
  • Walk around the Polperro Harbour
  • Explore the adorable local shops
  • Go for a dip in the sea at Polperro Beach (if it’s warm enough!)
  • Walk up to Spy House Point Lighthouse
  • Stroll to the coast and see Chapel Pool (a cool tidal pool great for dips in the sea)
  • Have a delicious Cornish pasty at The Old Pasty House
  • Sip on a chilled pint at one of the local pubs
  • Simply stroll around the town and surrounding area (Polperro is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!)

Though Polperro may be small, there are some really cool things to do here that you shouldn’t miss out on!

With its cute pubs, great eateries, lovely locals, and jaw-dropping sea views, Polperro is one of the best villages to visit in Cornwall! So don’t miss out on it if you’re planning a trip to South England.

Have you ever considered a trip to Cornwall? Or do you currently have an adventure in the makings? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Thinking of visiting Polperro? Hands down this is the CUTEST seaside village in Cornwall, England, and it is totally worth a trip. From where to park and how to get there, this is the post you need to read filled with the best tips for traveling and visiting Polperro. #polperro #cornwall #england #travel #village
Adding the adorable seaside village of Polperro to your Cornwall, England travel list? You won't regret it! If you're planning a Polperro trip, here's what you need to know before visiting -- everything from where to park, how to get to Polperro, and even vegan eating tips! #polperro #england #cornwall #unitedkingdom #traveltips

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