My Favorite Travel Resources & Recommendations

To help you travel more and get more value for your money, you need a good arsenal of resources behind you! Thus, I created this resource page to easily list my favorite recommendations, such as products, services, and companies I personally use to get the most bang for my buck.

With this helpful page, you can find awesome services and products all in one place! You can uncover great booking websites, travel deals, worldwide insurance, or even helpful travel books all from a single page. Cool, right? 🙂

Yay for transparency! Some of the links below are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through the links. Keep in mind, I do personally use these recommendations and don’t endorse any bullsh*t. 


From fun hostel dorm rooms to comfortable hotels, there’s a lot of places to stay throughout the world. I’ve camped, hosteled, hoteled, and AirBnBed my way around countries. Here are some of my favorite travel websites to book accommodations through. This is my go-to website for booking accommodations, whether it be a hostel, hotel, bed and breakfast, homestay, etc. I find it has the best deals when it comes to getting the most value from a place! also doesn’t charge any booking fees and sometimes a lot of places on the website will have free cancellation. Want $20 off your next trip? Book today and earn your $20 cash reward for your next adventure — even if you’ve already booked with before!
Agoda: Another fantastic accommodations website, Agoda is great for booking places in Southeast Asia. Typically, Agoda is the preferred accommodations website in SEA, so there’s more options. But it’s great for anywhere in the world! My tip is to compare the prices of the same place on Agoda vs. You never know what deal you can find! Click here to search Agoda
Airbnb: Although I absolutely love, Airbnb is a close second! When traveling for a long period of time, Airbnb is my first choice, as I can usually find a entire place to stay. Also, finding an accommodation with a washer to get my clothes clean is a must! And Airbnb is perfect for that. Also, if you have a lot of people going on a trip together, booking an entire place is not only more comfortable, but also saves people money! Click here to book with Airbnb and get $40 off your first stay.
Hostelworld: More of a hostel person? Hostelworld has one of the largest hostel directories and thousands upon thousands of reviews! If you’re searching for a great hostel, this is the place to look. The only downfall is that you typically have to pay a percentage of your total price at the time of the booking, rather than at the accommodations itself when you check-in. Click here to check out Hostelworld
Priceline: One of my absolute favorite things about Priceline is their express deals feature, especially when looking last minute. With the feature, you get to search for a specific star rating and location, yet you can’t see the actual hotel name. This means you get a better deal! Which I’m all about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a cheap hotel with Priceline! In the past, I’ve booked hotels for $27/night. Wowza! Click here to check out Priceline. Pretty explanatory, eh? helps me find great hotel deals and it’s one of the booking sites I frequently look at. I’m all about saving those dollars! If you are, too, check out


All around the world, you’ll find borderline unsafe airlines to world-class flights. I usually stick to budget airlines, getting the best value for my money. Here’s a list of the websites I search to find the best airline and flight deals.

Skyscanner: Definitely my go-to website to find the best flight deals around the world. My favorite feature of Skyscanner is its “explore” feature, where you can just put in your departing airport and find the cheapest destination to fly to! One time, I found for $10 from Liverpool to Poland. Incredible, right? Click here to find cheap flights with Skyscanner.

More of an app person? Click here to download the handy dandy Skyscanner app on an iPhone or click here to download on an Android.

Skiplagged: Ever heard of Skiplagged? Many haven’t! And yet, it’s an incredible flight tool to find great deals. One of Skiplagged’s best features include its ability to search for connections, rather than full flights. For example, through Skiplagged I once booked a flight from Nashville to Minneapolis… but the actually flight when to Toronto. The layover was in Minneapolis! By booking this way, I saved like a hundred dollars. Awesome! Click here to check out Skiplagged.
Momondo: Another great airline website that allows you to search with a calendar to find the best day to fly! Even better? Momondo searches the smaller airlines that other websites might not look at — which helps you find the better prices! This makes it a top notch travel resource in my book. Click here to take a look at Momondo.
Airfarewatchdog: This is a great site to sign up for because they scour the web for airfare errors and flight mess ups. For example, each day I get an email letting me know if there are some good deals from my chosen airports! Just yesterday Airfarewatchdog let me know there was a flight from Winnipeg, Canada to Cancun for like $250. Cool, right? Click here to take a look at Airfarewatchdog.

CheapOair: While this is a last choice for finding deals on flights, CheapOair is a good alternative to the two above! Sometimes, the websites above will actually send me to CheapOair for a flight deal. Thus, this is a good travel resource to check if you want to explore your options! Click here to search CheapOair.
Expedia: Whaaat? Another travel booking site? You know it! If you’re someone who hates booking everything separately (or you’re just lazy, like me), booking with Expedia is great because you can book multiple things together at one time, like your flight + hotel or a flight + hotel + car. I recently just booked a roundtrip flight with Expedia and it was so easy! Plus, I got it for cheaper than any other site. Win! Click here to check out Expedia.


All around the world, you’ll find an array of different ways to get around – whether it’s a 1st class train or a clunky budget bus. Each have their own pros and cons, but you’ll have to book it to find out! Here’s my favorite sites I use to get around the world.

RailEurope: Traveling around Europe? The best (and most sustainable) way is by train! If you’re visiting a lot of countries in Europe or traveling around for a good amount of time, get a rail pass. You’ll save hundreds of dollars and it’s just super handy! Click here to get a rail pass or look at train ticket prices.
Uber: Who else loves affordable taxi ride? I sure do! And Uber is my go-to riding service in any city or town. One time, I took a ride with Uber for FREE. Cool, right? Even better — I have a coupon for $5 off your first ride! Use the code “sophiea1882ue” for $5 off your first ride or click here.
Trainline: A great website for finding awesome deals on train tickets! If I’m not getting a rail pass, this is my go-to site for booking a train — especially in Europe. One time I discovered an incredible train deal through the Trainline — a RT trip from Chester, England to Edinburgh, Scotland for £45 (hint: that’s really freaking good!). Click here to hit up the Trainline.
Flixbus: This my all-time favorite site to book a bus through. Flixbus goes all over Europe and is super duper affordable. Plus, the buses are comfy and will occasionally have amenities like WiFi, free water, and snacks. Click here to check out Flixbus.
The Man in Seat 61: The ultimate website for train travel anywhere in the world. Looking for how to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand? Seat61 has your back. Searching for the best way to get from Paris to Barcelona? Seat61 will show you where and how to book. This website has the most comprehensive information on the best route, where to book, prices, times, and route conditions. Click here to check out The Man in Seat 61.
Grab Ride App: If you’re traveling to Southeast Asia, this is a great alternative to Uber. It’s typically more popular than Uber in destinations like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Myanmar. Click here to download the Grab app on iPhone and here to download on Android.
GO-JEK: Another alternative to Uber, GO-JEK is more for motorbikes, rather than a vehicle — which is perfect for locations like Bali or Indonesia! All over Bali I used GO-JEK for super affordable motorbike taxi rides (I’m talking like $5 for a 20 minute ride). It’s only available in Indonesia. Click here to download the GO-JEK app on iPhone and here to download on Android.


When it comes to traveling the world, no matter if it’s 200 miles or 2,000 miles, you need to be covered. Anything can happen while on the road – that’s why you should always be prepared with travel insurance! Here’s my favorite reputable travel insurance provider I trust (with both my life and my stuff).

World Nomads: Searching for the ultimate travel insurance? Look no further than World Nomads! For the past two years, I’ve trusted them to protect me and my belongings while wandering the world. Without a doubt I can say World Nomads is the best travel insurance. I have nothing but good to say about it! Click here to check out my more in-depth look into World Nomads.


Sometimes I don’t feel like planning out an entire day all by myself… that’s why I love going on city tours! While I love exploring on my own, every once in a blue moon it’s nice having another take care of the travel arrangements. Here are my favorite tour companies!

G Adventures: No doubt, G Adventures is one of my favorite tour companies out there in the world. Why? Because their main goal is to create an authentic experience with sustainable and responsible tourism in mind. In other words, they pretty much stand for everything I do! Plus, their tours have incredible reviews and most tours are small group tours — which mean a more in-depth and unique experience. Click here to see current G Adventures specials
Viator: A fantastic travel company with oodles of tours all around the world, Viator specializes in delivering incredible experiences. Even better? Many of the tours are super affordable. So, whether you’re headed to romantic Paris or the warm southern states of the USA, Viator is there to help you make the most of your adventure. Click here to see top Viator tours.
Intrepid Travel: I’m a huge supporter of Intrepid Travel, not just because they’re a fantastic group of people ready to give you the best experience, but because they’re one of the first tour companies to offer 100% vegan tours! How awesome, right? They also offer small group tours, cycling tours, polar tours, and sailing tours. Whatever adventure you’re looking for, Intrepid Travel can help you find it. Click here to check out Intrepid Travel latest deals.
Tour4Fun: A good alternative to G Adventures and Viator, Tours4Fun are tailored towards those who want multi-day tours where everything is planned out and taken care of! And they’re pretty affordable, too. BONUS: You can get 5% off your first order when you sign up to the newsletter! Click here to check out Tours4Fun special deals and offers.
CityPASS: While this isn’t really a tour company, the CityPASS company offers city passes for some of the best destinations around the United States — like NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago. These passes mean you can pay one price to get a pass to some of the most iconic sites and attractions in the city. For example, the NYC pass includes the Empire State Building, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Art, and 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Click here to check out CityPASS destinations.


Ever show up to a new destination without knowing anything about it? Or just need some inspiration to get you out there? I know I do! With these handy e-books and guides, you can fuel your wanderlust and get helpful information on new destinations!

Travel the World on $50 a Day by Matt Kepnes: One of my all-time favorite books about traveling the world on a budget! Better known as Nomadic Matt, Matt Kepnes lays it all out on how to travel the world on just $50/day. Cool, right? No joke, I think I read this book in about a day because his incredible tips and tricks to bring down that travel budget are awesome! Click here to buy the book.
Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See… Ranked: Not sure what to put on your bucket list? Or you have a bucket list with all the major sites but want to go off the beaten path a bit? The Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel book of 500 best places to see is a must-read for interesting destinations around the world. You’ll be yearning to tick off places on your list in no time! Click here to buy the book.
Rick Steves Best of Europe: Planning an adventure to Europe? Be ready to see this incredible continent with Rick Steves Best of Europe guide! No doubt, you can count of good old Rick to tell you exactly what you need to know to make the most out of countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, and more, featuring helpful maps, tips, itineraries, and practicalities. Click here to buy the book.
Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a shoestring (Travel Guide): Fresh outta college or planning the ultimate gap year? Southeast Asia is a must region to explore — and to get your moneys worth! Here’s Lonely Planet’s guide to doing Southeast Asia on a shoestring budget. Making your money go far in SEA is simple… but getting carried away is too damn easy! This is the perfect book to figuring it all out. Click here to buy the book.


Wherever I am in the world, you’ll no doubt find me carrying around a few precious items. Here are the brands, bags, and companies I support when it comes to discovering my favorite travel gear.

Osprey: One of the best brands to make outdoor gear, as well as travel gear, Osprey is pretty well-known. With their lifetime warranty and guarantee, I know I can trust anything I buy from them. In fact, my beloved backpack is the Osprey brand and even after tacking on the miles backpacking around Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States, it’s still going strong. Click here to check out Osprey products on Amazon and click here to view the backpack I personally use (and LOVE!).
Pacsafe Portable Safe: Not sure if you can trust others in a sketchy hostel or hotel? The Pacsafe Portable Safe can help keep your valuables locked up, protected and safe from harm (or hell). You just load it up with things you want to keep safe, like a laptop, tablet, passport, etc., and hook it up to a solid thing, such as a pipe. Cool, right? Click here to buy a Pacsafe Portable Safe.
Shacke Pak Packing Cubes: One of my all-time favorite things to travel with, packing cubes help keep all my belongings organized throughout my bag. Seriously, Shacke Paks make packing a breeeeeze! They’re so efficient and super duper affordable. Plus, they make it easy to pack more than you thought possible. Click here to buy Shacke Pak packing cubes.
Power Bank: Wherever I’m wandering, I always always always have a power bank. More times than I can count, I’ve forgotten to charge my phone or camera the night before and when I arrive to my chosen destination, they’re dead. It’s the worst when my camera dies and I can’t take pictures! Don’t want that to happen to you? Get a power bank. Click here to buy one.
Lifestraw: If you’re ever traveling to remote areas or regions where you can’t drink the local tap water, a Lifestraw comes in pretty dang handy! You’ll not save money on buying water bottles everyday, but you’re also saving the planet from unnecessary amounts of plastic. Win-win! Click here to buy the Lifestraw.
Tripp Lite Power Strip: Ever arrived at a hotel or hostel, only to find there’s not enough power outlets for all your things or all the power outlets are taken? It’s the absolutely worst, right? Traveling with a handy dandy power strip solves all that! With 3 outlets and 2 usb ports, it’s an awesome little thing. And it’s small enough to pack efficiently! Click here to buy a power strip.


Wondering how I capture the indescribable beauty of the destinations I visit? With some handy dandy skills! Okay, okay, and with some incredible photography equipment. I prefer to travel light, and my camera and camera accessories reflect that! All of it is light and easy to pack, yet extremely powerful in capturing the magnificent this planet has to offer.

Sony Alpha 5100: This little gem of a camera is absolutely amazing! As a mirrorless camera, it’s super duper easy to pack and immensely powerful — as are all the Sony Alpha cameras. And, since it’s pretty much a DSLR, the lenses are interchangeable. Perfect for getting just the right shot every time! Click here to buy the Sony Alpha 5100 (or here for an upgrade — the Sony a6000!).
Sony 18-105mm Lens: This powerful lens is incredible for both up close shots and landscape shots! While it’s bigger than other lenses, it’s one of those that can be an all-in-one lens — which is actually more practical to travel with! Instead of chugging around 3 lens, I can just take one. Click here to buy the Sony 18-105mm Lens.
GoPro Hero5: While I absolutely love my Sony Alpha camera… it’s not the best for water! That’s why I typically travel around with a GoPro. As a super durable, waterproof camera that’s small enough to stick in my swimsuit (yes, I totally stick my GoPro in my swimsuit when I’m snorkeling to keep it safe. Lol.) and pack in my backpack. Click here to buy a GoPro Hero5.


Interested in starting a blog or curious as to how I manage mine? It’s easier than you think! Blogging is a fantastic way to document my travels, inspire others, and make a few dollars on the side. Here are the best blogging resources I use to get all my blog sh*t together.

Bluehost: When you’re first starting a blog, you’ll need to get a self-hosting plan! And Bluehost is the perfect website for beginner bloggers — quality web hosting for a super affordable price. For just a few dollars a day you can have a clean, professional WordPress site, very helpful customer service, and an array of themes to choose from. Click here to check out Bluehost.
Keysearch: A brilliant tool for optimizing your blog posts, Keysearch helps you figure out which keywords you can rank for, how much traffic each keyword gets, and how easy it is for your site to rank for one! After nearly two years of blogging, I’ve finally invested into this little affordable gem of a blog tool. And no doubt, I’m so happy with it! If you ever want to get in on that slice of Google traffic, you’ll need to invest into Keysearch, a super handy SEO tool to help get you there. And don’t for get to use my coupon code for 20% off — “KSDISC”! Click here to read my full, in-depth KeySearch review.
ConvertKit: If you haven’t heard, email marketing is the best way to effectively reach your target audience, gain blog traction, and make money from your blog. Hypothetically, social media could disappear at any moment and Google changes their algorithm all the time (which could affect your search traffic), thus, the real way to truly connect with your readers is by starting an email list! With ConvertKit, you can easily create landing pages, email lists, sign-up forms, and more. Click here to check out ConvertKit.

Tailwind: Pinterest makes up a huge portion of my site traffic and without a doubt, it wouldn’t be happening without the help of Tailwind! With this handy site, I can schedule pins weeks in advance and schedule them to go out regularly throughout the day. It’s a fantastic way to optimize my pinning schedule and essentially save tons and tons of time. Click here to learn about Tailwind.
StudioPress/Genesis: One of the first things I wish I did when I started my blog is get a premium blog theme. Seriously, it makes life so much easier! Customizing your website, setting up plug-ins, and making sure it gives off the vibe and personality you want is essential for creating a blog brand. A premium theme makes this possible! Check out StudioPress here for premium themes.


There’s nothing like planning an epic adventure… only to realize your bank account doesn’t support it. So, whether you have 1 hour a day or 10 hours a day, here are a few money-saving sites that can help you build up that number in your bank account to fund your wanders!

UserTesting: One of my favorite websites to easily make a few bucks! All you do is sign up, fill in a few details about yourself, and test websites — all for $10 per site! Cool, right? It almost sounds too easy. But it really is! Sign up for yourself and make $10 per site test. Click here
Swagbucks: A cool website where you can earn FREE gift cards and cash for all the normal things you do online. For just shopping, surfing the web, or doing a few surveys, you can rake in the free gift cards to your favorite sites from Swagbucks. Sounds pretty cool, eh? Instead of spending your own money, you can spend money you easily earn! Check out Swagbucks here for yourself.
Survey Junkie: Who else loves doing simple surveys that take just a few minutes, yet you get paid for your time? Me too! (okay, so not really). But it’s super duper simple and an easy way to fill up your bank account — especially if you have a few spare hours on hand! Click here to sign up for Survey Junkie

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Ready to plan a trip like a seasoned pro? With these 50+ travel resources to help you save money, time, and planning hassle, you'll be wandering the world in no time. | #travel #traveltips #worldtravel

Ready to travel the world like a pro? Here's the ultimate list of 50+ travel resources and recommendations to help save you oodles of money, time, and hassle! | #travel #traveltips #resources

Yay for transparency! This page contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase through the links, this site receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. Which allows us to continue bringing you wanderful inspiration! Read the full disclosure here.