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Searching for the ultimate vegan day travel bag or daypack that’ll suit your needs? Something that has enough room for your enormous wallet, or that’ll fit your jumbo DSLR camera, or just something small that’ll look cute traveling around Italy. Whatever reasons you have, you’ll no doubt find the perfect companion with this list of the best vegan day travel bags.

The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Day Travel Bags

I don’t know about you, but I love traveling with a good quality, vegan bag that’ll fit all my things.

While I don’t travel with much (hello, minimalism!), I still need something that’ll easily pack my camera, wallet, passport, and miscellaneous things like an umbrella or vegan snack — everything I might need while on a fun little day trip.

Although, sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect bag.

You know, the one I absolutely fall head over heels for, which looks perfect with any outfit in any setting! While I will admit I’m not the most girly-girl you’ll come across (I rock torn-up jeans and a wrinkled plaid shirt), I do like to carry around a cute vegan travel bag.

So, if you’re desperately searching for the ultimate vegan bag but aren’t exactly sure on what you’re looking for, I have just the thing for you.

A list of all the best vegan day bags you could ever need! Everything from vegan backpacks to handbags to crossbody bags to totes. I have no doubt that at least one of these bags will catch your eye and fit the ideal bag you’re looking for.

Psst, looking for something a bit bigger? Like a vegan backpack for long-term travel or a weekender duffel for short getaways? Check out my more recent blog post on the best vegan luggage here!


Small Vegan Backpacks

For those searching for something a bit bigger than a handbag but smaller than a suitcase, I have just the thing. Vegan backpacks are perfect when you want your hands-free and a bit more space than a normal bag. The perfect size to carry everything you could ever need when going out for the day in a new city!

Humble Chic Vegan Leather Backpack

Humble Chic Vegan Leather Backpack’s simple, yet beautiful design and quality vegan leather, it’s the perfect backpack you can count on.

Its vegan leather material is scratch-resistant, resilient, lightweight, and it’s so soft!


Expatrie Anouk Rucksack

Expatrié “Anouk” Rucksack has a modern design to suit every outfit — whether you’re pairing it with a casual jean and jacket look or a stylish maxi dress.

It also includes a 13″ inch laptop compartment, a hidden side pocket, adjustable straps, and comfortable padding.


Keddo Vegan Backpack

How cute is that color, though? I’m in love!

The Keddo Khaki Style Vegan Backpack is 100% faux leather, waterproof, has so many pockets for those who love organization, and a 10/10 when it comes to looking adorable.

This vegan travel backpack would look good with anything!


Pixie Mood Vegan Backpack

Who else is falling in love with pastels at the moment?

Seemingly the colors of the century, pretty pastels are making a comeback and this cute vegan travel bag is no exception.

With its adorable pink pastel color and quality design, you’ll love how the Pixie Mood Convertible Vegan Backpack feels and how it looks on the streets of modern streets of Europe!


Vegan Handbags

More into the look and style of a handbag? Browse these vegan handbags that are beautiful, sustainable, and completely cruelty-free. When searching for the best vegan travel bags, including a handbag, it’s important to make the sure the bags are completely free of leather and animal-derived products, such as the adhesive used.

The vegan travel handbag should also be reliable, good quality, and — of course — adorable. With this list, you can happily check off every one of those things!

MMK Collection Vegan Handbag: Ultimate List to the Best Vegan Travel Bags

MMK Vegan Handbag

he MMK Collection Vegan Handbag is perfect to pair with any outfit — whether you want to dress it up or dress it down.

Even better? It’s elegant, retro style classic design is 100% vegan PU leather, easy to clean, and has a roomy interior to fit all of your must-have travel essentials.

It also comes in a multitude of colors so you have the opportunity to match it to whatever you’re wearing!


Dasein Vegan Leather Handbag: Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

Dasein Leather Handbag

With the Dasein Vegan Leather Handbag’s eco-friendly and sustainable leather, it’s the perfect addition to your environmentally and cruelty-free wardrobe.

The straps can also be converted to a shoulder bag if you ever want to go hands-free!

The Dasein bag is a trendy and lightweight everyday handbag for everyday use. What sort of outfit will you pair this vegan travel bag with?


Corker Vegan Handbag

Who doesn’t love a good quality, cute handbag made from environmentally-friendly material?

The Corker Vegan Handbag Satchel is a unique, cruelty-free bag which has an exterior made completely out of sustainable cork material.

Cool, right? It also has numerous inside pockets to fit and organize all of your travel items, like a laptop, camera, wallet, umbrella, and more!

It’s also PETA-approved and looks more like a vegan luxury bag to me.


Amy & Joey Boho Bag: Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

Boho Striped Vegan Bag

Who else loves a little Boho in their life?

Add a bit of fun and flare to your wardrobe with the Amy & Joey Boho Striped Canvas Bag.

The colors are bright and vivid, there’s enough space for all your essentials, and you’ll love the nice touch of the vegan leather tassel.


Vegan Tote Bags

Who else loves a good vegan tote? One that fits everything you could ever want to carry — without weighing a ton like a backpack or oversized purse?

These 4 fashionable, vegan totes are modern, dynamic, and functional making them perfect for any wardrobe and occasion — whether you’re heading to a cafe in a new city or traveling on a train across France.

Overbrooke Vegan Tote: The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

Overbrooke Large Tote

The Overbrooke Large Vegan Tote is stylishly designed with an abundance of space, so you can pack along everything you could ever need to wander around a new city or work at a cafe from your laptop.

Although, do keep in mind this bag is so large it could essentially replace a weekend bag! So it’s great to take along for a weekend getaway.


Scarleton Style Reversible Tote: The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

Scarleton Reversible Tote

The Scarleton Stylish Reversible Tote is perfect for those who prefer to travel with minimalism in mind.

It’s reversibility and quality design allow you to switch up the exterior color and pair it with a variety of different outfits!

It’s also made out of high-quality synthetic vegan leather and comes with a little coin bag — because who else carries around about 20 different coin currencies?


Vegan Crossbody Bags

Although I’m a fan of a good quality vegan bag, whether it’s a tote or a satchel, my favorite style is no doubt a crossbody bag.

Crossbody bags are effortlessly carried around destinations and they allow travelers to go hands-free! And with so many different styles and colors of vegan crossbody travel bags, the only hard decision you have to make is picking out your favorite one!

B BRENTANO Vegan Crossbody Bag: The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

B BRENTANO Crossbody Bag

Incredible lightweight and comfortable, the B BRENTANO Vegan Crossbody Bag is the perfect size for those who dislike carrying around heavy bags and strive for simplicity.

It’s made with faux leather and contains 3 interior pockets! It also comes in 16 different colors.


LoMars Vegan Crossbody Bag: The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Travel Bags

LoMars Crossbody Bag

Looking for a relatively small soft vegan leather bag with multiple pockets to fit everything you need?

Definitely go for the LoMars Crossbody Shoulder Bag.

Made with high quality vegan leather and designed to have so much space; you’ll wonder how it looks so small!


Korvara Saffiano Bag

You’ll love the Korvara Saffiano Crossbody Bag’s classic and simple design, high quality vegan leather and nylon material, and its lightweight, easy to carry feel.

It’s also water and scratch-resistant — perfect for everyday travel use!


So, tell me… did one of those vegan day travel bags catch your eye? I sure hope so! They’re all super cute, good quality, and completely cruelty-free and vegan! It can’t get much better than that, am I right?

Which bag did you like most? And what do you look for in a day travel bag, also known as a daypack?

Sophie xx

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