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Need some help figuring out where to find delicious vegan food in Chester, England? A bustling little city, there are tons of mouth-watering options that’ll leave you happy and satisfied! From burgers and bowls to cakes and cookies, here’s my guide to vegan eats in Chester.

This is your in-depth vegan food guide to the ancient Roman city of Chester, England in the United Kingdom.

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Chester isn’t just a pretty city with gorgeous Tudor-style buildings, ancient Roman artifacts and attractions, quirky pubs, and a ridiculously fun nightlife… it’s also incredibly awesome for delicious vegan food!

In fact, in just the past year there’s been what some are some are calling the “Chester vegan revolution“, with 3 fully vegan restaurants opening in 2019 and more to come in 2020.

And as a veggie living here, I’m loving it!

Whether I’m in the mood for a juicy vegan “burger” or a creamy, delectable cheesecake, I can easily find it in the city.

Not to mention, most of the vegan cafes and restaurants in Chester are small businesses owned by locals! Heck yeah. Who else loves supporting locally-owned establishments?

Anyways, let’s get on with it, shall we? Here’s my guide to the best vegan, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly restaurants in Chester!


Vegan Restaurants

Jaunty Goat – Northgate

This is my go-to cafe to work from! Jaunty Goat is a 100% vegan restaurant in Chester with a multitude of awesome plant-based meals and baked goods.

With a relaxed atmosphere and a gorgeous interior, Jaunty Goat is great for lunch with friends.

My personal favorite thing to eat here is their chicken club sandwich, the creamy avocado toast, daily soup special, or another one of their season dishes that changes throughout the year!

And, as I have a raging sweet tooth, I always have to sample one of their cookies or cakes! (Tip: Their lemon poppyseed loaf cake is AMAZING!)

One of the top spots in Chester for affordable and delicious plant-based meals, definitely stop by Jaunty Goat while visiting the area.

Address: 128 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Vegan dahl at the Jaunty Goat is a fantastic light lunch or a much-needed fuel up for walking and exploring Chester.
Lentil + Chickpea Dahl with a side of homemade Focaccia.

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Pink Lettuce

Pink Lettuce is a top notch, upscale vegan restaurant in Chester that serves up luxurious dishes like vegan salmon, sweet potato and chickpea boats, cheese and olive platters, and sticky toffee pudding. I absolutely adore this place for date nights, as the ambiance is relaxing, elegant, and welcoming!

The cheese board and sticky toffee pudding is exceptionally delicious! So much so that sometimes, after a dinner somewhere else, I’ll go to Pink Lettuce for some sticky toffee pudding as dessert!

Address: 51 Bridge St, East Row, Chester CH1 1NW
Social Links: Instagram


Arguably the popular vegan restaurant in Chester, Shrub is a bustling place that serves up mouthwatering dishes like pea tortellini, buffalo burgers, vegan Sunday roasts, Szechuan tofu, and a myriad of small plates.

An absolute must go if you’re in Chester and searching for great plant-based food!

Address: 1 – 3 Eastgate St, Chester CH1 1LQ
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram


Fika+ is a lovely little coffee shop and cafe located on the historic walls of Chester!

With delicious, high-quality coffee, an array of amazing vegan baked goods (like cruffins and croissants!), and several delicious plant-based dishes, such as their next level vegan poached egg, you won’t be disappointed when eating and drinking at Fika+.

Address: 2 City Walls, Chester CH1 2JG
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram

Vegan House

Located in the newly built market, Vegan House is a top notch plant-based restaurant in Chester that serves up absolutely bombtastic dishes like vegan döner kebabs, burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, full breakfasts, and much more,

This place is SO good and by far Dan’s (aka the wanderful husband) favorite vegan place to eat in Chester.

Address: Exchange Square, Northgate St, Chester CH1 2AR
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram

Vegetarian Restaurants

Chai Station

If you’re in the mood for some spicy, flavorful Indian food, Chai Station is the place to be!

A fabulous vegetarian restaurant in Chester, Chai Station boasts a packed menu with tons of vegan options, as well as multiple vegetarian dishes that can be made vegan.

Personally, my absolute favorite vegan dish from here is the Chana Masala — made extra spicy of course!

Dan tends to switch it up everytime we visit, but he loves everything he tries from Chai Station.

Address: 91 Brook St, Chester CH1 3DX
Social Links: Facebook

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Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Hanoi Social

Hanoi Social is a cute little Vietnamese restaurant that has several delicious plant-based options for veggies! Personally, I absolutely LOVED the vegan mushroom bahn mi and vegetable spring rolls. I honestly still dream about them!

Address: 5 City Walls, Chester CH1 2JG
Social Links: Instagram

Chef’s Table

This gorgeous restaurant, which has received a number of awards and certifications for their incredible food, serves up its own separate vegan menu of amazing plant-based dishes with a unique twist.

Roasted cauliflowers with medjool dates, mushroom and chestnut risotto with truffle oil, roast beetroot topped with toasted almonds, red wine poached pear and mandarin sorbet?

How freakin’ good does THAT sound?!

Though the Chef’s Table is a bit more high-end than other vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on this list, it’s a tantalizing treat and experience that’s totally worth it!

Address: 4 Music Hall Passage, Chester, CH1 2EU
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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The Flower Cup

A cute little botanical coffee shop situated on the infamous Chester Rows, The Flower Cup is literally overflowing with charming green plants and delicious vegan options!

When Vegan Deva and the Jaunty Goat are packed with customers, this is another great vegan-friendly cafe I go to when I need to work.

They have a separate vegan menu that changes seasonally (which is great for sustainability!), as well as an array of loose teas and coffee drinks. Personally, I LOVE their chai latte with oat milk!

While I haven’t had the opportunity to try all of their vegan options, they serve up a vegan bap (aka sandwich) with sausages, avo, and sauce that’s delish!

Plus, the vegan Biscoff french toast sounds amazing!

Address: 61 Watergate St, South, Chester CH1 2LE, UK
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Sophie with her vegan bab (aka sandwich) at The Flower Shop.
A vegan sausage sandwich topped with fresh avocado and sriracha dressing. Also a turmeric coconut cappuccino for a drink!

Death By Tacos

In the mood for some ridiculously awesome, flavor-packed vegan tacos? Without a doubt, the best place for some tacos in Chester is the rugged food stall called Death By Tacos!

Located in the awesome Chester Market (right by Verdes Vegan!), Death By Tacos is the ultimate place for both meat-eaters AND veggies!

My friend, Lauren, loves the chicken tacos and I’m a bit obsessed with the spicy habanero seitan tacos! Incredibly spiced seitan cut into strips and grilled to perfection… ugh, my mouth is watering again.

If you visit this awesome vegan-friendly restaurant in Chester, don’t forget to cool your jets with a strong margarita! I’m a lover of their mango one.

Address: 53 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LB
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Fantastic vegan seitan tacos at Death By Tacos, a top vegan eatery in Chester.
A refreshing and strong mango margarita at Death By Tacos.

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9 Elephants Thai Drink & Dine

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE Thai food. After spending several months in Thailand, I make it a point to seek out delicious Thai food wherever I am.

Nine Elephants has some of the BEST Thai food I’ve ever eaten outside of Thailand. No joke.

From the spicy green and massaman curry to the papaya salad and creamy Khao Soi (only place I’ve ever found it outside of northern Thailand!), this is the place to get vegan Thai food in Chester, England.

Address: 11A Upper Northgate St, Chester CH1 4EE
Social Links: Facebook, Instagram

So, the big question is… if I had only one day in Chester and had to choose which of these vegan food spots I would eat at?

Though I regularly stuff my face at these restaurants, there are definitely a couple which hold a larger chunk of my heart (aka tastebuds)…

Fika+ for a good cup of coffee. Death By Tacos for a small taco lunch. Shrub for a wildly delicious vegan dinner in Chester. And Pink Lettuce for some amazing desert.

If you stop by any of these vegan-friendly places in Chester, definitely let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Looking for the BEST vegan food in Chester, England? Here's your ultimate guide to plant-based eats in this magical, historical, Roman city! From burgers and bowls to cake and cookies, this vegan Chester guide has got it all. #chester #england #uk #vegan #food #travel
Situated in Northwest England, Chester is an ancient Roman city that has TONS of awesome plant-based eats! From burgers and bowls to cakes and cookies, this is your in-depth guide to the BEST vegan food in Chester, England, UK. #chester #uk #england #vegan #foodie #travel

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