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If you’re heading to Chiang Rai as a vegan and need some tips on where to get some delicious plant-based eats, here’s my personal guide on where you’ll find the best vegan food! While there’s not a huge array of options in this Northern Thailand city, these 3 places aren’t to be missed.

3 Best Places to Eat Vegan in Chiang, Rai, Thailand β€’Β The Wanderful Me

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Unlike Chiang Mai, where travelers and foodies find more vegan restaurants, cafes, and eateries than they know what to do with, the smaller city of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand is a bit of a different story…

Truth be told, there isn’t a huge amount of options here and you’ll pretty much stuck with just a handful of places to eat at. (Alhough, the selection of good vegan food in Chiang Rai IS growing! Woohoo!)

But, with that said, these places are totally delicious and totally worth a stop if you’re on the hunt for some vegan food (yes, pun intended πŸ˜‰).

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Oasis Vegetaraunt

This was a favorite of Dan and I’s because it checked all our boxes:

βœ“ 100% Vegan
βœ“ Ridiculously cheap
βœ“ Absolutely delicious
βœ“ Super duper easy and fast

Oasis Vegetaraunt is a fully vegan restaurant with a plant-based buffet packed with fake meats, like pork, duck, and fish; fried noodles, rice, drumsticks, fresh veggies, and more.

If you’re looking for vegan food on a budget, hands down this is the place to go! For a massive plate of food, you’ll likely pay no more than 50-70 baht ($1.50-2.00).

Oasis Vegetaraunt is a 100% vegan restaurant in Chiang Rai.

Vegan fake meat and vegan drumsticks from the Oasis Vegetaraunt in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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Kunda Vegan Vegetarian

While Oasis Vegetaraunt is seriously unhealthy (I mean, for real. Everything is fried there but dang, it is gooood!), Kunda Vegan Vegetarian is the place to be if you’re wanting good-for-the-body, healthy vegan food.

Think raw vegan delicacies, immune-boosting smoothies, and nutrient-packed meals.

When Dan and I visited, I sipped on a cool, refreshing green smoothie and Dan munched on a hummus plate. Both were delicious (although the ginger in my smoothie really packed a punch!).

Kunda Vegan Vegetarian is a vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Rai.

A yummy plant-based platter of vegan raw noodles, hummus, and fresh bread from Kunda Vegan Vegetarian in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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Connect Cafe

Since Connect Cafe is smack dab in the middle of Chiang Rai and literally right next to the bus station, Dan and I ended up eating here multiple times (they also tend to be open later than other places, which is really helpful).

While this place also serves meat, as it’s not a fully vegan restaurant, you’ll find it has an array of vegan options and is an awesome choice when picking out a place to fill your belly.

Whether you’re in the mood for fried rice, a tofu dish, stir fry, pasta, fruit juice, or even some vegan mango sticky rice, Connect Cafe has it all! It’s also family run, which is nice to know you’re supporting locals.

(Psst, the mango sticky rice is a personal favorite of both Dan and I!)

Connect Cafe is a vegan-friendly restaurant in Chiang Rai.

Incredible vegan mango sticky rice paired with a creamy coconut ice cream from the Connect Cafe in Chiang Rai.
Yummy vegan mango sticky rice with creamy coconut ice cream.

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BONUS: Tue Kha & Fried Tofu – Food Stall

Whoops — another recommendation happen to slip itself into the list!

Though this isn’t a restaurant or cafe, the Tue Kha & Fried Tofu food stall is worth a visit if you’re needing a little snack to carry you along until your next full meal!

The fried tofu is particularly delicious here; fried to perfection, served with a sweet dipping sauce, and topped with crushed chili pepper. YUM!

Also, since it’s not a full on restaurant, this food stall is incredibly cheap! For a big bag of fried tofu, you’ll only pay at most 50 baht ($1.60).

TIP: Bring along a collapsible reusable container you can put the fried deliciousness in! This way you can reduce your consumption of single-use plastics (the fried tofu comes in a plastic bag, as well as the sauce).

I always carry one with me and it came in SO HANDY in Southeast Asia, where single-use plastic is abundant.

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Personally, I wasn’t super impressed with the vegan options in Chiang Rai, but considering we were only there for a few days to visit the infamous White Temple and Elephant Valley Sanctuary (aka THE most ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand), as well as a few other sites and attractions, it was definitely enough to keep us satisfied!

I, for one, couldn’t get enough of the sticky mango rice from the Connect Cafe or the vegan drumsticks from Oasis Vegetaraunt! If you’re in Chiang Rai, don’t miss these places if you’re wanting some good vegan food.

Are you backpacking Thailand and heading to Chiang Rai, ready to try some vegan food? Or have you visited Chiang Rai and tried out any of these places? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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