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Looking for some delicious vegan food in Manchester? You’ll not only find super awesome attractions, things to do, and fun activities in this cool northwest England city, but also an array of mouthwatering vegan spots to eat at! Here are my top 3 vegan restaurants in Manchester you can’t miss out on when in the city.

3 Mouthwatering Vegan Restaurants in Manchester, England (United Kingdom)

As the second largest city in England, it’s no surprise Manchester has a multitude of awesome vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

You can find everything your veggie heart desires here; from flavor-packed Indian and Mediterranean food to greasy (yet satisfying) vegan burgers and junk food. Or if you’re in the mood for nutritious and delicious wholesome food, this city has got that, too!

Heck, even sickly sweet — but amazing — desserts that’ll satisfy any raging sweet tooth is easily found here! In fact, I had one of the BEST vegan brownies of my life in Manchester (which you’ll find below!).

But anyways, as you can see, vegan Manchester has a lot to offer! So, with that said, here are my favorite 3 vegan places I ate at while traveling through the city.

Each is 100% vegan, so you can be sure there’s absolutely zero animal-product cross-contamination — woohoo!


Wholesome Junkies

Centrally-located in the Arndale Food Market, Wholesome Junkies is a vegan junk foodies dream!

Serving up fried “chicken” wings, greasy burgers (I hear the KFC burger is outta this world!), vegan hot dogs, and, as I mentioned earlier, some of the best vegan brownies EVER, Wholesome Junkies is where it is at.

Personally, I tried the fried “chicken” wings (aka battered and fried oyster mushrooms) tossed in spicy buffalo dressing with a chive mayo dipping sauce and it was f*cking fantastic. Perfectly crispy and packed with flavor!

Vegan "chicken" wings from one of the best vegan restaurants in Manchester, Wholesome Junkies.

For a dessert (or shall I say starter because yes, I totally did eat my dessert while waiting for my wings to come), I tried one of their brownies.

While each day it seems as though they make a different brownie, this one was packed with ooey gooey chocolate chips and topped with biscoff cookies and what seemed like a yummy caramel sauce. In other words… it was heaven!

A delicious Biscoff brownie from the magical vegan cafe, Wholesome Junkies.

And yes, I did totally go back the next day and get another one, which happen to be an oreo filled one!

Where to Find Wholesome Junkies: Arndale Market Food Area on the South Side (Arndale Market, Manchester, England)

Check Out the Wholesome Junkies Facebook page, website, & Instagram.

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V Rev Vegan Diner

Oooph, just thinking about this place makes my mouth water!

Hands down, this is the place if you want some downright unhealthy, yet so so satisfying, vegan food in Manchester!

Their specialty lies in their super duper meaty, plant-based, junk food burgers!

A vegan breakfast burger, vegan chicken tenders, sauteed kale, and a packed vegan kebab salad from the awesome vegan restaurant, V Rev Vegan Diner, in Manchester, England.

With 13 different burger combinations on the menu — like the Kevin Bacon, Donut Have a Cow, Man; Southwest of Heaven, and Jerry Zinger — you won’t even know what to do with yourself!

But don’t forget about all their other fabulous options — loaded fries, mac & cheez, hot dogs, salads (but definitely not healthy!), and even creamy milkshakes!

When visiting, Dan tried their kebab salad that was packed with kebab “meat”, crispy greens, slaw, fresh veggies, and amply topped with a creamy sriracha and coriander (cilantro) dressing. It was pretty good!

A close-up view of the mouthwatering vegan tenders doused in buffalo sauce and ranch from V Rev Vegan Diner in Manchester.

I, on the other hand, smashed one of their seriously stuffed burgers! Specifically, their breakfast burger that featured a “beefy” patty, smoked “gouda”, tofu omelette patty, smashed avo, garlic-y kale, and an unbelievably soft brioche bun.

I definitely couldn’t finish it all — it was HUGE!

The two of us shared a portion of their “chicken” tenders tossed in spicy buffalo sauce paired with ranch and they were pretty good, too!

Where to Find V Rev Vegan Diner: 20-26 Edge St, Manchester, England, M4 1HN

Check Out the V Rev Vegan Diner website, Facebook page, & Instagram.

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Little Aladdin

The littlest, cutest Indian fast food outlet serving up delicious curries, naan, roti, and more, Little Aladdin is perfect if you’re in the mood for some quick, cheap, and easy Indian food!

For just £6, you can get the green plate special and fill your plate with 3 different curries and some rice! Pretty darn good prices for Manchester.

A half eaten plate of vegan chana masala and garlic naan from Little Aladdin in Manchester.

When visiting, Dan got the green plate and I ended up going with their chana masala with naan. Both were delicious!

Although, I will say this — we visited right before they were closing (around 9 pm) and the curries were quite cold!

A close-up view of the cold bowl of half eaten chana masala from Little Aladdin in the city centre of Manchester.

But with that said, I’d still visit here again and again because hey, it’s perfect for walking around the city and filling up on cheap, easy, delicious vegan food to replenish your energy! Definitely a great vegan restaurant in Manchester.

Where to Find Little Aladdin: 72 High St, Manchester, England, M4 1ES

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With these 3 vegan cafes in Manchester, you can fill your belly with mouthwatering vegan food in no time!

Whether you’re in the mood for ridiculously elaborate burgers at V Rev Vegan Diner, quick and cheap Indian food at Little Aladdin, or ooey gooey brownies at Wholesome Junkies, vegan food is easy to find in Manchester.

Are you in Manchester and looking for some vegan food? Or have you visited any of these vegan restaurants before? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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If you're looking for mouthwatering vegan food in Manchester, look no further! This list of 3 awesome vegan restaurants in Manchester will satisfy any craving you have - whether you're wanting vegan burgers, vegan brownies, vegan "chicken" wings or even a vegan milkshake, you can find it all here! A great city for vegan eats, Manchester, England, should be on any vegan bucket list. | #vegan #manchester #travel
Want some mouthwatering vegan food in Manchester, England? Look no further! From vegan burgers and brownies to vegan milkshakes and vegan "chicken" wings, you can find all the best vegan and vegetarian food in Manchester on this list. | #vegan #vegetarian #manchester #foodie

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