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Heading to Phoenix, AZ and looking for some delicious, plant-based eats to fill up on? An awesome city for vegan food, you can find everything here: from creamy ice cream and decadent cakes to nutritious Buddha bowls and yummy wraps bursting with goodness. Here’s my favorite vegan restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona you can’t miss out on!

10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona • The Wanderful Me

There’s nothing better than visiting a city and realizing it has a plethora of restaurants offering vegan dishes. And no doubt, vegan restaurants in Phoenix are abundant!

All serving up amazing options like breakfast burritos, burgers, comfort food, and tasty treats. And most pride themselves of locally sourcing ingredients and/or being organic! It’s a win-win.

Yet, that’s just a small sliver of what the great city of Phoenix has to offer!

There’s a multitude of things to do, like exciting hikes, historic centers, beautiful gardens, and more. All in addition to the great selection of plant-based options at restaurants!

So, if you’re looking for some awesome vegan eats while in the sunshine-filled city, check out these 10 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona!


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1. Desert Roots Kitchen

Breakfast Burrito - Desert Roots Kitchen • 10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Located in downtown Tempe, this cute little cafe is hidden away in a small square, full of delicious vegan eats.

With a ever-changing menu, based on what ingredients they’ve locally sourced that week, the Desert Roots Kitchen is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch.

Some examples of the menu items they regularly serve up are bagels, hummus plates, wraps, salads, and treats like brownies, cakes, or cookies.

One morning before exploring the area, we grabbed a couple breakfast burritos from here. Perfectly spiced tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, and more packed into a soft tortilla; it was delicious!

A perfect start to the day and one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Phoenix.

Check out their Facebook page here

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2. Pomegranate Cafe

Pomegranate Cafe • 10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

The Pomegranate Cafe is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant serving up organic and locally-sourced dishes. From veggie-filled burritos (like above) to mouth-watering burgers, the Pomegranate Cafe has something for both carnivores and herbivores alike.

In addition to tasty meals that’ll fill you up, they also carry a huge selection of delicious treats. With a variety of cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and more, you can end your feast on a sweet note!

Visit the Pomegranate Cafe website here.

3. Ruchi Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

There would be a picture for this place buuut… sadly, I ate my vegan meal too fast! It was just so good! I cannot rave about this place enough. The owners and workers are all superb and the food is outta this world.

The menu is filled with tons of vegan options and most of what they make can be modified vegan anyhow.

Strictly a vegetarian and vegan place only, the menu is extensive and everyone who eats here will no doubt be satisfied! The food is filled with flavor and the people are filled with happiness. It’s an all around great place to have a delicious meal.

One of my favorite vegan Indian meals I’ve eaten yet and a fantastic vegan restaurant in Phoenix!

Take a look at their website here

4. Vegan House

Vegan House • 10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

A vegan Thai restaurant offering numerous Asian-inspired dishes like pot stickers, curry, orange soy “chicken,” wraps, and sandwiches, as well as noodle and rice dishes.

For the veggie-lovers out there, the Vegan House offers numerous dishes with tons and tons of fresh vegetables. And for the carnivorous ones out there, this place is serving up a multitude of fake “meats.”

It a great place to sit down and have a tasty meal, with options for that’ll satisfy both vegans and carnivores!

Check out their website and online menu here.

5. Mi Vegana Madre

Vegan tacos from Mi Vegana Madre in Phoenix, Arizona. A fully vegan Mexican restaurant!
Who else would love to dig into those vegan tacos? | (source)

In the mood for vegan Mexican food that’ll make your mouth water? Head over to Mi Vegana Madre to fill up on tacos, burritos, empanadas, tortas, nachos and more!

While I haven’t tried this place myself (because hey, I’m only one person and my stomach isn’t that big — despite what you might think!), it looks absolutely FANTASTIC! And I highly recommend you try it for me if you’re in the Phoenix area and looking for some vegan food.

You can take a look at their vegan menu here.

6. Urban Beans

Urban Beans is an eclectic, 24/7, 100% vegan cafe serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and coffee! For all those late-nighters who love their coffee and cake at odd hours in the morning, this place is for you.

Although this place is filled with fantastic art and good coffee, they really stand out when it comes to desserts! And comfort food.

The cafe and kitchen is filled with new items every day, ranging from vegan lasagna (um, YUM!) and fresh cakes like Oreo chocolate and carrot cake!

BUT WAIT… there’s more!

This cute little cafe also focuses on being more environmentally-friendly by only providing straws that are 100% compostable! Cool, right? Just another reason for you to stop by here!

Take a look at their website here

7. The Coronado PHX

Taco, The Coronado PHX • 10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Located in the historic Coronado neighborhood in Phoenix, the Coronado Cafe is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant.

Offering a full veggie-filled menu, new brunch specials every weekend, and a full bar with locally-sourced beer, wine, and liquor (woohoo!).

And even better?

Their amazing breakfast is served allllll damn day. Like biscuits and gravy (my personal favorite!), avocado toast (a close second), veggie scramble, and a breakfast burrito.

For lunch and dinner, the Coronado offers menu items like fried guac, tasty tacos, chili plates, and burgers! Also, their happy is hour is from 4-7pm. 😉

Click here to check out their full menu. 

8. Green New American Vegetarian

A 100% vegan restaurant located in both Tempe and Phoenix, focusing on celebrating our love for vegetables!

“My grandfather and great grandfather built a house next to a lake. This was the house where I learned to cook. I was seven years old when my grandmother told me to go into the woods to pick fresh dandelion greens for her salad.

This was where my hands first smelled of fresh garlic. Where the scent of baking bread intoxicated my senses and the hand rolled pasta made my mouth water. This is where I took the tomato off the vine and placed it into the pot and where we picked the cherries from the tree for the cherry pies that made the neighbors swoon to my grandparents’ house. This is where I fell in love with the asparagus and the artichoke and the arugula. This is where I learned to celebrate food. This is why I cook for you.

And this is why I am Green.”

— Chef Damon Brasch

A few of my favorite menu items include the buffalo wings appetizer, ranchero burrito, and the Chicago cheesesteak – ALL vegan! It’s like a vegan junk-food lovers dream to eat here. And it’s amazing!

Take a look at their Greenmenu here

9. The Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe

Bruschetta, The Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe • 10 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Unlike most restaurants in the United States, The Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe stands out for a few reasons. No microwave, no fryers, and no freezers.

Only fresh, local, organic, and healthy food is served up at this chilled out eatery. T

his place also participates in a local recycling program, which turns their kitchen into valuable compost for the community!

I mean, come on, how can this place get any better? Healthy food that’s locally-sourced, which is created to help you glow from the inside out… AND it tastes amazing?

The Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe is no doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Phoenix!

View their full menu by clicking here.

10. Nami

I came to this place for one thing and one thing only… to test out their infamous tSoynami. And Nami didn’t disappoint!

It all starts with vegan soy soft serve ice cream.

Then the goodies get mixed in; cake, cookies, sprinkles, chocolate, peanut butter… you name it! This place is one of the best stops for both great coffee and a delicious treat.

In fact, I was so into my ice cream that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. It was that good!

The delicious tSoynami held all my attention. I say, “Darn you tasty treats!”, whilst throwing my arms up in a fit. You are my weakness! I also got an amazing oatmeal cream pie here… just sayin’.

Take a look at their website here.

Here’s a handy Google Map of my favorite vegan restaurants to try in Phoenix.

With these 10 awesome places, you’ll no doubt have an easy breezy time finding delicious vegan food in Phoenix!

Have you ever visited Phoenix before? What place on this list are you planning on trying first? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie xx

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Traveling to #Phoenix, Arizona and looking to try some awesome #vegan eats? Check out my list of 10 fantastic vegan restaurants in Phoenix, #Arizona! | #vegantravel #travel #foodie #vegetarian #food
Traveling to #Phoenix, Arizona and looking to try some awesome #vegan eats? Check out my list of 10 fantastic vegan restaurants in Phoenix, #Arizona! | #vegantravel #travel #foodie #vegetarian #food

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