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If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to travel in the next few years, take a look at these 34 photos that’ll no doubt inspire you to visit Banff National Park! Located in Alberta, Canada, this destination features everything from magnificent mountains and teal blue lakes to abundant wildlife and adorable villages. Keep reading to see some jaw-dropping photos of Banff and book your trip here when you can!

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Who else feels at home when deep within the mountains? I’m the type of traveler who will always choose mountains over a beach — no question about it! If you’re the same, there’s no place better to visit than Banff National Park.

One of the most beautiful destinations I’ve ever explored, Banff National Park has majestic mountains that are so tall you have to crank your neck out the window to see the tippy tops, gorgeous lakes with astonishingly crystal blue waters, exciting hikes with jaw-dropping views, and wondrous wildlife like giant elk, mountain goats, and bushy bears.

If you’re a lover of nature and outdoors, Banff National Park is absolutely going to be a dream destination for you!

To help you get inspired to visit Banff, check out these 34 gorgeous photos of this incredible destination in Alberta, Canada.

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The stunning Lake Louise (pictured above) is one of the top attractions to visit in Banff National Park!

You’ll often find canoes gliding across the still water, travelers dotted around the picturesque lake shore, and hikers heading up to nearby peaks.

This is up the Icefields Parkway towards Jasper National Park, which is a neighboring national park. The Icefields Parkway is a must do when visiting Banff, as it takes you through the heart of the national park and features gorgeous lakes, mountains, wildlife, and more!

When planning your trip to Banff, I recommend flying into Calgary, Alberta, and renting a car through Kayak or Momondo. (They consistently show me the best deals on rental cars!)

A rental car is definitely the easiest and most fun way to get around and see the best of Banff National Park.

How magnificent is Moraine Lake? One of the top visited lakes in Banff National Park! (And one of THE top reasons to visit Banff.) Just wait till you see another photo of Moraine Lake a little further down in this post… it’s even MORE beautiful than the one above!

The elk here are incredible! When visiting Banff for the first time, my travel buddy and I sat in the Banff golf course and watched them bugle and run around for hours. It was absolutely magical!

Eye spy a teeny tiny waterfall!
How beautiful is this turquoise blue water?

This barren area is the past route of a nearby glacier! They sweep through the landscape and leave behind scattered rocks, debris, and more in their wake.

(Oh and to help you get a better idea of how big this area is, that’s a parking lot with cars, people, and a visitors’ center by the lake in the middle of the photo!)

No joke, this was hands down some of the most teal-blue water I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t believe how deep and vibrant the color was. So beautiful! (This photo alone should help convince you to visit Banff National Park!)

Peyto Lake is another popular attraction to visit in Banff National Park! Can guess why?

(Hint: it’s because it is shaped like a wolf’s head! Can you see it?)

OMG, how darn cute is this little fella?! He flew across our hiking trail and stopped right in front of us to munch on some fallen berries.

Stunning waterfalls are dotted all throughout Banff National Park! They trickle down the mountains and flow into the many deep blue rivers running through the valleys.

Have these photos convinced you to visit Banff National Park in Canada?! Is that a wildly enthusiastic “YES” I hear?! (I sure hope so.)

Share in the comment section below what you think of these photos! And if you’ve visited Banff National Park before, share your top travel tips with fellow travelers on how to have their best trip to Banff!

Sophie xx

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