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Have you ever heard of Sóller? It is a charming little village on the picturesque island of Mallorca in Spain. Imagine a small destination nestled in the mountains that’s features rustic stone homes, a vintage tram that rolls through the center of town, stunning churches that soar into the sky, and quaint cafes where you can sit back, sip on a refreshing drink, and admire the endless views. Sounds like a dream, eh? Get inspired to visit Sóller by reading my post below!

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Sóller is nothing short of magical… with its picturesque mountain views, cozy stone homes with their clay tiled roofs, tantalizing cafes serving up traditional Spanish delights, and an overall fairytale village feel that’ll sweep you off your feet!

If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved visiting Sóller, Spain.

This charming little Spanish village well and truly stole my heart… and then ran away with it, never to be found again. I could have spent days exploring all of the winding roads, local eateries, hiking trails that go into the mountains, and surrounding villages that dot the hillsides.

But alas, my best friend and I were only here for a mere 5 or 6 hours. In this time, we explored and soaked up the magic of Sóller as much as possible!

Take a peek at the Sóller photos I snapped and get inspired to visit this charming village for yourself.

And don’t forget to check out the Sóller FAQs section below to learn more about the destination, such as where it is located, how to get to Sóller from Palma de Mallorca (aka the main city on Mallorca island — or Majorca, depending on where you are from), the best things to do in Sóller, and yummy places to eat.


What to Know About Visiting Sóller in Mallorca, Spain

After seeing those beautiful photos of Sóller, are you inspired to visit this charming little village on the island of Mallorca in Spain?

I know I would be! I mean, come on…

How magical and whimsical are the pastel-colored buildings and the beautiful views of the mountains beyond the quaint streets?!

Anyways, to help you plan your trip here, have a read through my helpful Sóller travel tips below.

Where is Sóller on the Island of Mallorca?

Sóller is located on the north west side of Mallorca, about two miles inland from the coastal village of Port de Sóller. This quaint village in Spain is nestled in a lush valley surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana, also known as the Tramuntana mountain range, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Throughout this region, you’ll find lush groves of orange, grapefruit, and lemon trees, transforming the landscape into a colorful array of oranges, pinks, and yellows. It’s beautiful! And well worth a visit if you are in Mallorca.

To visually see where Sóller is on Mallorca island, view the map below.

How Do You Get to Sóller from Palma?

There are a few ways to get to Sóller from Mallorca’s capital city of Palma. Personally, we traveled to Sóller from Palma by bus, which was quick, easy, and super affordable! However, there are a few others ways to get there. This includes:


You can hop on a vintage train (operated by Ferrocarril de Sóller S.A.) from Palma to Sóller. The old wooden train is direct and takes around one hour each way and it costs €18 for a one-way ticket.

Alternatively, you can book a combination ticket for €32 that includes tickets for both the outward and return ticket from Palma to Sóller, as well as the return ticket for taking the vintage tram from Sóller to Port de Sóller.

To view the timetable for the train, as well as the pricing of tickets, click here. And to see the exact location of where the train departs from in Palma, click here.

While I didn’t experience the train ride to Sóller, this is definitely my top recommendation on how to get from Palma to Sóller! The route goes through stunning scenery and will give you lovely views of the mountain range on Mallorca.


As mentioned above, we took the bus from Palma to Sóller, which is a very easy way to get between the two destinations.

This transportation method takes around 30-40 minutes each way and costs €6 per one-way ticket. You’re going to want to get the 204 bus from Estació Intermodal; the bus will be on the lower level.

Guided Tour

If you aren’t interested in going through the trouble of planning transportation and your own day trip from Palma to Sóller, I would recommend booking a guided tour!

Here are a couple I recommend (all include transportation between Palma and Sóller, as well as an educated guide to teach you about the area’s history!):

What are the Best Things to Do in Sóller?

In my personal opinion, the best thing to do in Sóller is to simply relax, sip on a refreshing drink, and soak up the Mediterranean atmosphere that will surely captivate you!

However, if you want to fill your Sóller itinerary with additional activities, check out this quick and dirty list of great things to do, sites to see, and attractions in Sóller.

  1. Hop on the vintage wooden tram that goes from Sóller to Port de Sóller and explore this seaside town for a couple hours.
  2. View wonderful works of art at the Can Prunera Museum of Modernism, a cool museum that is a restored work of art in itself.
  3. Visit Església de Sant Bartomeu, one of the most beautiful churches in Sóller.
  4. Stroll through Jardí Botànic de Sóller, a beautiful and relaxing botanical garden just on the outskirts of Sóller.
  5. Book a boat tour from Puerto de Sóller and see the gorgeous coastline of northern Mallorca.
  6. Eat a local restaurant (I highly recommend the paella!).
  7. Grab a spot at an outdoor table in the center of Sóller, sip on a refreshing drink, and simply watch the world go by.
  8. Take bus 232 to Fornalutx, another gorgeous village just down the road from Sóller. (It has rightfully been named “the most beautiful village in Spain.”)
  9. Simply walk around and admire the quaint buildings and homes with their clay tiled roofs, pastel painted exteriors, charming balconies, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Where are the Best Places to Eat in Sóller?

As a vegan, it was admittedly a bit difficult to find somewhere to eat in Sóller. (Especially when I struggle to speak the language!) However, we did find a couple places that served up some great food, including plant-based dishes.

  • Sa Granja Cafè – Restaurant — This is where we ate. I had the vegetable paella here, which was alright but quite salty. It’s centrally located in the main square of Sóller.
  • Ca’n Llimona — Italian restaurant with veggie options.
  • Re Organic. Restaurante 100% ecológico — Many reviewers say this Sóller restaurant is excellent for vegans.
  • Do de pit — Serves up a delicious vegan burger made with Beyond Meat that many rave about.

Are you planning a trip to Sóller after viewing the pictures above and reading my Sóller travel tips?! After visiting this charming Spanish village on the island of Mallorca for myself, I can’t wait to recommend it to future Spain travelers!

Not to mention, I would absolutely adore returning to it again in the future! Especially since I didn’t get a chance to explore Puerto de Sóller. In fact, I reckon I’ll be booking a stay in Sóller to get ample time to discover what this village and region truly has to offer.

Tell me, are you inspired to visit Sóller on the Mallorca island? Or are you already planning a trip here?! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sophie xx

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