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During March of 2017, I had the great opportunity to visit Greece for 6 days during Spring Break. I was so flippin’ excited. I was going to sun tan and get my beach on; swim in the big, beautiful ocean; wander around the temples in a cute spring dress; take fashionable Instagram-worthy pics on gorgeous Greek islands…

Man, was I in for a reality check. 😂

I made some pretty huge mistakes when preparing for my trip. Keep on readin’ below to make sure you don’t make the same ones as me when figuring out what to pack for Greece.

Mistake #1: Not doing my research.

Before leaving, I didn’t really do any research on what the weather was going to be like in Greece while I was there. I’m from the coldest city in the continental US, so I figured I would relish in the sunny 65° weather and be warmer than ever.

I was dead wrong.

When we landed, the weather forecast was mid to low-60s and party cloudy. With wind.

Mistake #2: Only bringing with me short-sleeved tops and spring dresses.

It was not fun choosing my outfits each day when all I brought with me was an array of spring dresses and short-sleeved tops. I was lucky enough to bring a leather jacket last minute that kept me sort of warm but I desperately dreamed of having my flannel shirts and light fall jackets while walking around Athens.

Mistake #3: I only focused on bringing things to look cute in rather than dressing like a sane person.

While packing, I seriously only thought about what I was going to take pictures in.

How. Dumb. Of. Me.

I’ve officially fallen into the Instagram trap of comparing myself to others. Large note to others: stop focusing on what you’re going to look like and focus on the experience and how awesome of a time you’re going to have. It’s absolutely not worth your time comparing yourself to others.

Mistake #4: Severely overpacking.

When people tell you to only pack what you need and leave the “just-in-case” items at home, please – please! – take their advice. I seriously cannot stress this enough. When we were walking around Athens trying to find our AirBnB, my entire back felt like it wanted to fall off. It hurt so much. My backpack was waaay to heavy and put so much stress on my body. By the time I arrived back home, I could barely walk.

So, clearly I had no idea what to pack for Greece. And it really put a damper on my trip. Most of the time I was freezing, uncomfortable, and cranky because of the coldness.

Hence, I’m now going to try help others in figuring out what to pack for Greece in the Spring.

Here’s a list of exactly what I packed (clothing-wise) so you don’t make the same mistakes I did:


  • 3 t-shirts (one dark grey, a deep green for St. Patty’s Day, and a soft, loose t-shirt for sleeping)
  • 6 tank tops (navy, white, black, maroon, light grey and dark grey)
  • 2 casual long-sleeve button-ups (a checkered flannel and a slate grey)
  • 1 long-sleeve sweater
  • 1 semi-nice light green button-up blouse
  • 6 dresses (this is where I made my enormous mistake – the only decently warm dress I brought with me was a mid-length jean dress with sleeves; all the others were definitely dresses that were made for summer)

In total, I brought with me 12 tops and 6 dresses. I now realize this was way to much; I was only going to be gone for 10 days. 😑


  • 3 pairs of jeans (one dark pair, capris, and a light tan pair)
  • 1 pair of black UA leggings
  • 1 black maxi skirt
  • 1 pair of black shorts
  • 1 pair of sleeping shorts
  • 1 pair of flannel pajama pants

Once again, absolutely way to much for how long I was going to be gone. I didn’t even wear like half the stuff I brought.

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Overlooking Athens, Greece • What to Pack for Greece in the Spring | The Wanderful Me

So, mid-March, the weather in Greece is fairly chilly. It hovers around low to mid-60s; although, if it’s cloudy, then it’s even colder. Even though you may be walking around most of the time, you’re going to want to bring a semi-warm jacket and pants to cover your legs. Don’t bring dresses like I did – literally only wore one of them.

Also, the locals looked at my friends and me like we were crazy. Most people were wearing long pants and jackets – some even heavy looking jackets – while we were wearing summer looking outfits.

Even though I packed horribly for the weather, there are some items I’d bring with me again.

Things I would pack for Greece if I were to visit again in the spring:

  • 2 casual long sleeved shirts – the flannel shirt I brought was a favorite of mine to wear. Comfy and it was cute under a jacket. I also really loved wearing the one sweater I packed.

  • 1 tank top (maybe 2 – probably a black one and a colored one)
  • 2 t-shirts (definitely the one I slept in and my dark grey t-shirt)
  • Long sleeve jean dress – it was a great thing to wear to the island of Aegina in Greece; it kept me pretty warm and it was really cute.
  • 1 pair of jeans (probably dark blue ones)
  • 1 pair of black leggings
  • Long pajama pants (the flannel ones kept me nice and warm while sleeping, as it got pretty chilly at night)
  • Cute leather jacket

There are some items I’d definitely pack more of if I were to visit Greece again in the spring. Reflecting on how cold it was, packing warmer items like long-sleeved shirts and flannel lined tops would be in a visitor’s best interest.

Well, I really hope this helps anyone planning to visit Greece in the spring! Figuring out what to pack for Greece shouldn’t be difficult, just don’t make the mistakes I did and have an awesome time.

Wander on friends,

Sophie xx

P.S. If you’re from this area or have been here in the spring, please don’t give me any shit for my ignorance. I now take full responsibility for being extremely naïve. 😅

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What to Pack for Greece in the Spring • The Wanderful Me